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Western Washington University (WWU or Western) is a public university in Bellingham, Washington. The northernmost university in the contiguous United States, WWU was founded in 1893 as the state-funded New Whatcom Normal School, succeeding a private school of teaching for women founded in 1886. In 1977, the university adopted its present name.

Wwy university has a toxic envirionment, students are not accepting diverity and some lack basic social skills, according to a Sophomore student at niche.com

"The students are not very accepting and the school's "diversity" is a complete joke. If you like a lonlier, watered down and expensive version of high school, this the college for you. Like someone else said, everyone here appears dead inside. Bullying and rumors run rampant, others are extremely delicate and lack basic social skills, but everyone has a sense of entitlement."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at FilmTrack full-time for more than a year Cons: Extremely poor communication from upper management Hemorrhaging clients and staff. Half the executive team has left within the past six months,. Constant layoffs. Poor money management. Terrible software that's behind the times in almost every way. Your ideas can't get past the executive team unless you've been friends with them for 10 years Harassment complaints are not taken seriously Executives are cheap beyond imagination when it comes to employees but will spare no expense when it comes to executives. Constant lying to clients and employees have cost the company clients and talent"

Former Employee - Senior Director, Client Services says

"I worked at FilmTrack full-time for more than a year Cons: Volatile leadership; unrealistic manpower estimates"

L.M. says

"Terrible Website and customer service, they never shipped my stuff and the stuff from 2 of my friends, be aware these people are scammers."

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