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Seabourn Cruise Line is an ultra-luxury cruise line headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The line operates all around the world, from short seven-day Caribbean cruises to exotic 100+ day around the world cruises. It is owned by Carnival Corporation, part of the "World's Leading Cruise Lines" marketing group, which also includes Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line.

Carol angrily mentioned, "We were booked on cruise beginning April 8.2020. With the pandemic, Seabourn cancelled our cruise and offered either 100% refund or future cruise credit for 125% of the fare. We opted for a full refund and filled out the online form on March 15, 2020. It is now June 8 and we still have not heard from Seabourn except for one mass mailing saying they are overwhelmed. While I understand this is a trying time the company has not communicated with its consumers and will not provide a refund receipt so we may dispute the charge on our credit card. Every time we phone the company we are given the run around stating that because we booked through a TA they will only speak to him. It has been 90 days and have heard nothing. Our TA keeps saying next week, next week. In the future I will look at other cruise lines as Seabourn's customer service is lacking."


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Former Employee - Waiter says

"- F&B crew is oftend unwelcoming and rude - Crew is stressed and unhappy and it has to drink to get some relief - Waiters on board have to work as utility as well (e.g collect and replace towels on the deck - The ship management is new, there is little to no leadership and crew resign, therefore the ship is understaffed - The working hours are around 12-14 per day with only one shift off per cruise - Medicals are reimborused only during second contract"

Former Employee - Concierge Agent says

"Management is corrupt and lazy. They pass blame onto others so they do not look bad and make others do their work for them. No ability to make a career. HR helps the managers and supervisors more than they help the employees."

Former Employee - Waiter says

"Some of the staff here ar disgusting, I and other recieved homophobic slurs and racism"

Former Employee - Steward says

"Horrible food, horrible management, bad working condition, a lot of mobbing at work, a lot of stress, long working hours, no time for any meal, on embarkation day you can eat your meal only after 5pm."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper management is dictatorial and doesn't seem to really care about the retail distribution system. Marketing department does not respect the sales department."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Understaffed... Guests reminded not to tip the crew."

Former Employee - Waiter says

"managers are the worst ever"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low salaries for dining room staff"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Small company, long contracts, inability to plan life ahead"

Former Employee - Guest Service Representative says

"Contracts are not consistent, no 401K, room for growth is a bit limited. You work for the whole contract no off days"