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TVA is a Canadian French-language terrestrial television network, owned by Groupe TVA, a publicly traded subsidiary of Quebecor Media.

A former employee mentioned, "The problems with working at TVA are the following: - All upper management is based out of Quebec and they have zero understanding of the English Canada market. - Completely understaffed and under resourced for the work that needs to be done. - Old, inefficient programs and computers mean things are always breaking and it's difficult to do what you need to do. - Constant layoffs and restructuring (about once a quarter). - With all the turnover, there's a lot of confusion and lost knowledge because people who did specific things are gone, which is maddening. - Horrible offices that are in disrepair and basically crumbling around you. - Everything is run out of the QC office, with poor communication about decisions and direction. - No long-term strategy (other than "let's keep making magazines with less people!). Either oblivious or in denial about what is happening to print magazines. - Company is so so cheap, they don't invest in conferences, holiday parties, team building events, nothing. - They refuse to invest in capital costs for employees to get work done, forcing employees to bring in their own equipment."


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