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Vagabond (Korean: 배가본드; RR: Baegabondeu) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy and Shin Sung-rok. It aired on SBS TV from September 20 to November 23, 2019 for 16 episodes.


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Sehrish Ahmed says

"Terrible customer service. Order date was 4th of August and today is 23rd August. Have contacted dhl and vagabond both are not helpful at all. I want to cancel my order but VAGABOND has stopped replying. This is so terrible not happy at all."

Gosia Grzesiak says

"Very unhappy with the unhelpful customer service and poor quality of the shoes.
I ordered a pair of mules from their www, which are the most uncomfortable shoes ever, I get the impression that the shoes are faulty as it is impossible for the leather flats to make my feet bleed in such w strange places.
Unhelpful customer service adds to my disappointment greatly.
I shall never order from them again."

Elizabeth Li says

"Really disappointed with the Vagabond customer service & quality of their shoes. I ordered a pair of Erin Slides in Off White. It was clearly a returned pair, as the paper was all ripped. They arrived with marks on them, creased leather upper & overall finish not very good. I emailed their customer service the day I received them, didn't hear anything back even though their website states they will try to reply within 24 hours, it's been 4 days. I DM'd them on Instagram twice & still nothing. I will not be buying anything off them again."

Lilie T. says

"The shoes I ordered are way below the quality that I expected for the price. Sizing is super weird, comes up big, so I had to size down which looked so unnatural, that I ended up sending both pairs back. It's been 3 weeks and I can see on the tracking number that they received my return weeks ago, but still no refund. I'll never buy from this website again."

Lea says

"I have now had three pairs of vagabonds, I love them but the materials aren’t made to last. Two pairs of geisha like platforms cracked in exactly the same spot, only a couple months in. And recently I bought a pair of new in box pia scuba boots, someone had them in storage but pristine new. the shoe is coming apart from sole after 3 wears. My friend had the same pair, and said the same thing happened to her! F**king not good enough! Never again will I support this joke of a company!"

Tania Samoshkina says

"Such a huge disappointment!!
Bought a pair of Chelsea boots from their official website. Wore mine about 2 times and after a LIGHT scratch I’ve got such deep peeled dent on the toe that made me doubt if it’s even genuine leather at all. And I don’t understand the fact that Vagabond don’t have any quality assurance. Then why charge that much for the pair of shoes when any other fast fashion brands have same quality? Do not recommend. I wish I’ve read all reviews before I made my purchase."

jenny carter says

"Paying £120 for a pair of leather chelsea boots you would expect to last
Didn't even last a year split down seam
Utter rubbish
They were a gift spoken to vagabond but have to take them back to a retailer when I dont know where they were brought from

Jocelyn Lemas says

"Bought a pair of boots from Vagabond's .com website. They charge a $10 delivery fee AND ship them via DHL. I HAD TO PAY AN ADDITIONAL $86 dollars for import and tax fees!!! I would NEVER have ordered these boots knowing this and cannot return without having to pay additional postage fee. DO NOT BUY directly from their website. Total rip off!"

Maria says

"Shoes fell apart within half a year - since I did not keep the receipt customer care and shop keep sending me from one to the other with no result... very annoying. Will not buy Vagabond again!"

Emily H-G says

"I bought a pair of boots from ASOS and within a couple of months the material on the heels started peeling away and the leather discoloured. I’ve tried to take them to a cobbler but because of the material they can’t do much to fix it. Was a waste of my money."

Soya says

"They might look like a good investment, but their products are NOT genuine. I bought a pair of "leather" chunky shoes( DIOON) and after a month they upper layer started peeling of and realized it's not real leather.(I have only used it in the office). Hope you will not end up paying the price of a genuine leather for fake leather shoes. Big disappointment from such a big name."

Anna Maroncelli says

"I can give a review since I've owned 5 different pairs of Vagabond shoes... I love the designs so that's why I bought different styles years ago, and I always like Dioon boots with laces, they are comfortable and they look lovely even with flared trousers. Anyway, I have to give a really low rating since EVERY shoe (except from one sandal that was too big for me so I sold it and I don't know about the durability, it looked nice though) didn't last long or had some breaking parts. I've used my first pair of Dioon for years, but one day the sole came off from one side of the shoe, I had to throw them away because the damage was too much, but that was fair because I've used them a lot so I was still happy with them and I bought a new pair that after just one year, it's already "ungluing" on one side, like opening, I put some glue on and hope they will be fine for a while, plus it's really easy to scratch them. I had another pair of boots that after one and a half year lost the support of the heel, so I had to reglue it (I've luckily found it!) but I don't feel safe as I am worried they will break again at some event. Lastly, I own a derby shoes pair and the seam in the back is a little coming apart. What I can say is that I can't complain about comfort, otherwise I never would have bought so many pairs! I like the design too, I love how minimal they look and I do not deny that I would probably buy Dioon boots again, but only with a good discount... they really need to work on quality because they are clearly not made to last long and cost too much for the quality they offer, they are probably poor in some materials in the manifacture process. (I want to say that these purchase are mostly made like 3/4 years ago), only the new Dioon boots were a really recent purchase."

Nana says

"Completely unreliable communication. I have returned two orders - received refund for both but only received an email confirmaiton for one of the returns...
The same was the case with shipping notification"

jennifer guy says

"bought a red pair of boots online-
they sent a black pair-uurrrrgggggghh-
hope I don't get hassle sending them back-"

Mrs VW says

"Bought a pair of boots from them, it looked fab on the website (Amina with laces top to bottom), upon arrival found the leather to be absolutely horrible quality! It should have been a present for my mum, but unfortunately had to go back as they are not worth £170. I would not buy such pair from a charity shop for a fiver frankly speaking. Sent them back (thank goodness the returns are free) on the 2nd October, it reached the destination (DHL hub in Germany) on 5th Oct, from there it's supposed to have been sent to their warehouse, but it's 11th Oct, and I've not been refunded, no emails confirming the receival of the boots. I wish i never bothered! And definitely never again!
Updated: Have been refunded fine. Thank you."