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James Purdey & Sons, or simply Purdey, is a British gunmaker based in London, specializing in high-end bespoke sporting shotguns and rifles. Purdey holds three Royal Warrants of appointment as gun and rifle makers to the British and other European royal families.

Purdeys store is unprofessional, post-sale service is terrible, the full needed equipment is not suggested by the staff leading to a disappointing experience, according to World Traveler at google comments.

"This place pretends to be a professional store and they are only good at taking your money. We are first time shooters so we asked exactly what we needed. Only when I got to Scotland, a month after I realized that everyone had shoulder pads for shooting. The Purdey staff never mentioned about that. On top of this, I could barely feel my toes as the Purdey staff sold me a pair of boots which was too small. On the day of the purchase, I told them this might be too small and they said they will call me back in due time to inform me whether they can get a new pair. Never heard from them again. But £ 10000 they were happy to take from us. Very disappointing post-sale service."


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