Wizard Jeans

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Wizard Jeans, the innovative British jeans brand, took the fashion scene by storm with unique body shaping technology in their fabrics and a superior cut to create the ultimate fashion jeans for men and women. This fabulous technology, which holds in all the right places, is incorporated into a capsule collection of all the styles of jeans you’ll ever need. Whether you’re a lover of the bootcut for leg-lengthening, a smart straight-leg, an ankle-skimming skinny - or the Wizard revolutionary evening diamante range - you won’t be disappointed with the perfect fit of Wizard Jeans.

A customer shared this in a chat thread, "These wizard jeans looked like doll clothes lying on the table, and I did not think there was any way I'd be able to cram my ass into them. I was wrong; these jeans have a LOT of stretch. They're basically leggings, they're so thin!"