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Workday, Inc. is an American on‑demand (cloud-based) financial management and human capital management software vendor. Workday was founded by David Duffield, founder and former CEO of ERP company PeopleSoft, and former PeopleSoft chief strategist Aneel Bhusri following Oracle's hostile takeover of PeopleSoft in 2005.In October 2012, it launched a successful initial public offering that valued the


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Former Employee - Senior Engineer says

"Technology is closed-ended with transition very diffciult"

Former Employee - Software Applications Engineer says

"I don’t think it’s possible to deny that Workday has some positive attributes. I’m sure some people can go through their career there without a hitch. But I think I can safely say that if you want a great software engineering career, you need to do much better than working in the apps org at Workday. I think joining the Apps was the biggest mistake in my entire life, setting me back years in my professional development. And it’s not just working in XpressO. At the end of my tenure I came to appreciate the things it did well. It’s more the lack of insight into any part of the technical stack, and the subpar technical leadership in Apps. Almost every manager I had during my tenure were Peoplesoft->Oracle->Workday, so several years away from the technical cutting edge. The lack of almost any technical know-how forces nonsense metrics to be the measure of an engineers ability, such as number of commits in a month, or how many comments were posted on a code review. Issues with my manager disappeared when I started committing near blank code to keep my number up, and started telling my peers to give me comments on my code reviews directly instead of on the code review tool. And I know for a fact it’s not just me who dealt with this. Workday appears to hire three types of people in apps: college students who don’t know any better, older folk who don’t care anymore about being on the bleeding edge and just want a stable 9-5, and managers who worked at Peoplesoft at some point. Not exactly the ideal combination for what should be a high performance team."

Former Employee - Softwaere Engineer says

"We’re sorry to hear about your experience. We would love an opportunity to learn more in order to address the concerns raised. Please feel free to reach out to us at"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Lots of racist initiatives where we only recruit diverse hires and invented new and shady evaluations done by internal diversity partners with different HC. Extremely difficult to move laterally in the company unless you’re military, diverse, etc. Unless workday is your only option I would avoid or get out ASAP. Don’t fall for any lies about company promoting growth."

Former Employee - Field Readiness says

"A high percentage of people that Work at workday are referred in, and I was a one off applicant. A LOT OF NEPOTISM. Perfectionistic team, that had no idea how to teach me something when I needed help and my manager was 26. She had lack of empathy, she couldn't understand me at an emotional level, and barley knew how to guide me and get me to know the ropes. When I was starting to 'underperform' due to my managers performance, tensions got really high and kept sinking to a low. They did not give me the choice to move to a different position. It's a shame for being branded as top performing company. Being an entrepreneur, it was hostile in terms of not being able to move from one are of the company to the other (at least to learn) when not in any meetings. The people who hired me (4 at a time), were not on my team when hired, which made the team dynamic intensely different. ******ATTN: If you are going to be a consultant, they made you take two tough exams that a lot of people fail. I was not aware of this IN MY INTERVIEW, and was told AFTER I WAS HIRED."

Former Employee - Sales says

"If you're a seasoned salesperson that has had success in the past, Scout is not for you. You will be forced into an antiquated system of metrics from 2003 from stuck in the box methodology that hasnt evolved. Example, sending a coffee mug to prospects, if you don't do it, expect to be scolded publicly. You will deal with constant price increases weeks after quoting a prospect a certain price. Great "customer obsession". Ask why numerous President's Club winners left after the fiscal year end and backchannel reps that left the company under 6-8 months on LinkedIn. It wont be hard to find them since there are over 10."

Current Employee - Automation Engineer says

"Worst Managers , Promotions are based out of number of years. not based of merit .The role Automation engineers is not valued here."


"The culture of the company is deteriorating. There are too many managers but less individual contributors, so the individual contributors get buried with workload. While the new managers are busy playing politics to secure their positions. The managers throw their direct reports under the bus to score points with internal clients and upper management. The worker bees feel dissatisfied, undervalued and disrespected. As a result the attrition rate is very high and something needs to be done to change the culture."


