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Widener University is a private university in Chester, Pennsylvania. The university has three other campuses: two in Pennsylvania (Harrisburg and Exton) and one in Wilmington, Delaware.


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Adjunct Instructor (Former Employee) says

"I taught visual communication and introduction to film. It was so sad because the students simply could not learn. I could teach them for 30 minutes, give them a simple quiz about what they had just heard, and most would fail."

Assistant Manager, Human Resources (Former Employee) says

"The president was nice but did not have a positive leadership team. Cons: poor management and leadership"

Contractor - Salesforce (Former Employee) says

"Typical. Fair employment in the city of Chester. Part-time work great hours. Didn't have many co-workers. Many hours on the computer."

Professor (Former Employee) says

"VERY poor management. No one willing to take responsibility or provide direction...OR they are so in your business you can't do what you need to do. EXTREMES Too many work bullies. VERY little collaboration. Little recognition for amount of work being done."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"It was supposed to be a step up from where I was coming from. I would NEVER recommend this institution to a prospective student. I would NEVER recommend this institution as a place to work full time. It was like being in Middle school again. While they claim to be collaborative, THEY ARE NOT. CUT THROAT. Not my kind of place."

Director of Corporate Relations (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely horrible job environment and poor management makes this the worst place I've worked in a long while. Glad to be out of there! Cons: Poor management, unfriendly work environment"

Library Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Was constantly watched by managers even though I was always doing my work and was not allowed to close my office door even partially at anytime. Was given performance review by a person who never interacted with me and that I saw very infrequently throughout the months. Cons: Terrible management and staff benefits were an insult"

Administrator (Current Employee) says

"I always wonder who fills out the "best places to work survey" that this place does "so well on every year". If you asked employees 1 on 1, the tune would be quite different than what is marketed. It is evident that a large population of employees are very unhappy working here unless they are tenure or senior faculty. The way the senior administration treats adjunct faculty, student affairs staff, and student support staff is sad. It is clear that we are not valued, even if senior administration "says we are", as actions (or lack there of) speak louder than empty words and emails. Cons: horrible vs workload, Hr, staffing, senior administration not listening, facilities, favoritism vs. actual hard-work, racism"

Research and Graduate Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Friendly, convenient & flexible place to work at. Entire staff are very supportive and realistic. Got education stipend as my remuneration. Enjoyed my time while at Widener University."

Academic Secretary (Current Employee) says

"Think twice about taking a big salary cut so your kids can go to school tuition free. They do not give the same tuition benefit to support staff (admins) as they do faculty and administration. The people making less, get less. They will promise you the world if they want you, but bottom line is they cannot deliver and when push comes to shove, your Dean or boss will tell you HR needs to make that decision, HR will bounce it back and nothing gets accomplished. It's a huge bureaucracy and really annoying. If you are hired as a secretary, be a secretary. Do NOT go above and beyond, they will take advantage. Cons: Pay, pay, pay; Upper Management, Human Resources"

Resident Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Not much to say about this job. Its what you expect, however the office does not always have clear expectations on what they want done. They also do not give a budget for hall deportations and expect them to be decorated solely with paper and want them looking professional. Cons: Unequal distribution of room and board"

Adjunct Instructor (Former Employee) says

"THe adjunct rate, combined with the lack of benefits was impossible to live on. Literally, I would have qualified for food stamps even if I were full time - with a masters degree. Cons: Lack of livable wage"

Administrative Assistant to Dean of Engineering (Former Employee) says

"their systems are very antiquated, no work life balance, bad neighborhood (chester, pa), low pay, but you get free tuition after a year and then later for your whole family Cons: everything else"

Post Office Worker (Current Employee) says

"Working at the Post Office at Widener University can be fun at times but the supervisor is extremely unprofessional. He doesn't know what he is doing and often makes mistakes to the point it messing up me along with employees. Our actual manager is really nice and helpful! Cons: short breaks"

Campus Safety Officer (Former Employee) says

"A typical day is walking, standing at an assigned post, no talking to co-workers and a 6 day work week is horrible on family life, but your only paid for 5 days. The 6th day goes to next week, 1 weekend off every 6 weeks. They give you an education benefit , but you cant use it (lol). The most enjoyable part of the job is helping the students get around the campus and to help them get adjusted to campus life. Cons: extreme amount of patroling the campus on foot, rain, snow, shine."

Adjunct Professor (Former Employee) says

"Adjunct professors do not make much. I loved teaching and the students but it was a lot of work for a little money. I had preschool age children I had to put in after care so it just wasn't worth it. Cons: bad pay especially if you have to pay for child care"

Adjunct Professor (Current Employee) says

"For Adjunct possition - No benefits, no an office space to speak with students, no printer to print documents, no parking spot"

After School Program Director (Current Employee) says

"I provide overall management and supervision of the After School 21st century grant programs with a staff of 30 people and 210 students (1st-8th grade). Cons: Grant funded program"

PSC/Bonner Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day for me includes checking emails and address student needs. I ensure that students are adhering to program requirements by confirming logged hours and creating training and enrichment workshops for them to attend. The other portion of my day with senior interns who serve as my executive team to ensure they they fulfill their daily and weekly requirements.The part of my day that I enjoy the most is interacting with students. The least enjoyable part responding to all the emails that I get which at times can be overbearing."

Adjunct Faculty (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a nursing instructor for Widener University for two years. I truly enjoyed most of the classes I taught. It was 'learn as you go' and there were a 'lot' of changes both in administration as well as 'co-instructors'. It became confusing when trying to schedule and I was left with a void in my time. I truly miss teaching and am looking for other opportunities. Cons: Minimal Guidance/Understanding Objectives of Teaching"