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The Berrics is a private indoor skatepark owned by professional skateboarders Steve Berra, Eric Koston, Guizinho and Varnei. It is also a website providing content filmed in the skatepark, as well other skateboard-related media. The facility's name is a portmanteau of the owners' names (the "Ber" of Berra's surname and the "ric" of Koston's first name).


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Custodian (Current Employee) says

"My custodian position that i work in is at fort benning and we work at some of the berrics,ofices, restrooms. First we load up the van of our equipment vacuum cleaner,broom,dust pan, mop, mop bucket etc... Cons: health care, work at night, management"

CNC Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Good management from phillip. Understands a worker is also a person. Learned quite a bit from him regarding cnc. The other workers is fun to be around and they help you where and how they can. Cons: low salary"