"If you wouldn’t want to work for SAP or Oracle, don’t join Workday. People are given leadership titles without equivalent experience. If they do have big company experience it’s from PeopleSoft, SAP, or Oracle, and they’ve brought their culture with them. A high school clique masked by a welcoming pretense. Lots of eye rolling in meetings. Blatant bullying is deemed acceptable behavior and defended. Research the tenure of recent hires to the company, did you notice that people leave rather quickly? Talented people are made to feel so disenchanted that they eventually resign."

Current Employee - Project Manager says

"Stressful unhealthy feeling if you are over 40 years old"

Software Application Engineer (Former Employee) says

"All using proprietary language, proprietary technologies means you will leave here with skills untransferable in the real world and a gapping hole in your resume. FIVE plus people doing the job of 1 person is the norm, and who live off the work of the what the early real engineers built. Still impresed? Senior rank staff are comprised of the same ol gang of recycled rejects bouncing from peoplesoft, orcl, sap who are just here for the perks and "prestige" of holding an inflated job title at a brand name outfit. Not a diverse team relative to others in industry. the senior "gatekeepers" pretty much have certain positions reserved for those of "their own" who are "cultural fits" if u catch my drift. Managers here are strictly politiking paper pushers. Good luck finding any of them with the domain & technical knowledge. Frankly they don't care.public relations, marketing, image brandingall proprietary technologies, out of touch legacy management pretending to be "Agil"

Sr Business Systems Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Workday is a fun company to begin with. The core workday products are truly a top notch tech product. However the business technology has incompetent management and managers who promote discrimination, harassment and most importantly encourage withholding information. If a project has red flags instead of going to the drawing board and mitigating they try to stick to the timeline and deliver a poor quality. No culture and respect for human beings and only who lack competency at all levels can survive at business technology. One of the most incompetent CIO with no vision and a decision maker based on emotions.Good product, Good business teamno work life balance, incompetency at management and discrimination"

Product designer (Former Employee) says

"Big ideas but no knowledge how to achieve them. Management is dated and clueless how to update their aging software. Want innovation but have no experience on the process to create innovative products. Be prepared to be blamed for their lack of knowledge. Have your resume ready for your next job interview.pays well.hamster on wheels style projects."

Developer (Current Employee) says

"Working at Workday is like dating that awful guy you think will change, but he never does. I’m working with yet another manager that doesn’t listen to me. I’ve come to realize that the quality of my work doesn’t mean anything. I can only get ahead here by trying to accumulate social capital. My previous manager left many things undone and won’t meet to even review where things were left. Of course, they were promoted. The irony for me is that I need to leave Workday because it’s not keeping up with the tech in my field. I came to Workday expecting to be at the forefront and whenever I bring up current practices and best in class ideas, I get shut down. It’s uttterly demoralizing.Free peanut m&msThe cliques"

Senior Technical Writer (Former Employee) says

"I had high hopes of success here, but it was not a good fit for me. I don't know why, but the overall energy is better for a young, just-out-of-school herd of eager folks, I think.Free fruit and nuts in the kitchen."

Workday HCM Instructor (Former Employee) says

"On-boarding is the “mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members” Helps your "new hires" make the transition to becoming: • productive • well-adjusted • and a happy contributing members of your company/team Post (Corporate) "lift off orientation on-boarding" ranked low on the list of hiring priorities – poorly designed and even more poorly executed if there was one in place. No on-boarding at multiple organizational levels post (Corporate) "lift off orientation" – spent a great deal of time operating blind. • On-boarding at "Location Level" was nonexistent. i.e., Next steps? Working From Home? Go to Local Office? Contact Info? Office supplies? • On-boarding at "Departmental Level" was sporadic at best. Very California "centric". • On-boarding at "Team/Job Level" – No real interaction or introductions if you were not in the California offices. No ‘Go-to Person’ as a contact/mentor. Experienced very little peer/colleague camaraderie. "everyone out for themselves" or "got my own problems" or "no time". • On-boarding at "Individual Level" was nonexistent. Travel Policy? Expenses? Emergency Contact List? Appropriate Contact Protocol? Department Manager failed to make expectations clear. - how would individual performance be assessed? - bonus and promotion criteria/opportunities? - clear and written “objectives” that stated accountable and measurable ROI were non-existent. - generalized discussions on “time to productivity” was all over the map depending on conversationworkday is built for technology of the 21st century, definitely recommend Workday HCM products, definitely on the right technology platform and headed in the right direction, intuitive, easy to navigate, multiple paths of navigation, Object/Action oriented approach gives another dimension to personnel data management, not an antiquated relational databasevery disappointing experience, a lot of emphasis goes into the nurturing of the Grad Programs/Millennials, never at any given time felt the “employee friendly” environment that is boasted, definitely NOT the same (or better) "employee friendly" family from the old PEOPLESOFT days"

