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Roku (/ˈRokuː/) is a line of digital media players manufactured by American company Roku, Inc. The devices offer access to streaming media content from various online services.

The line was introduced in May 2008 with its first model, developed in collaboration with Netflix. The Roku series has been considered influential on the overall market for digital media players, helping to popularize the concept of low-cost, small form factor set-top boxes designed for over-the-top media consumption.

A customer they lost talks about ROKU "What is going on with ROKU billing customer support? I tried to cancel HBO and Cinema and then sign up for just HBO. They ended up double billing me. OK, stuff happens. It took about 5 e-mails of them blaming me before they finally issued me a refund. But it doesn't end there. When they refunded me the partial charge, they CANCELLED HBO without my authorization. Why - I have no idea. But when I restarted HBO they charged me for the full month, even though I had already paid for the full month. Again, I was DOUBLE charged. So they made it worse."


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Mike says

"Just wasted my money on a Roku and it is a piece of garbage you can\'t hook it up to the Internet to save your life it\'s just a useless piece of plastic that I\'m about ready to throw in the garbage thanks keep the money though, thanks for nothing"

Mabell says

"Battery life in wireless (non-IR) remotes are awful. As discussed on the ROKU community forum, controlled by ROKU. Batteries will only last 3-4 days if you use the TV-USB to power the stick. You MUST use wall outlet to keep power on the stick so remote batteries don\'t drain while searching for stick. Bad Design!!!! It seems that ROKU has known about this design flaw, based on threads within ROKU Community, but has not done anything to make changes to their system, even though they can update firmware remotely. BAD DESIGN!!!!"

Bear says

"Just bought two of the new Roku 4k ultra media streaming boxes ,they were 69.90 a piece from Walmart and they absolutely suck , they will not connect to my wifi no matter what I do, all of the android jetpack streaming boxes connect no prob, my laptop connects just fine in my basement ,kids smart tvs on the 3 rd floor connect just fine ,but the brand new Roku boxes say connected to the internet but no internet. Restarted them numerous times now to no avail. These things are absolute Garbage ,worst waste of money I ever spent and of course walmart won\'t accept a return on them, so I now have two big black plastic paperweights that don\'t do anything. Customer service is a waste , when I actually did speak with someone about the issue I couldn\'t understand what the hell they were saying as they were foreigners and spoke in broken english. "

Richard says

"Roku doesn\'t warn you when a subscription is about to renew. Once it does they don\'t offer refunds. I\'ll never do business under such dishonest terms again."

Frankie says

"Purple remotes. I mean... amirite?"

Dan says

"When my Roku is working, rarely, it is fairly good. but when it breaks down, and it will, their customer support is very slow and not at all knowledgeable. Don\'t waste your money on a Roku device. "

Gary says

"this operation needs help."

Nathan says

"2021 and you can\'t an internet browser? What a waste!"

Jim says

"Why is there no internet browser? Trash!"

Monica says

"I only bought Roku for the spectrum app they removed just to come to terms to put it back for a cost now as if spectrum already not charging a arm and a leg it’s always bout money to line your greedy pockets Roku and spectrum sucks "

RodnLori Glenn says

"Having problems with a new Roku Ultra. The device gets stuck in refresh mode after each episode of a new show at first I noticed it on Hulu now I see it on Peacock. I tried to get help through Roku. I was surprised to see the only help was through "Communty chats". Hours later I couldn't see a chat that helped. I want to spend my free time watching mindless TV not searching Chat rooms to fix my TV. An actual costumer help person could have helped fix my problem in half the time or quicker. I am sure Roku can afford the service according to their site they are really big and really successful."

brian ross says

"This product is entirely deficient in uptime watchability. The lack of support is fairly remarkable as well. The remote control interface is seems designed for difficulty. Overall, this product is merely a platform to charge for additional content. It should be put out of business by customers ceasing to buy it"

D B says

"I have Roku throughout my house and will never buy Roku ever again. I've had nothing but problems with it."

Maria Bishop says

"I used Roku before for many years and now when I was forced to get a new machine, it was all going fine until I hadn't used my TV for a while and getting a universal remote. Now I can't get it to work. AND THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! So I'm about to throw it in the trash and try someone else."

florence bautista says

"so annoying spent money on a roku cause we had those larger versions before and it worked great so you'd expect the new version to work well right? yeh NOPE the wifi connection is awful it wont connect to 5g so is stuck on 2 g unlike the older roku it also keeps unconnecting me from netflix and youtube and spotify- which doesnt even load half the time. My youtubes literally still loading right now. Dont bother getting it, maybe get a fire a something maybe that'll work better than this overrated roku"

Michael Coppola says

"Bought two new Roku devices and when I tried to sync them with my Spectrum internet they would not work because Roku wants more money from Spectrum for contract. I called Spectrum and they said they have tons of people calling with same problem every day. Me and everyone else will be returning our Roku crap. Roku is loosing money and customers by being greedy. Way to loose out on a good thing Roku dumb-ass cooperate stooges."

