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Snapdeal is an Indian e-commerce company based in New Delhi, India. The company was started by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal in February 2010.

An angry customer said this in a review "Yesterday, I received my order from Snapdeal. I ordered 2 head phones but I just received one. When I get in touch with customer care, they said both has been delivered. I opened packet and found only one. My question is, is there a way I can prove it ?? How can Snap deal prove himself correct in this regards. I will suggest never buy anything from snap deal. Its a big headache and they will never listen you."


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Head Process Excellence (Former Employee) says

"Great time of passionate leaders and team. Success through speed and doing the right things at the right time. Processes needed across the organisation to cement the leadership position once gained"

Category Manager (Current Employee) says

"Driving business by ensuring promotion and brand alliances with key brands belonging to the category Identification of correct price points and seasonal assortment Competition benchmarkingBusiness Acumen DevelopmentToo much Hustle; Stressful"

packing supervisor (Current Employee) says

"it is not good beacause its contract logistics company and i m not satisfy to job and my salary thats i want to change this jobno mealsAccordind to work presure"

Application Engineer - 2 (Former Employee) says

"Pathetic work environment and unprofessional culture. HR just doesnt know anything about Human resource management.They wont reply to your mail.If you try to call them they wont pick up your call.I did a mistake by joining snapdeal."

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"These company is very good. And i am working mayapuri brach and these company senior person are very bad, these are overconfidence person and they way of talking is bad and they employee are very lazy.Free launcher8 Hours"

WFM eXECUTIVE (Current Employee) says

"Career point of view not a good company. There is no any rule descipline and managment is totally 0.At every steps you will have to show your boss that u are every thing for me and u r always right wether he does not have any knowledge about that thing.Basically you need to flatter all the time of your bosses.Nothing"

Area Manager (Former Employee) says

"lack of funds with company no structure and vision of management job security is zero people can be laid off immediately even performing people money is good"

Associate Director, Corporate Communications (Former Employee) says

"Its a good place to work for initiative takers and folks who are aggressive and focused in their ambitions Not a place for the weak hearted. Immense learning."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"There is huge communication gap between Top and Ground Zero Management, No Transparency in Business plan. There is no 360 Degree Feedback facility to overcome politics in working culture.Big BrandLong hour working, Work pressure even on off hour, Office work and home also, There is no meaning to off on Sunday, you will be busy on weekend also. Mentally harassment."

Asst Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company is young an lead by young leaders which comes with both pros and cons. Change is consistent and very volatile in nature. Management is not so experienced in terms of work and decision making ability.Try to ape all the top consulting firms especially big4 in terms of hierarchy,rating system etc but in reality it is pseudo MNC. Co workers are good . Hardest part being the dynamics of the work and everyday coping up with change management in the system.Too many experimentation on policy,procedures resulting in most of the time non systematic pathways. Very random decision making by the management. Enjoyable part being some employee engagement program being conducted at times.young vibrant work placelacks good HR policy and procedure."

Seller Onboarding Speacilist (Current Employee) says

"company is in a mess and is not advisable to work with Directionless Company and Management Miscommunication at all levelsnono"

Previously worked as Senior Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It was good learning experience with support from Mangers and good work culture. exposures to new tasks and challenges are always there. Nice perks as well."

Category Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great experience to start with but then went downhill. Senior management team and investors kept on changing the direction of the company leading to lack of focus."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"No job security at all. Mass layoff happens every year which leads to a tense working environment. No proper information given to employee before such thing happens"

Assistant Manager, Procurement (Former Employee) says

"Company Management should focus on adherence of the defined processes and guidelines instead of providing exceptional approvals to the activitesIn house Creche Facility, Gym, Saloon, Cafeteria, Breakout AreaJob Security, Financial Mismanagement"

Associate - Sourcing & Procurement (Former Employee) says

"Work was good, learned so much Work Culture, Management was not so balanced No Job Security Overall Experience was averageNoWork Culture"

Customer Care Executive (Former Employee) says

"Every company have their own positive and negative points... Abt snapdeal.....Seniors were not doing their job in the right way..... Personal bias exits....BT overall it's gud also....Shifts according to requirementStress level"

Procurement Manager (Current Employee) says

"Overall snapdeal is good place to work untill if you will get a good boss , who can guide you in each aspect and with target oriented."

Manager Supply Chain (Current Employee) says

"I had a great time working at Snapdeal. The environment at work was awesome. I got plenty of opportunities to work on new projects. But this will be short lived."

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Snapdeal was one of the Unicorn status start up which achieved lot of success in last years but because of series of wrong decisions by senior management, Company has lost its charm and vision.StartUp CultureJob Uncertainity"

LUXIQE Ind says

"worst company in india, please don't buy or sell any product from this side. 99% employee are corrupted"

mnrkrishnan Iyer says

"I Ordered Control D Sugar strips from Snapdeal, thru' on line shopping 40 days back on 8th July 2020. Full payment was also made. Since Delivery did not take place, I raised several tickets on their Support/Help. (Unfortunately there is no number to contact & speak directly with them). Each time I am getting pre-recorded messages of regret. Also cancellation is not permitted in their site. I am in a dilemma. I lost much of my precious time in typing and sending messages. Also I am getting many SMS & calls of having won Tata Safari Car in their lucky draw and asking me to remit 10% as Registration charges. That mean Customers data is leaked out to third parties, which is highly irregular. To conclude, I wish to inform that they are fraud on line dealers."