Product Management (Former Employee) says

"I was recruited by Workday and ended up relocating to Pleasanton from the east coast. I had hoped Workday a place where i could stay for quite a while but ultimately this was not a good fit for me. As an SME with over 20 years experience in my industry I was very anxious to develop and delivery best of breed functionality into my product area. Although the developers, qa and documentation people were great, I found to be the middle and upper management inflexible and stuck in their old "ERP" ways given most or previous Peoplesoft or Oracle employees. If you have background from a best of breed solution and want to work for Workday make sure you get a demo of the product before accepting a position at Workday.Use of Agile development methodology, DEV/QA team membersPoor people management"

Senior Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"I did have a good experience at Workday. The Director was trying to create a PMO organization, but did not have the experience to do so. In my attempts to provide my previous experience I was repeatedly ignored. PMO organization was never established.Close commuteManagement"

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Work more on applying the core values. Include respecting and accepting others as they are and not enforcing specific way of the values. Be more strict specifically to managers on enforcing the core values."

Talent Business Analyst (contract) says

"Perhaps it was just the team that I worked with, but the management gave little to no guidance or feedback. Teams felt like we were siloed and didn't work well together. Cut-throat meetings. As a contract worker we were not able to participate in certain activities or events so it made for a sense of separation from the team I worked with.Good technologySeparation from full time employees"

Mobile SQA Lead (Former Employee) says

"Great top management, and bottom hard working level engineers. The middle management are full of politic. It has turn the company into political power house. The company double and nearly triple in size in less than a year and half, and created huge gap and confusion from top to bottom."

Director (Current Employee) says

"Nice people but seems like chaos in terms of what is important, people working cross functionally, coaching and development is non-existent, and following a process is considered being inflexible. Got the free food, but not sure why they are a best place to work."

Senior Functional Consultant (Former Employee) says

"A lot is required off hours and weekends. Culture is awesome and the pay is fair. Promotions are hard to obtain internally. Very little training is involved."

Software Development Engineer, DataServices (Current Employee) says

"While Workday provided excellent benefits for someone who has a family, it is pretty stagnant if your younger and single. Moving up is pretty slow in my organization. And there isn't really much room to move. The headquarters are far away from anything so unless your looking to settle down I wouldn't really recommend moving close to HQ. Also you won't learn much here since most of the technology is proprietary and doesn't really extend outside of Workday.Unlimited PTObad location, slow advancement, proprietary development"

Senior Performance Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Mid management is really poor, lots of inexperienced managers who love to micro-manage and stress the employees. Work pressure is too much and unnecessary at times. Advise for management, do not micro-manage and focus on innovation and problem solving."

Application Developer (Former Employee) says

"Really like working with the people there. No phones - rely on either face to face instant messaging for most communication and harder to work with remote people and managers there.Collaborative EnvironmentNo support for career building"

Sr. Manager (Current Employee) says

"In the 3 years I've been there I saw the strong, positive company culture dissolve into a shadow of itself. Not a place to build a career. Extremely political and nepotistic. On the plus side it pays pretty well and has above-average perks. Wish it was a place to build a lifetime career, but just cannot take it anymore.Snacks, pay, benefitsWatching a great company turn into a mediocre one"

Sr. Cisco Unified Communications Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The company as a whole is great, great mission, great ideas, great intent. There is an issue with politics. Certain teams are getting very political and unless you are part of the "inner" circle, consider yourself an outcast. Some egos and cockyness is why I left. Fast forward a couple years later, I found that things did not change and only got worse. Not sure whats to come, I hope it gets better. The public loves this company."

Human Resources (Former Employee) says

"Had a lot of autonomy but lacked truthful conversations. There are some wonderful people who work there and the collaboration between teams was solid."

