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Radio Free Asia (RFA) is a United States government–funded, nonprofit international broadcasting corporation that broadcasts and publishes online news, information and commentary to readers and listeners in East Asia. Its stated mission is "to provide accurate and timely news and information to Asian countries whose governments prohibit access to a free press." One main criticism against it is that it's quite propagandistic.

A former employee laments the low pay that, "Management at RFA is horrible and pretty much bureaucratic like China. Reporters are the key elements of the agency, but they always get paid about one third of the salary of the management team members. Another former employee says they are, "Extremely slanted and corrupt as a news organization."


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Current Employee - Project Engineer says

"I have been working at RFA Engineering full-time Cons: Management seems to worry about themselves"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at RFA Engineering full-time Cons: -Pay is significantly under national average. -Health insurance is crappy. -Employee benefits aren't very good at all. -Lunch breaks are scheduled, 30 min only. -Feel like a slave. -Expected to come on on day off."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"I worked at RFA Engineering full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Employees are treated as temporary/disposable Turnover at supervisor level and below is extremely high Management ignores or punishes criticism from employees Minimal advancement opportunities Pay is well below market rate Passive-aggressive/disingenuous management style at all levels As the company grows, infrastructure is not added to support employees Mediocre benefits Partner level and up is a bit of a good 'ol boys' club Seniority and relationships with management drive promotions instead of competency Decisions are continually consolidated to higher levels; employees are further removed from influence and consideration Financials are the priority at all times Supervisors and managers avoid giving negative feedback to avoid uncomfortable conversations but hold employees accountable to issues they don't know about Communication is poor across all levels Occasionally sketchy or problematic labor practices Supervisors and managers are overworked to the point that employee requests or needs are forgotten or overlooked; miscommunication is a continual issue No effort is made to make employees better engineers; employees must take the initiative themselves to develop skills and improve their knowledge"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at RFA Engineering full-time Cons: - Way below average pay for entry level engineer - No sick days - Have to make up holidays during mandatory full work weeks (Mon-Fri) - Have to be in on time and take scheduled lunch breaks or get talked to by supervisor"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"I have been working at RFA Engineering part-time Cons: Not a lot of room to grow"


"I worked at RFA Engineering Cons: This company didn’t do a good job placing me into my position. They had me interview for multiple positions and didn’t tell me what I would be doing until the day before I started."

Current Employee - Design Engineer says

"I have been working at RFA Engineering full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Once you get your initial burst of experience, you realize how much better it could be somewhere else. Working on-site for a customer, you miss out on many benefits that the employees have. If the customer has a vacation day when RFA does not, you need to either work extra time to make up for it, go unpaid for that day, or use what limited PTO you have. And the PTO is severely lacking, as you have to make due with one week per year until a few years in. There is the option to work extra time to use as PTO later, but that's just moving your working hours around rather than getting extra time off. The pay is also lacking for anything but an entry level engineer. I'm sure it's largely dictated by what they can charge for your time, and companies aren't gonna pay more than they need. It's frustrating listening to customer engineers you work with talk about how great their bonus is this year. The only bonus you'll get from RFA is a modest gift card in December. Overall, the total compensation is not worth sticking around for. Get some time under your belt and leverage it to get somewhere else."


"I have been working at RFA Engineering for more than a year Cons: They layoff employees based on work demand. When you are on-site you get treated like a second-rate employee."


"I worked at RFA Engineering Cons: Felt more like a glorified drafter rather than an engineer"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at RFA Engineering full-time for more than a year Cons: Usually very boring and repetitive when work. No music streaming on the computer and dead silent office. Eden Prairie is expensive to live in and driving in in the mornings can take a long time with rush hour. They seem to fire people as soon as work gets slow. No warning on these terminations either. Work is dependent on which group you're in, so it could be extremely boring for years when you see new people coming in and getting new and exciting work. Unpaid lunch is only 30 minutes."

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