Bob Bellah says

"Terrible product, both tv and stick.Poorly designed is VERY easy to hit the wrong button to enter or go forward or backwards. Just laying the remote down will either go to Netflix, Hulu, Roku or Disney...again poor design. The remote will lock up your tv, cause the picture to freeze, will not turn off or on....take your pick. I would NOT recommend ANYTHING with the name Roku on it."

rlsine says

"My 1st-gen Roku worked flawlessly and they abandoned it. Made me buy the new one. Connected it to a new network and it took over volume and power on my tv with no volume or power button on the Roku remote! No customer service."

Larry Corvino says

"Roku is garbage, terrible customer service and the Roku system is horrible. Do your self a huge favor and do not buy anything that has Roku on it."

Annette Prewett says

"Roku is a subpar technology compared to Apple TV and fire stick. Cannot use HBOGO or WatchTV I would have never bought one except it was the smart TV provider I shouldn’t have to by another device (fire stick) so I could bypass Roku to be able to use services I paid for"

Deeksha Munnur says

"RUBBISH. Don't waste your money on this. While apps such as Netflix, Prime video, BBC run absolutely fine when played directly via TV, trying to do the same via ROKU platform fails. Apparently due to weak internet connection, it's as if ROKU wants internet speed available only in silicon valley as opposed to one available at home (which FYI in our case is 100MBPS). Its a piece of S#!+ really dont waste your time or money. Absolutely disappointed."

Mr R Nipper says

"Oh boy, what an annoying hour or so. Plugged the Roku unit in and as requested added a credit card?? Only to be used to add pay channels. But don't worry as there are plenty of free ones? Oh yeah, try and find the free ones. In the end succumbed and tried to sign up and pay for the basic Netflix at €7.99. Suddenly I'm billed for the premium at €14.99. Bugger that as I don't know if I want Netflix let alone their premium and more expensive. So on the phone to India for an hour to try and cancel. Yes you can cancel but the first months debit is already taken. Big argument to get it back and in the end succumbed to the basic account at €7.99. So I am now committed to bluddy Netflix for at least a month. I don't want films but live UK TV when in Portugal. Then as if this wasn't enough all Bugger about looking at hundreds of options and finally see a "United Kingdom Entertainment" channel/option/icon at only £1.59 a month. So go for that and instantly pay the first month. If it actually does work and we can access all UK TV live channels it will be worth it but what a palaver. I'm pissed to say the least."

Bunny says

"I haven't had my tv a month and 2 days ago was falsely charged for a channel that over drawed my account. Due to "covid" there was no phone services so had to waid thru there website answering useless questions for 30 mins before finally getting into a chat with what was supposedly a real person I informed them that I wasn't name on the account but gave my name and all account info we talk for another half hour when all the sudden they go oh sorry you aren't account holder we can't assist you but I told you from beginning who I was why waste my time for 30 mins. So I rebooted page and just said my name was my husband and got help that also took over half hour and lots of arguing before they refunded me it is a ridiculous system my tv work great but if you have any problem prepare for long unprofessional rude service"

Ale Adaros says

"I got a Roku Streaming Stick+ and after 2 months the remote does not work. To buy a new remote is almost as expensive as the product. I'm highly disappointed"

Cheryl Simpson says

"No help at all. I try calling and no one answers. Customer service sucks. Very very upset."

Michael Schnur says

"I have a ROKU Streaming Stick+. I can't get it to connect to my home wifi system. There is NO phone support and the email support is horrible. Each email offers the same solutions which do not work. It's as if the person responding from Roku doesn't even read the email thread. I bought an Amazon Fire Stick and it connected to my home wifi system immediately and works perfectly."

Maria DeFalco says

"I don't know how they come up with these GARBAGE SO CALLED MOVIES. GOOD THING I DIDN'T BY ROKU ITS A WASTE..."

Sherry says

"Buyer beware...Last night, I tried to subscribe to a seven day free trial of Sundance but was charged a years subscription without being given the free trial… I was unable to login to Sundance after paying the years subscription… Now, Roku is refusing to refund my money and has not given me a seven day free trial… I have reported this as a fraudulent charge to my bank and I am waiting to see if Roku will do the right thing…"

Angela Pisano says

"I would love to give Roku five stars, as I was very satisfied two years ago. They proceeded to install apps that I did not agree to, have not signed up for, REPEATEDLY DELEATED, and refused to answer their customer satisfaction hotline. Why am I being charged for a Roku Channel, when I'v already pay for the Roku device? This company is suspect. You would think that offering a Roku platform would mean that they offer streaming channels and apps via Roku without a subscription. Currently, there are so many different apps available, including bundles, Disney Plus, Hulu, Apple, Amazon Prime, etc. (Please don't get me started). I would recommend using a different platform. Btw and P.s. Almost all of the Roku shows and movies completely suck. I will be switching providers. Good luck to all, I hope this comment was helpful! Happy New Year!"

JA says

"Mine is constantly spazing out at random. Live stream picture becomes scrambled and then eventually crashes and resets. Won\'t respond when I hit home button, it just totally loses its mind. Happens at least once a week if not more. This device is total crap and I regret buying it!"

SuperG says

"YouTube has just censored roku. "

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