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Sir Robert Peel, 1st Baronet (25 April 1750 – 3 May 1830) was a British politician and industrialist and one of early textile manufacturers of the Industrial Revolution. He is one of ten known British millionaires in 1799. He was the father of Sir Robert Peel, twice Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


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Armed Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"This is not the place to work. They hire officers that don’t do their jobs and risk the lives of other officers. The pay is horrible and the risks are very high. If you’re trying to have time to spend to yourself it won’t happen because they will over work you. Also the don’t take any federal taxes out of your pay so then you have to deal with it in the end. If you want to do armed security I would recommend looking at another company."

Armed Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company to work for, pay is low for what you do. No stable hours, no stable site to work always getting bounce around each site everyday. nobody knows anything. communication does not exist in this company.. everyone’s out to get each other.. no breaks, different days off every week. avoid working here. Even if you requested schedule restrictions they will complete ignore it and have you work. Company is a joke. Look else where.. I would give this company zero stars but indeed requires at least one."

SSG officer (Former Employee) says

"Stressful job, low pay, dangerous areas that you're expected to rove alone. The training is not sufficient for the kind of danger they're going to subject you to. The pay is a few bucks above minimum wage, and their turn over time for employees is extremely high. Sometimes they only give you 8 hours between shifts, so if you travel to work one hour that is 6 hours at home between shifts. They are under staffed so you work long shifts for low pay and no benefits. I was active duty and did law enforcement work, this ended up being an in-between job until I found something that paid well and didn't put me in dangerous situations alone. Don't recommend working here, and I'm sure a lot of the five star reviews come from management trying to boost their rating."

Arm security officer (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely disgusting environment to work in leaves a bad taste in your mouth the worst people I have ever worked for."

Protection Officer (Former Employee) says

"retention rate was low. Scheduling was not consistent. Never saw the advertised pay I signed on for and was advised that if I didn't like it I could always go somewhere else. Most senior field officers are awesome and knowledgeable; some lack the proper training or ability to communicate. Unfortunately, if you do the right thing and it brings even a .001% chance of liabilty, even though it's justifiable by state statute, on the agency you will be told you are on your own. Kind of funny though considering an officer was on duty, armed, intoxicated, still consuming alcohol, and operating an agency vehicle. There's officers I would walk into battle with and could without a doubt tell you we'd make it out just fine but a lack of brotherhood amongst some of the junior officers is clear because any opportunity to stick it to another officer to gain favor, or a position, is taken. Don't let "needs of the agency" get you excited either cause the favortism beats that every time and will disrupt schedules as well which may or may not include getting bogus write ups to "justify" a change. The fleet is consistently in a state of repair. Vehicles have warning indicators taped over; seatbelts may or may not function properly; tires are good to go until they blow but super fun in the rain when they're almost bald; Florida heat is no joke but it's worse when the vehicle has no a/c and it's raining."

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"If the captain dont like you,you are not getting promoted you are getting fired......its a nice company but management its not good thats why they are loosing so many good people.... Cons: If they don't like you you're gonna get fired"

Unarmed Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"It all starts when you walk into their office. They go through a 6 hour interview process and promise you things like adventure and working for a company that's as close to police as you can get without being police... None of this is even close to true. If you've never been an armed officer before, then for your first 90 days you're in a probationary period. You have to be an unarmed officer during that time. Then after the 90 days, you have to wait another 90 days before they will let you be armed. So now you're into the company for 6 months and still an unarmed. After the 6 months, then you may get armed if they feel you're right for it. Cons: Everything"

Unarmed Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"I was an employee. This company is a joke. They advertise that they go in and set the rules for officer safety and to establish order. There biggest client is in Lake Mary and if they dont like something, then they run over CIS. Its pathetic. They dont want security officer, they want armed customer service agents. I was literally let go after 6 weeks for enforcing the rules of the site. I was literally told not to write parking violations, not to enforce no smoking on property and not to challenge anyone even at night when the building is locked and secured. And was then told multiple times that all that location wanted was a cute uniform and customer service people."

