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Well, formerly known as The Co-operative Pharmacy, is the largest independent pharmacy business and the third largest overall pharmacy chain after Boots UK and Lloyds Pharmacy in the United Kingdom. It is the largest pharmacy chain in Wales. Following months of speculation, The Co-operative Group revealed in July 2014, that they had come to an agreement to divest the pharmacy business to the Bestway Group for £620 million. The sale was completed in October 2014 and Bestway was given a license to continue using the Co-operative brand for 12 months. In 2015, Bestway began to rebrand the company as well. Other retail co-operatives in the United Kingdom, such as Midcounties Co-operative, continue to operate Co-op Pharmacy branded stores, which were not affected by the sale.

According to a piece Carolyn Wickware wrote for The Pharmaceutical Journal, The Well Pharmacy back in 2918 faced controversy after a data breach leaking the personal information of 24,000 employees. It reportedly launched a full investigation of the data breach, which occurred due to an operating error, resulting in the distribution of an email containing personal information to various locums on 11 December 2018. The email, which was sent to a number of locums, included a document containing the name, address, phone number, email address, and payroll number of 24,099 Well Pharmacy employees and locums.


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Non Pharmacy Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Please give this company a wide berth Cons: Far too many"

Pharmacy Dispenser (Current Employee) says

"Upper management don’t care about store colleagues. They are only after figures and don’t give a toss about whether you are overworked or need any help! Don not work for this company, I would rather work as a bog cleaner than to ever go back and work here! This company has caused me nothing but mentally and physically draining me! People should enjoy going to work and be happy, but Well does not provide this. Stay away people!!! Cons: Everything about the company. If I could take away the one star I would, they don’t even deserve that!"

Healthcare Pharmacy Dispenser (Current Employee) says

"Staffing level is abysmal.. overworked.. over expectancy by upper management of in branch capabilities with 1 or 2 members of staff each shift .. who are dispensing and looking after counter.. labelling .. answering phone et al .. too much stress and strain.. making people Ill.. Cons: Short lunches .. rushed .."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Well.....what can I say it's the worst employer I've ever had the displeasure to work for. Higher management don't care and are dismissive about the things that matter like colleague health and wellbeing. Cons: Long hours not appreciated by higher management"

/non pharmacy Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"Do not work for this company stay well away, you will end up with severe stress and they will not care, you may get held up at knifepoint and not 1 person will give a hoot they won’t even contact you to see how you are. Upper management don’t have a clue abc couldn’t run a business if they tried. Cons: Everything"

Dogs body (Current Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for . 7 people have left in just over a year. Rubbish pay, you get paid more at a supermarket. Upper management is shocking and don’t care about their staff only targets which are unrealistic. Cons: Extremely stressful"

Dispenser (Former Employee) says

"Well has been BY FAR, the worst company I have ever worked for. In less than a year, I had a total of four line managers, experienced significant disorganisation and poor management of the covid-19 pandemic, where staff were given a mere two packets of paracetamol and a promise of sanitiser which never arrived. No PPE for months, no social distancing or restrictions implemented with the continuing transfer of staff between branches. Constant 'restructuring' to save money, resulting in many being demoted, made redundant, or being forced to reduce their hours. Have witnessed blackmailing of staff in relation to these changes, where a member of staff was forced into a situation where if not accepted, colleagues would suffer loss of hours and money. Regional managers are power-hungry and threatening to subordinate staff, and area managers and mindless lead of the seniors instructions. Heavily understaffed in all branches due to staff 'jumping ship' due to unhappiness. Number of pharmacies without a regular pharmacist or staff due to resignations which cannot be filled due to company's poor reputation, with some branches being without regular staff for over one year. Recent redundancies being made of non-pharmacist managers has furthered the significantly low morale of remaining staff within the area. Certainly a company which does not respect or care about their staff on the front line. Cons: Lack of staff, poor pay, poor hours, lack of job security, constant restructuring"

Dispensing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Avoid if possible, not customer service always targets and more targets. No help from upper management, made to feel like your not worthy even though you work hard to achieve your target. Never any staff and constantly working through lunches to keep on top and unsafe working place to work in. Cons: Long hours, poor pay."

