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Spherion is a North American temporary work agency headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, that operates under a variety of brand names.

A former employee and customer shares his dreadful experience, "Spherion in the worst 3rd party hiring company ever!!! I was lied to about position, lied to about wages, and lied to about hrs! I had to go around this company to actually get hired. This company calls workers within a company to steal them back. I revealed this to the company that hired me by showing them the email and they still deny it...WOW! Big POWER SCAM!!! BEWARE!!"


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Former Employee - Staffing says

"Extraordinary amount of outbound workflow help and technical support phone calls required. Antiquated, problematic, and unintuitive website serves as a software application for onboarding, payroll, billing, ATS/CRM. Extensive (months) training presentations containing recycled imagery and text without hands-on training."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is difficult to work with and has empty promises. They don't value their employees or the staff they hire for 3rd parties."

Former Employee - C S R says

"Gross mismanagement and fraudulent activity by manager"

Client Service Representative says

"The particular branch I worked at was awful! The branch owner and branch manager were bully’s who could not care less about their employees. Management asked for feedback but when it was given it was held against you and never taken into consideration. The work environment was toxic and unhealthy. There was absolutely no training, you were thrown into it fast and expected to know what you were doing. The branch manager at this particular location was a narcissist who enjoyed listening to his own voice, he sounded like a used car salesman. He expected myself and coworker to be his secretary’s and screen his phone calls and make appointments for him. He never called anyone back and was not suited to be a manager. Branch owner was clueless and blind to how he was treating his staff, because she was never there or barricaded in her office on her phone looking for furniture for the office! Candidates were just a number they didn’t care about helping them, management just wanted to make money off them!"

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"The particular franchise I worked at was awful. Crappy pay. Chaotic...seriously...chaotic . Always changing directions and chasing their tail. No solid workflow processes. Unorganized. Blame-placing....back-biting....toxic culture. Only care about ‘filling the order’ with anyone who can pass a background and fog a mirror... drug screening was a joke. No holidays off...except Christmas Day."

Former Employee - Technical Support says

"They are an actively predatory company to new employees"

Former Employee - Internal Employee says

"Unethical hiring practices; lack of diversity, sincerity and transparency; high turnover; and a lack of professional development opportunities."

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"Toxic culture, unprofessional, selfish, deceitful, backstabbing. The owners will throw you under the bus and look for any excuse to screw you over. Do not work here. Spherion in Huntsville, AL needs to be shut down."

Former Employee - Shift Supervisor says

"Was not given a chance to work elsewhere after they laid me off and never conducted an investigation if the accusations against me were true"

Former Employee - Material Handler says

"Was assaulted by a new co-worker who came in reeking of marijuana resulting in 3 stitches. Spherion refused to defend my job and tried to stick me with medical costs. They do not care about you -- beware."

Cap susport (Former Employee) says

"They tell you one thing and do the other I worked at a place that you were supposed to get advancements at and they kept me the same thing the whole time giving me the run around and even promoting other people who miss weeks straight or who would return from every break late and started way after I did and walked around me"

Kids care (Former Employee) says

"No advancement no good pay bad management they make all the money they give penny's to the hard working people's and no advancement you just stay neutral in 1 positionNothingShort break"

Packer (Former Employee) says

"This place is awful its ghettofied its hood you name it I couldn't stand working there the people are extremely rude the management is a complete joke the pay is laughable they say its only 8hrs lol then out of nowhere its 10 please stay clear away from this place if your into rude ghetto hoodrats and pathetic management this is the place for youLol there is noneLmao"

Temporary Employee (Former Employee) says

"The Spokane Washington branch has a "hands off" approach. They hire you then your on your own. No one ever answers the phone and they don't respond very quickly to emails or texts. Not much variety in assignments either. And they don't pay a lot. It's almost like Labor Ready. They have everything online I guess so they don't have to deal with the employees.Easy to get an assignment when you're in need of a job fairly quicklyPoor management, low pay, little variety in assignments, hardly any benefits."

Worker (Former Employee) says

"Worst 3rd party hiring company ever!!! I was lied to about position, lied to about wages and lied to about hrs! I had to go around this company to actually get hired. This company calls workers within a company to steal them back. I revealed this to the company that hired me by showing them the email and they still deney it...WOW! Big POWER SCAM!!! BEWARE!!!!!"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Very confusing board to tell you where to go. No managers. I didn't meet any managers while there. So I couldn't ask any questions. And you get a different answer when you ask different people."

Assembly Worker (Former Employee) says

"The office people are what make the jobs bearable. They have no regard for family life. Just targets and how they can be met. The pay is decent for the jobs."

