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Telstra Corporation Limited is an Australian telecommunications company that builds and operates telecommunications networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television, and other products and services. It is a member of the S&P/ASX 20 and Australia's largest telecommunications company by market share.

Anna shares her experience on, "Telstra's internet connection is ok but when you need to resolve an issue or contact customer support- it’s an absolute nightmare! I’ve honestly wanted to throw my phone out of the window - Trying to reach out to them is causing unnecessary stress! I’ve tried 5 times to resolve my bill issue (Telstra overcharged me) and could never get help! Looking for a better provider in my area now cause Telstra is absolutely useless!"


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Former Employee - Network Consultant says

"Toxic work environment, high work volume! Management only cares about meeting metrics Worst teamates No training, just learn as you go No IT certification subsidies Good people left the company early the rotten ones stays"

Current Employee - Business Analyst says

"Bad for fix term and contractors"

Current Employee - Graduate Program says

"You don't have a choice for your first rotation, and if you are unfortunately put into an unsuitable role where your manager needs skillset you don't have, your manager can easily terminate your graduate program, which means you cannot even go into rotation 2."

Former Employee - Sales Consultant says

"If you value your mental health, dont work here. Unrealistic KPIs , unsupportive management, my team leader ignored a sexual harassment complaint"

Current Employee - Network Design says

"Awful contracts Horrible corporate culture Tonedeaf decision making Excessive red tape Too many processes, not enough guidance, and even then more than half are nonsensical, unnecessary, and completely wrong. Hellbent on stretching out union negotiations (Current EA discussions have lasted for more than 2 years!)"

Former Employee - Design Engineer says

"Company policies was outsourcing all engineering depts. to foreign companies such as CYIENT and Downer where you are also employable in very low rate pays."

Graduate says

"1. If you are an ambitious graduate or entry level, think twice before you join the company. You will see that hard work sometimes doesn't get recognised. You only have to know how to please your manager. One grad got ahead because she was sleeping with some band 1 manager. Not being sexist, if you check LinkedIn, you will see that a few ex-grad 'future female leaders' are all pretty ladies wearing pencil skirts, one-piece dresses or yoga pants in the office. 2. Favoritism runs the place, you will see 'diversity' on Telstra websites or videos. Bear in mind, every year among 150 new grads, the loudest few (3 or 4) would be 'liked'. You don't have to be the smartest, you just have to be a minority, good looking or know how to BS. The Early Career team ENCOURAGES that. 3. You will be surrounded by people who are very arrogant for no reason, from graduate to executive levels. Many Telstra graduates like to think the salary at Telstra is verh high. I think it only shows how narrow-minded and ignorant they are because it really is not. This echos what I mentioned earlier, if you are easily satisfied and okay with living a mediocre life, Telstra is the place. 4. Pretentious culture of caring, a lot of managers don't really care about entry-level in a way that they wouldn't't give you anything to do or to learn even if you repeatedly ask. DON'T bother to talk to Early Career team about this, you will develop a bad reputation of being too picky and hard to communicate with. 5. There has always been a misconception that Telstra helps you to secure jobs at better tech companies. Let me tell you the hard truth, it really doesn't. From time to time, you do see 3 out of 500 people go into okay-ish tech companies like Salesforce and 1 in 1000 might goes into Google. However, all those hiring are done at a senior level and for client-facing specialist role (sales, client consultant, etc.) If you are a software engineer or data scientist, putting Telstra on your resume doesn't really help you get anywhere."

Former Employee - Technical says

"Too much to mention. Employees run the company and do what they feel Management are puppets and have no leadership Company is a mess in terms of direction I can go on....."

Product says

"Old man club mentality with senior management where your only promoted if your in the cool group, and bullied out of a job if your not"

Consultant says

"old timers saving there own while no major work is there"

Operations Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Telstra was probably the one and only harrowing organisation I have ever worked for. The culture is entrenched with systemic fraud, corruption and bullying. The most enjoyable part of my job was going home, or on holidays. Being required to have constant connection to the business by way of email and remote working are ridiculous and unsustainable. Senior leadership are focused on personal agendas and make decisions to direct them accordingly. I was subjected to two internal investigations which ultimately vindicated any wrongdoing or misconduct but were the direct result of a concentrated effort to cause detriment and angst following unwelcome calls for accountability of the leadership teams. Telstra as an employer is deplorable and tendering my resignation was the most relieving action I took. As a service provider Telstra has a solid service with robust infrastructure, in turn I remain a customer, though would never recommend them as an employer or endorse them personally."

Business Account Manager & Front of House (Former Employee) says

"I started work here and within 11 weeks everybody had left for other jobs. I was an Account Manager who worked out the back, but now with no front of house I was expected to do that too. Management is in Wagga and gave me no support or help. During this time I found out I had a tumor in my ovary and had some time off. For 6 weeks I ran that shop alone with no training. They got a new member of staff and told me that I had too much time off and that they would not keep me after my 6 months! I ran your shop and I had cancer and I had too much time off? Disgusting."

