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Andrew L. Hicks is the author of The Art of Being Human and Thai Girl.

"And Andrew Hicks should find another job." says "LeAnne" on a review of Andrew Hicks' book "Thai Girl" on the "Goodreads" website on October 24, 2015:

"You know how some people think they have a story to tell and they should write a book? Well, not everyone is a writer. And Andrew Hicks should find another job. Or get a ghostwriter. It was so bad that I had to look up the publishing house after believing that perhaps he had self-published (which I thought would be the only justification).

I picked up this book from the Phuket airport on my way back from Thailand (I’d exhausted all of my reading material). It took me a while to get back to it and I just tried to push through hurriedly.

The main character Ben, who likely mirrors Hicks in reality, tries to appear as though he’s on some moral high ground. Oh, he’d never pay for a prostitute… And it was just horrible what was being done to the girls by old farangs. No, he’s an even worse type of man. He wants to find a woman that is destitute so he can ride through on his white horse and save the MFing day. I’ve seen his type all throughout my travels. She will cook, clean, and do everything he tells her to which is basically to be obedient, the way a good woman would. And of course, he’d be giving the woman - in this case, Fon - a better life than she had. Give me a break.

I see where he was “trying” (and I use that word very loosely) to go with explaining elements to Thai culture. He wanted to tackle the misconceptions and the hardships faced by a poor, impoverished society. As someone else commented, Hicks tried to cram too many ideas into a small space. As a result (again, in addition to poor writing skills), he lacked follow-through and had some definite continuity problems.

Another writing flaw he had was trying to imitate all the various language nuances by different nationalities. Dear Andrew, please stop. Stop writing now. You don’t seem to understand that you can give a one-line quote and then go into the conversation that took place in third person.

If you’re looking for more insight into Thailand, I suggest picking up another book. Any book. Or perhaps read the one interesting thing that Thai Girl actually mentioned: an old American writer who had a column Nite Owl for about four decades in the Bangkok Post, Bernard Trink."


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