Pharmacy Assistant (Former Employee) says

"awful company, I was practically begged back to help cause the area was that dyer I was promised the world and it never delivered, constantly ignored by HR in relation to money I was owed (2/3 months down the line with an incredible fight I finally got it) Cons: Gives you sleepless nights, anxiety and stress"

Regional Manager (Former Employee) says

"Well haven’t really ever found their feet within the pharmacy world- they seem to change direction and structure each year, meaning jobs are often lost. Cons: No development, no work/home balance, bad senior management"

Pharmacy Assistant/Dispenser (Former Employee) says

"Made me redundant a few months ago and now they are advertising my job despite telling me they would offer it to me first. Pretty sure it’s illegal to make people redundant then employ someone else in their job??? Working there is a nightmare anyway, they want you to do all this extra but don’t wanna pay you for it. Cutting staff left right and centre and expecting the staff to do the work on too little hours they’re given, as long as they’re making a profit the employees don’t matter. That’s probably why three people have handed their notice in at the store I worked at since I left!! Cons: Everything, especially the redundancy thing"

Dispensing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Management and upper management are useless. It is the worst place I have ever worked and wouldn't advise anyone to work there. They are trying to get rid of all the older staff regardless of working years for them. It is the worst pharmacy ever and I have worked for all the large companies. Cons: Extremely poor conditions"

Dispensing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company always working short staffed. Forever pushing services customer's don't want, rather than spending more time actually helping customers, it's all about meeting unrealistic targets. Awful."

Pharmacy Dispenser (Former Employee) says

"The worst company I have ever worked for. Well only care about targets !! Looking after staff and customers come way down the list. We had a fantastic team working extra hours trying to cope with demand wouldn’t pay you and Well cut hours and changed your core hours because work life balance means nothing to them. PLEASE DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE I DID Cons: Treat staff like dirt"

Dispenser (Former Employee) says

"Terrible , nasty , rubbish pay , over worked ! Just a all right terrible company all they care about is money not the staff wanna get rid of the older staff treat you like poo!"

Pharmacy Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Can honestly say i have never worked somewhere so badly manged in my life and this is after 25yrs in pharmacy.The management are a joke, they sit in their ivory towers discussing how to lose more hours in the shops, not caring about the stress they are putting their staff under.They could do with a week in branch to see what it is like .The managers are just bullies.glad im out of it."

Dispensing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely dreadful. Management are a joke...they need a week in a pharmacy to see how it works, not sat in their ivory towers moaning over budgets. Unfortunately cutting staff hours puts too much pressure on the staff left...and constant e-mails telling branches they are behind in the " league table " doesn't help..Avoid for your sanity."

Branch Pharmacist (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for over a year as a pharmacist and the company has just gone from worse to horrific. Nothing about patient care and all about targets and profit. Company protects and supports useless and disruptive staff at a loss of their most valuable and educated. Cons: Everything"

Trainee Pharmacy Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This job was awful, unachievable targets, bad working conditions very stressful with no support. Cons: All"