Employee (Current Employee) says

"You always have to take the bad with the good. Great products and pace of innovation is very fast. The parties and events are great. Management is mediocre. Culture is preached to be progressive and supportive. However my observation is that the environment is highly political. I've observed where a culture of bullying and intimidation is tolerated in some instances, though there are good leaders there too."

Pam says

"Poor format on screen, all new jargon for everyday functions or standard business terms (\"job aid\" for \"directions\", etc. etc.), hidden icons that one MUST use, but cannot find unless scrolled over (you need to scroll over the whole page searching for the icon) or they\'re off the bottom of the screen--with all the top of the screen as blank \"white space\", tortuous ways of getting the most simple data or documents (just TRY to figure out how to print the PO document), non-transparent actions that the end-users cannot track OR need to drill down so deep to find status of a process it\'s virtually hidden, different format for where financial information goes for every different type of transaction (heck, folks, we all know how to fill in a paper check correctly, but think TWENTY different ways and shapes to do that), data is not stored for long term (in our system) forcing end users to retroactively need to set up multiple shadow systems for older (not that old, less than one year) records, \"onboarding\" consultants who don\'t know the basics of how a business keeps records NOR the basics of the business practices of the client they are actually onboarding--with a soupçon of condescending attitude towards the frustrated masses, obvious lack of input from \"real world\" users, weekly changes that sometimes change HOW one must do a task or find data or CHANGE one\'s processes for quickly productive work, forms that required DOZENS of repeated entries (line by line) when ONE translated to all those empty boxes would do the trick, etc.etc. Basically accept the fact that WORKDAY = WAY MORE WORK All functions (in my area) take at least 3 times more time, loads of data entry (when low paid workers formerly did that repetitive work). Some report functions that took about 5 minutes in BANNER (another crappy system) take about four hours in WORKDAY. MANY, many ways that end users cannot audit records for accuracy without HOURS and DAYS of drilling down for data (IF it\'s still there--again, apparently some records time out to the end users). "

I was trying to be a walmart EMPLOYEE says

"THis workday thing was the biggest piece of shit ever. I could not log in to do my onboarding at walmart and I was so frustrated I quit the job. If work Day sucked any worse Id get a free vaccuum. The user name and password did not work and I tried over and over again. WHY suck so bad. Make it better more user friendly what a piece of shit program"

Dominic Tobias says

"It is really quite astounding how nonsensical and awful this interface is, and somehow HR teams are choosing this nonsense and they are making money? Astonishing.

Just one of the many examples - to submit Absence it defaults to 0 days, is the table editable? No you open the exact same table in a modal with the field editable for each item. Then what? Why then the absence you just requested goes to YOUR OWN inbox like it's an email you received, and you have to open this "email" and submit it again. Something you won't realise you need to do and wonder why your boss isn't approving your absence. Need to change the date? No problem just edit it (kidding you have to spend 15mins figuring out how to cancel it and do it again).

The rest of it is just as bad."

FM says

"Such a terrible piece of software. The more convoluted, illogical, unintuitive, poorly designed piece of software I ever had to use. Using this is like stepping back in time."

R Allan says

"Unable to book holidays for Jan next year due to a system fault. Totally unacceptable for something that people depend on when making bookings. I cannot proceed with my life plans until I can book and have confirmation of a January request. Seems Workday are in no hurry to resolve either. Wouldn't trust this company with anything important.
The firm I work for has a spreadsheet and a google doc to enable changes to be recorded because workdays abilities are VERY VERY limited"

Anton says

"Evaluating , the job application framework of Workday.
It has some intelligence on auto-import of your CV, as with many other companies, this import is bad. The mobile version UI sucks. The whole process is sh/it. I can only express why I want the job at the very end of all the pathological administrative work I need o go through?
I will NOT give any tips or more precise pointers to what is buggy/bad, because I simply DO NOT WANT these companies to succeed. It's stocks are doing fine. HOW the fu/ck COME? When will people know their place? When will professionals be professional.

When we criticize them (positively) and do not accept that a company succeeds financially if it's products do not follow. Mistakes? Sure. Getting paid for office wan/king and living in one's own bubble? No. No. No.

Sorry to be so harsh, this applies for many other companies. I'm giving them a hand as well. Because I am a professional and I wish for everyone's potential to explode, and for everyone to be at their place :)
Ok 1 tip: think LinkedIn. No I do not work there or anything similar."