Vic Ky Varma says

"Warning!! Big Cheats - I had Signed Up As Seller....
Sold more then 40 products worth 199 each - Received Rs. 5/- in total.

Not recommended if you are just starting on E-commerce business as snap deal have started cheating the sellers, If you ignore this Review - You'll surely regret later after being scammed by SNAPDEAL."

Nikke Rao says

"I didn't like this company"

Ankura Hospitals says

"I have purchased a smart watch Opta sb 154 I got dilver it on 28th May 2020.. I was shocked snapdeal packing was perfect.. Inside it the brand parking seal was broken and smart watch dosnot have any cover product look to be used one full of scratches and display was looking like it is opens or repaired and between watch pouch was thron and untidy ugly such bad experience I never ever had before I can just request please improve and return my money back I have applied for my refund immediately without any second thought 🙏 in this competition market improve or you will be no more in market.. 🙏"

Shrikant p says

"Dont purchase in snap deals because snap deal salling used prodocts recently i am purchasing hair trimer than packed box showing used trimer other person so plz dont purchase"

AD says

"Almost all products are incorrectly listed and described. Incorrect, dusty, unclean and used products are sent to the customers. And the worst part is their customer support team. They try their best not to help the customers."

Harsh Bhatia says

"poor site, cheaters"

Pandurang Kadam says

"Recently I had purchased 3 item on snapdeal.and I'm pay the bill by credit card.2item deliver with an correct and on time.but my 3rd item didn't deliver to me until at this time.i had talk/complaint against this issue with Snapdeal team.they checked my sign, proof etc.they want 24 hour for my resolution time to time.i talked with Snapdeal maximum 20-30 time.they do not respond.totally fraud company.Lutate hai logo ko..... Snapdeal par band lagana chahiye.....they also accepted theirs mistakes but not ready to refund order date was10 January now14feb....2020..."

Sweety Gandhi says

"Fake and fraud company and very big cheater company. I ordered set up box and they given me broken set box box when i returned request updates before 1.5 months till not receive and every time i called snapdeal they said only your work is doing priority base and now they msged me my return service is closed because of i am not replying their call or msgs . Such a very froud and cheater company. And my money is gone because of i trusted wrong shopping App.
So i genuinely request all of you don't buy anything of snapdeal.
Thank you"

Sigicherla S Murthy says

"Whenever we search for any item immediately a phone call will be attended by any Male Bihari speaks to us. These fellows are speaking to the customers like village vulgar language in Hindi. Kindly remove all the Bihari mannerless broots. They don't know how to speak politely with customers. Let the telugu speaking girls or boys may be appointed as tele callers.i hate to speak to Biharis."

hemina parate says

"Such a bad service, I choose the cash on delivery option and curiour boy have no change money, I have no other option, and I cancelled the order,
It was very poor service,"

Asif Siddiqui says

"Such a poor service...
i placed an order on dec 24 i did not receive it yet and status is showing order delivered on dec 27 even i have put a complain through my account two time, it never gives any solution, i tried several time to reach out snapdeal helpline number it never gives an option to talk with an agent..i am so disappointed with the services. i will never shop again through this website nor recommend anyone to check this out!!!"



We ordered two products via Snapdeal. Initially two products undelivered. With complaint to customer care, one product delivered, which is a DUPLICATE product. Second product in their app shows delivered, when asked in customer care told some technical fault showing like that. After 22 days now they are telling product is delivered.

Don't TRUST Snapdeal"

Jay says

"one of the worst.

i did inform them that somebody is trying to login with my account details (as I am getting verification codes 10 times a day). i asked them to remove my account and I don't live in that country anymore but the Snapdeal team said they don't remove account even it's your own.
everyone has the right to delete their own account for security purposes.

ridiculous and you can keep the account wherever you want."


"Bad due to not proper courier information"

Ricky Kumar says

"Very bad ecommerce website I purchased red chief shoes but product not received as per the actual image and when I put the request for refund with in turn around time so they replied, did not pass through internal checks and there is no customer care number."


"Wrost product on earth they sell, i wish to give them negative stars, i purchased one kitchen item, which i received broken, i asked them to replace they took long time , twice i got broken item of same order, and till date i have not received amount back. No no one should buy from this prople."

Bincy Mathew says

"Very poor service in terms of product delivery and refund. They sell damaged and used items and hesitate to return our money once we return our product. It has been 2 weeks since I returned the damaged item and no update since then."

AJ says

"Item not delivered on time and simply extended delivery date without notifying or agreeing with me. No smooth process to reach customer care if you ordered as gift and gave someone else number while placing the order. Asking for register number however I never share that with Snapdeal and always login through email id.

Overall very bad experience. Thats why people trust going down on Sanpdeal. Raised number of queries but no proper response."

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