Pharmacy Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Low morale in stores and upper management that don’t care. Hours being cut so losing £5,500 a year and they think that’s acceptable, because the computer system time. Sadly that does not service customers give face to face advice on medication or other products.."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at WELL Health full-time for less than a year Cons: - The pay here is extremely low and not commensurate with the amount of work that they expect you to do. Other benefits are not on par with what other companies offer. If you want to work yourself to death for low pay and unappreciative, clueless managers then work here. -Chaos and mismanagement on nearly every project. Decisions and initiatives are handed over in a panic with unreasonable deadlines, only to have those deadlines sheepishly pushed back for extremely reasonable reasons that seemingly everyone besides management saw coming. Projects disappear then suddenly reemerge, but this time it's an emergency and needs to launch right away! Sisyphus would fit right in. - 100% biased work environment. Especially if you're not white or male. At WELL, it is all about who fits into the good ol’ boy network. Mostly male hiring committees hiring other males and mostly male management. From day one: constant negging, one-upping and power games from immature and unprofessional people. ‘Prove it again’ bias where if you are not white or male, you will have to prove yourself over and over and over again just to establish basic competency. - Inexperienced, control freaks stepping all over people in order to advance and promote themselves. Managers throwing subordinates under the bus to cover up mistakes that nobody even cares about. If you want to live out ‘Lord of the Flies’ in an all male echo chamber then this might be the place for you. - If you are white and/or male you should have no problem advancing within the company. - Unsupportive, absentee, patronizing, mentally dense managers. - Healthcare is a dumpster fire."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at WELL Health full-time for less than a year Cons: -Very obvious shill reviews on Glassdoor. Notice how all the positive 5 star reviews of this company are all done by members when they were actively working at the company! The negative reviews on Glassdoor are definitely more true to the WELL experience than the shilly positive reviews. -It's true that negative feedback was suppressed from previous employees after they were fired as part of their deal to keep their severance package. A tactic to suppress the honest voice of victims. - Leadership is accountable for systemic racism present at this company. Notice how the company picture has more dogs than POC. The caption reads "Well loves Dogs" (more so than POCs). I raised the lack of diversity multiple times (with that company picture being one of those instances), with leadership, with actionable steps that can be taken immediately to help make the company more diverse and feel more inclusive. Even after securing better opportunities at other companies I still addressed this issue to leadership, through emails, presentations and exit interviews. The repeated deliberate ignorance and dismissal from leadership on these issues definitely lead one to question the potential racial bias leadership might hold in this company. -Favoritism in play with the people going to office hours with the CEO the most, often getting the promotions. The individuals getting these promotions were overwhelmingly white males. - Lack of opportunities for women + POCs to advance Fired about a 1/3 of the company due to a "restructuring". 80% of those let go were either women or POC or both. The highest performing rep(at the time) was a female that was let go. Other lower performing male reps remained on the same team or given the option to work in different departments. The overwhelming majority of the people subsequently brought in were white males. -High Turnover Rate. After leaving this company, the 4 remaining members of my team also left in the coming months. Cases of turnover rose especially after the restructuring. -CEO has been notified numerous times through anonymous surveys and feedback that he is not approachable, even with office hours, employees still did not feel comfortable reaching out to him. -Toxic employees are given a platform to spew harmful insensitive jokes with no repercussions. Ex. An employee known for insensitive remarks has a joke to the whole company during a Friday standup w/ an onsite interviewee in attendance. This toxic employee prefaced the entire company that the joke was a joke she shouldn't be saying but then proceeded to say the joke claiming she had "cleared it", which was false. This employee then delivered the insensitive joke, with awkward laughter. At that moment leadership should have taken the initiative and condemn the actions done by this employee. Realizing that leadership wouldn't do anything, I took it upon myself to address this toxic employee, that is about double my age, why her actions are deplorable, and have no place in modern society, let alone a workplace."

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"I have been working at WELL Health full-time for more than a year Cons: From its cofounding till now Well has a history of using and tossing aside its best employees, the people who built the company and made it what it is today. They work hard, achieve great results then get kicked to the curb. 70-hour workweeks are the norm. The reward for all this hard work is cheers at company standups and regifted bottles of booze. Burnout is rampant. The CEO openly derides work life balance. Advancement? Only if you can figure out the company politics. Few can. The HR "department" is so intertwined with the COO as to be indistinguishable. So if you report discrimination... well, don't. It will come back to bite you. If you want to succeed at Well, just shut up, do your time, and look for better."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"I worked at WELL Health full-time Cons: -“The loudest voice is seldom the wisest”...Not at WELL, noise overrides truth. -Lack of positive reinforcement from leadership, but rather fear based tactics -Leadership is tainted with favoritism and politics -Lacking Diversity of Color & Thought -Must drink the kool-aid, and play politics to prosper -Not a safe space to speak out, don’t express your intelligence if it’s not aligned with status quo (aka politics) -Culture is made up of deceit, hypocrisy and favoritism -The previous poor reviews are accurate, namely, upon leaving the contract is not a two-way non-disparaging agreement."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at WELL Health full-time Cons: -Leadership opportunities for women are limited. The first and only woman in leadership was hired several years after founding. In tech, where perception is reality, the perception is that the c-suite is a Silicon Valley boy’s club. -Play their games or pack up and go home. Unless you are willing to play politics and keep your opinions to yourself, you won’t move up at the company. Personal relationships are valued over relevant experience. -New managers are left to figure it out for themselves. There is no training system for people without managerial experience. No formal training, no informal training. These incompetent managers, of no fault of their own, breed incompetence in their direct reports and so on. -Despite what anyone says, there is no work life balance. The standard communicated by leadership is to measure someone’s value by how much of their sanity they devote to the company. It is an arms race with no winners—just burnt out cynics."