Call Centre Agent (Former Employee) says

"I was in the retentions department dealing with all the fun happy people that didn't want to stay with telstra for one reason or another. They would set unrealist target goals of people you were meant to stop from leaving and then would get you to upsell to anyone and I mean anyone. My breaking point was when they tried to force me to upsell to a widow who just wanted her husband's number removed.noneEverything"

Data Scientist (Former Employee) says

"The Usual business is that they will hire a back up when renewing contract with existing contractors, you will be fired right after the other renewed. You are useless and disposed of. The manager is proud of this "MBA" street smart. Liar, no home office. Office politics. Body shaming from other contractors. Too much ad hominem attack. Friday work till 8 pm is usual. Pretend hardworking by : sending whatsapp message at 10 pm when the work can be finished before 6 pm.冇用的ot"

Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"worklife here was horrible. they expected alot from you & not much in return. definitely would not recommend. that is probably why the business is no longer open."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I have never worked at telstra, I only serviced telstra when I was @ teleperformance. though our clients were working in our office, we enjoyed the time."

Sales Assistant - Store (Former Employee) says

"After new management, the job became repetitive and the store was treated like a classrom. If you work in a store, you'd need to make sure you have the right manager. Too many incompetent or unsuited personalities in the management teams. Targets are unreachable and there isn't much recognition for achieving them. Commission bonuses aren't allocated appropriately, there for, incentive to sell isn't there. Alot of gaming for targets being reached. Customer satisfaction surveys aren't structured properly, confusing customers and tricking them into giving you low scores. Just saying. Oh and the systems are just wrong and make you want do the old wrist violin. I'm glad I'm out of there. Oh the free phone plan was mint though 👌Free phone planBad management - No recognition"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Management play politics,no support,no mentors,if volunteered to do something else no encouragement and they show no interest,number game,stressful environment,discriminative and full of bullying,don't let people progressNoHorrible company"

consltant (Current Employee) says

"In my working career in last 13 years, working at Telstra has been the worst experience. management is very unprofessional. management people can get their hair as rainbow colored but staff cant even drink water from a bottle. very biased and racist atmosphere. I would never recommend working in Telstra even to my enemyunprofessional and racist environment"

IT Network Specialist, 3rd level support (Current Employee) says

"Rather no disclose due to privacy and repercussion of writing any types of reviews while working for the company, even though it says anaonymos posting i still rather not say."

Sales/Retention consultant (Former Employee) says

"there is not much i can say about my experience working in this company. to put this in perspective, i have lived and worked in three other countries before migrating to Australia."

Tech support/Sales assistant (Former Employee) says

"Was employed into this job when the job was stable. But as soon as they brought a new manager in employees started to drop off 1 by 1. He had no knowledge of the telecommunication industry or Telstra in general."

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"Call centre role helping customers with account enquires and general billing issues. The company was a middle man for Telstra and just horribly ran.Leaving the jobBeing employed there to begin with"

Sales Professional (Former Employee) says

"Horrible micromanagerial style. Development and progression is a game of favourites. Staff are treated poorly, and seem to start being edged out after 12 months. Some staff were performance managed and publicly berated for going to the toilet during shift. Would not recommend to anyone hoping for a positive environment, a rewarding job or to maintain their sanity.No pros what so everEverything."

Senior HR business partner (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend anyone thinking of working here unless you are Australian or white. 90% management Australian white male. No job security for anyone else. Managers do not adhere to their so-called company values.Extremely bureaucratic and political; no job security; Australian white dominance"

Too frightened to say (Current Employee) says

"While its employees are very bright and Sales-driven, it is all ruined by the excessive influence of Accenture.Mobile phones and start-up environmentAccenture"

Customer Sales & Service Expert (Former Employee) says

"Work conditions has gone downhill about 10 years ago. More stressful and more work to do but this does not reflect on pay or benefits. Good luck to those who are still working there or want to join."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Sometimes the job seemed to be okay unfortunately painful customers and sales driven management tire you out and cause you to feel like you’re being abused externally by customers and constantly pushed internally by management to sell to old people or anyone - even if the product is definitely not appropriate or relevant"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Wanted improvements but with no extra staff or ability to streamline processes. Was about who you knew not what. Virtually no induction/formal training at a manager level. Anytime something fell over the response was "thats Telstra". An utter debacle.Free phoneStress unending"

Administration Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The management is very unaware of how the systems and the staff are run. There is very little room to make a mistake as they are quick to blame without ensuring ANY training when starting out.. these issues if bought to the attention of the owner are dismissed and ignored constantly."