Underpaid employee (Former Employee) says

"You send in your information and never hear from them. One time they said they'd send my information over to their client. In actuality, Spherion-Johnstown never had a contract with this company. I called them and told them that was deceitful. I missed out on the work opportunity through another agency. Just remember, staffing agencies do not get you a job - they are filling an opening for a client and turn around and pay you a pathetic wage, especially the Johnstown office."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"The interviewer wasn't very professional keep making joke at my experience and at least 2 of my checks were shorted $90 I'll never go back the whole company is a joke"

Intern HR (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management, will relocate you without asking. Do not care for employees concerns. Super unprofessional and not coordinated at all. Low pay. DON'T DO IT."

In comming call center representative (Former Employee) says

"they expected us to get as many calls done as we could that were coming back to back without a break in-between calls to even get a drink! they were quick to judge before they got your story graded your calls and if you carried on a conversation you got docked"

Accounting Assistant/Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Was a crazy place to work the office staff is hard to get along with and they are sometimes very rude. They have went thru some major changes and I don't feel as they are the best ones. The local office is a mess, rude and undeserving I feel to go out and get jobs for people. The don't try to get people jobs they just wait till employers come to them."

Temp. Employee (Former Employee) says

"They make promises they cant keep. The positive thing about being a temp agent are you will be able to work at companies that are hard to get into at an entry level. The negative you only have a 1% chance you can get hired into the company as there employee.Job experienceUnderpaid"

Janitorial Worker (Former Employee) says

"Please try to go out own your own and find employment. Spherion is a very backstabbing organization! will promise you livable wage employment then all of at once Spherion looses contract. very mentally abusive. Don't go there!!!"

Temp (Former Employee) says

"Pretty bad, handed misinformation almost daily. Pay is bad and the politics are worse. Want to be treated like trash, go for it....and it's not temp to hire it's temp for life work.Everything"

Recruiting Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Difficult people to work for. Not very organized and always seem to never trust anyone. Toxic environment. Not for someone who has a family. Bad ManagementHorrible management"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"This is a staffing agency. They get paid a lot from your role to the employer. I suggest you don't work for them. They do not keep track of your time very well. and they are never in at normal hours when you happen to be out sick to contact your employer."

Temporary Employee (Former Employee) says

"The hiring process consisted of about two hours long, but my experience was a week long. The lovely woman in their State College office decided it was more professional to leave a future employee in the waiting room for an additional hour so she could stay on hold with a representative. Although, that should have been a large red flag, I made the 45 mile trip back home and rescheduled for a few days later. During THAT process, I informed them I was in possession of a MMJP card, that instantly put the process on hold. They waived the drug test completely and played a cat and mouse game with me for another week. They demanded documentation in regards to my doctor who signed for my card, but this imaginary NEED was inconclusive. When asked what this letter needed to be, I was told "I'm not quite sure". After another gruesome week (apparently being persistent is KEY with the State College reps because their incumbent of communicating unless questioned about their EEOC policy), I was able to be placed! Just kidding, they have no openings. Surprise? No. This place lacks proper leadership (I've spoken to the over glorified secretaries and their less than pleasurable supervisor), TERRIBLE communication, ZERO customer service. Their job to help people in need is on the bottom of the totem pole. I would not recommend this company to ANYONE. If you're that desperate, STAY AWAY FROM AGENCIES LIKE THIS.Able to spend time with familyNo income, excess traveling for nothing, rude employees."

Application Reviewer (Former Employee) says

"Management is very poor. They are very unorganized, and they are not flexible at all with your outside schedule. They are quick to lay people off with no noticeNot too hardPoor management"

Temp (Former Employee) says

"They wanted me to drive 74 miles to their location, and then 42 back to work, more than just one occasion too. Why would I want to willingly drive that far for the sad excuse of an hourly rate. All these temp services popping up. None are useful or beneficial. None know the job either"

Mary says

"Would never use again. Nor will I ever recommend using Krasno. I feel my lawyer was working with workers comp. during my ordeal. I should have taken my husbands advice and gotten another lawyer. Lucky to get a 1 star from me . Wouldn't give me a choice of -5."

dissatisfied says

"use someone else"

Shanti says

"A lot of empty promises"

Heather Meiser says

"I have so much to stay, but every time I talk about this law firm, it infuriates me. I choose the WRONG PEOPLE TO REPRESENT ME!!! Like I told my attorney, I hope and pray that this law firm represents their clients a lot better in the near future. I GOT A MAJOR SCREWING!"

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