Armed Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"They literally lie to you when you get started ask for you’re work restrictions just to disregard them all together. This company doesn’t care about their employees and you can’t have a life here working this job DONT ACCEPT THIS JOB it’s a pain . You work all kinds of crazy hrs so you can never schedule anything around schedule if you really need something for the time being go for it but working for a company that doesn’t give care about about they’re employees and they just want a body at the location will drain you . Everyone is drained because they can’t keep anybody due to poor management and crazy work schedules Cons: Everything is terrible"

Protective Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"This company has very poor management and business skills they work people to death for little pay and they want to act like their cops and there not! Cons: Zero"

Armed Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"They sucker you in with their advertising and wow you with the equipment they have. That is about as far as the fairy tale goes. Once you begin working, the novelty quickly fades. I was paid 10.50 as SSG, working the worst neighborhoods in tampa. Management are those who think they are still at war, but now with their own staff, or ex cops who got physicaled out of the force, and now have a chip on their shoulder. You only need to see the responses they give on here to see their level of professionalism. During FTO they had me requesting ID from residents for no good reason. As Security, we have zero business making citizens feel like they are required to present a Security Officer with ID, when they have done nothing more than stand outside. While I was there, there were stories galore of coworkers using patrol cars with the lights on, chasing people. Be prepared to get called in immediately as you are leaving a 12 hour shift, because another poor soul, unfortunate enough to work here, finally wised up and decided to call it quits. You are nothing more than a warm body, a number here. The best part of working here was the onboarding and orientation, once you are in, you are treated like garbage. You have been warned, take it or leave it. Cons: Too many to list"

Armed Officer (Former Employee) says

"They do not provide support and they lack communication. You are just a body placed wherever they decide to put. No chance for advancement. Congested radio traffic and poor communication."

Anti Terroisms (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend for anyone unless they are desperate for employment. Even then I would recommend trying McDonald's first. Over all it is a mismanaged company handled by egomaniacs."

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"The company is very unprofessional. They go against there contract with there clients. They change your work schedule without communicating with you about it first."

"Hazardous Operations" (Former Employee) says

"The lower rated reviews on here are actually very accurate! Low pay, especially for dangerous posts like SSG. Very poor management and scheduling ( expect the weekly schedule to come out at the last second every week). Rampant favoritism is the only way to get anywhere. Poor training. Poor benefits. If you want the overtime it is there and a lot of men and women will come to CIS fresh out of the military because they just don't know where to go yet. They think they are some kind of law enforcement agency and have pushed the envelope before. I'm not joking. Do not come to this company with high expectations if you make such a hapless choice to begin with. There are better security companies out there that just don't have the same advertising swag as CIS. Cons: Everything else"

Armed Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"You get over worked for little pay. There isn't a set schedule. You can never make plans. Doesn't pay enough. Supervisors and staff are not communicative and interactive with employees. Cons: Overwork and little pay"

Security Officer (Full-time) says

"Schedule comes out late Friday's. They overwork their employees for little pay. They don't train you enough to work with them. You will be lucky if they like you to promote you if they don't like you would stay where you are and never move up in the company. Also the peopl above you will walk all over you. What ever you do don't work for them. Cons: Everything"

Protection Officer (Former Employee) says

"This company is not worth giving your life away, thats all you'll be doing. They think theyre some kind of police force but theyre not. This agency is a joke. Cool cars, cool uniforms, incompetent leadership. Do not work for these people. Cons: way toooo many"

Protection officer (Former Employee) says

"Don't do it , this company is a scam . You will be working whatever hours for low pay and in the most dangerous places in orlando . It is not worth it, the starting pay is $ 10.50 for armed security and some of the post you will literally be on your feet and they expect you to take breaks in the restrooms or worst and you have to meet a quota for many people you come in contact with. They try to act like a police department but is a joke . Pay your people what the are worth CIS your company is a joke. Be prepared to spend money to purchase your own rig. Cons: Everything"

Hazardous Operations Operator (Current Employee) says

"People call out everyday and quit every other week. Constantly being called in on my days off and talked down too. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Cons: Low pay, constant schedule changes, no home life"