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Yamaha Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation and conglomerate with a very wide range of products and services. It is one of the constituents of Nikkei 225 and is the world's largest piano manufacturing company. The former motorcycle division was established in 1955 as Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., which started as an affiliated company but later became independent, although Yamaha Corporation is still a major shareholder.

A customer posted a review after buying Yamaha products on Amazon in May 2019:

"I know the Yamaha products for the quality and reasonable price.... but not receivers. I bought it 1.5 months ago and just installed it at my home theater. There are no sounds from the rear speakers. My installer spends 4 hours trying to figure out what's wrong, then spent 2 hours with technical support trying to troubleshooting. (he charge me 80$ per hour). Finally, they realize that its a factory defect and I need to send it back for repair. It Will cost me an additional $$ to reinstall and calibrate. I had 5 Denons receivers in the past and newer have any problem. Don't recommend to buy this product. Also, the interface and programming are very hard to operate, have too many options to choose but most of them I don't need."


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Markrting (Former Employee) says

"Asal kuat banting mental baja, Gaji cuman 500rb/2bulanTidak ada keunggulanTidak ada waktu untuk istirahat"

Foundry (Former Employee) says

"Yamaha is a decent place to work for a check. Management is horrible an always changing rules on a consist basis. Along with management it has a bad favoritism among the plant.Descent payPoor management"

sales counter, marketing (Former Employee) says

"Mungkin gaji belum umr dan kesejahteraan karyawan belum terpenuhi,,bpjs, belum ada.kalau ijin gak masuk bisabelum UMR"

auxiliar administrativo (Former Employee) says

"trabalhar com vendas diretas, atendimento ao publico, trabalhava com call center utilizando listas de clientes não ativos para oferecer o produto.não fornecia nenhuma ajuda de custo para os funcionários"

Stage dans le domaine de la mécanique (Former Employee) says

"Environnement de vie à revoir car Patron raciste et mauvaise ambiance."

Administradora de Sucursal (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa que brinda un trabajo estable pero mucha rotación en corporativo y eso afecta notablemente el manejo de las sucursales, necesitan mejor capacitación, más atención en sus empleados.No cuidan a sus empleadosNo dejan crecer laboralmente"

Ejecutivo de Cuenta (Former Employee) says

"Lastima por la Marca, dirección es pobre, poco liderazgo, bajos sueldos RH y Dirección NO valoran a los empleados.seguro de gastos médicos mayoressueldos demasiado bajos"

Lamination associate (Former Employee) says

"Numerous times I tried to ask for help with work process management only likes refer to did you look at your work instructions. Meanwhile in a respirator Covered with fiberglass . Management only cares about Going to the gym and dating ."

Welder (Current Employee) says

"I have been working in the welding department for over a yr for the company, I have been a temp, and has been skipped over in 2 hiring processes. No problem with attendence, or work ethic. Im a great welder and i have a great personality. Sad that a family man like myself is skipped over for members of management family to be hired ahead of me. But Unless you no a family member who is a supervisor you will not grow with the company, It is men that have been with the company for 20 yrs, and there doing the same thing they was when they first got hired.great co workersmanagement, pay, etc!"

Temporary (Former Employee) says

"This rating is not for Yamaha as a whole, but rather the entertainment group in Franklin, TN. I enjoyed what I did there and had success, but the head of the company was the worst person I've ever worked for in my entire career. Perhaps the worst I've been around in a work environment, period. He's a "my way or the highway" boss rather than an effective leader and often yells, demeans, curses, and bullies his employees. The staff was a great group of people to work with and very talented, but there was always an element of fear, control, and intimidation lurking in the office which kept everyone from flourishing and staying positive. He would publicly curse and call fellow employees extremely offensive and derogatory names behind their back. The same is true for Yamaha corporate employees, consultants, and clients. From what I witnessed he trusted and respected no one in the office. It's a toxic work environment and I would dissuade anyone from working there. It's not worth it.Great brand, staff, artistsThe boss, being a full Yamaha employee w/ benefits will likely never happen"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"I had a very unique experience at Yamaha. Please remember this is Yamaha Entertainment Group in Franklin Tennessee. The team really keeps business afloat. Most of the team there was fantastic, good energy, and hard workers. However, the leadership was like something I've never experienced in my career. The head guy, called all of the shots. Everyone walked on eggshells, he would send you home for the day if you didn't laugh at his jokes. I mean he was that extreme. No one could possibly grow in an environment like that. He was so awkward, he would talk around people, as if you weren't there. This is only a problem because he was the "leader". How can you lead a team when you are technically a bully. He made everyone feel uncomfortable in their own space each and every day. And the one or two people that were close to him were "yes men." Leadership was very narcissistic, he doesn't trust anyone. If you are thinking about taking a position at Yamaha Entertainment Group, I would think twice."

