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Top Gear is a British motoring magazine and factual television series conceived by Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman. The show launched on 20 October 2002, and broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC Two. The programme is a relaunched version of the original 1977 show of the same name, which looks at various motor vehicles, primarily cars. While the original format focused mainly on reviews of cars, the 2002 version expanded on this with motoring-based challenges, special races, timed laps of notable cars, and celebrity timed laps on a course specially-designed for the relaunched programme, with its format developing over time to focus on a more quirky, humorous and sometimes controversial style of presentation. The programme has received acclaim for its visual style and presentation, as well as criticism for its content.

A viewer mentioned, "I used to watch Top Gear weekly for over 20yrs. Please BBC use this as a measurment of how out of touch you are. You get rid of your main attractions ad trust me it wasnt the show. Then you bring in comics and has been's. You then completely take the baloni by getting rid of the stig's lap and asking people to watch online. You ....... plonkers, all you've done is given people reason to stop watching BBC top gear altogether and then you provide advertising for your competition by asking people to go online. And guess what I have gone online but not to watch BBC or top gear but better alternatives especially on Amazon prime. I thought Grand tour was bad but im sorry Top Gear is now shockingly bad and further away from the essences that made it a British Treasure. Please sack the producers as his/hers ideas are the death of a British classic programme. BYE BYE Top Gear... and I do agree Clarkson became arrogant, but that should have been excused as he is OLD, senile almost but still could have just had him as a ranting old fool..."


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