Factory Worker (Former Employee) says

"Physically challenging job. Early mornings and late nights were a constant reoccurrence. It can be hard to have a decent personal life with such a demanding work schedule"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Yamaha does not have overtime. Advancement in the company is null and void. If you feel like they only want to work in one area even though you wanna go into a different department, it's because they wanna keep you in that area. The only pro is that we got paid weekly other than that id skip this place."

音楽講師 (Former Employee) says


Troisième stage (Former Employee) says

"Le magasin à fait faillite, je ne me demande pas pourquoi"

Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Yamaha is good for people who can go to work, do what they're told, stay an hour late and come back an hour early in the morning chipper and ready to go. Disrupting the status quo is not encouraged.The brand is strong so if you're in marketing your job is easy, for now.Poor benefits package, no option to work from home, most parts of the company are locked into a cubicle, very little communication from upper management about actual company goals, innovation is not valued and employees are underpaid but expected to do the job of 6 people."

Recepción de documentos (Former Employee) says

"empresa con buenos compañero, trabajo en equipo, ambiente flexiblesalariochismes, entre compañeros"

VENDEDORA (Former Employee) says

"Era boa mais eu não correspondia as minhas expectativas de salario eu não podia conta com ela."

Stagiaire Mécanicien (Former Employee) says

"dans le cadre de ce stage en mécanique moto c'était une découverte , j'ai obtenu mon diplôme et c'était l'essentiel!les femmes sont juste" tolérées" dans ce domaine!"

SUPERVISORA DE VENDAS (Former Employee) says

"Empresa de extremamente potencial, porém hoje o mercado de trabalho sofre com deficiência na mão de obra , o que vem denegrindo a imagem de empresas em potenciais. Sem nenhuma dúvida, o mais dificil dentro de uma empresa são as pessoas. Lidar com anseios e desejos todo tempo é um grande desafio. Absolutamente aprendo todos os dia uma nova lição para que futuramente nao cometa os mesmos deslizes.bonificaçõesnão fornece plano de saúde"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"These guys suck! Don't take a job here. You'll regret it"

Current Employee - Customer Support Specialist says

"There are too many internal issues in support, the main one being lack of employee development and training, this is an issue with Management. Specialities are now supposed to be shared and training is in the hands of the supervisors that don’t have any time due to the enormous case load. There is no communication, development or feedback. Get hired in as a temp and expect to sink or swim, you will not be set up for success and when you quit the excuse will be “they couldn’t handle the pressure”. Bring an issue to management and expect the feedback to be, “if they can’t handle it then maybe they shouldn’t be working here”. Poor Management!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You'll have that same exact job and same exact compensation for life"

Special Projects says

"The charter of the NY office was clear to the NY office but not to ANY OTHER subsidiary within this very large global company. Who was actually calling the shots/directing the strategy was never really clear, so it was difficult to ask questions, shift direction, make change."

Former Employee - First Shift HAAS St 30 Operator says

"Perfectionist to a fault where I have to monitor myself to not waste to much time on one issue."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No employment benefits, no pay rise ever regardless years of service"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Limited development opportunities, nothing else."

Current Employee - Inventory Control Specialist says

"Underpaid and no growth opportunity"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long hours, lack of company vision."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Harsh management in places, frequent shifting of certain employees - particularly in sales management. Less-than-ideal communication between the two coasts, a tendency toward lower staff morale, and lots of pressure to perform plus an over-emphasis on employee reviews"