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Protea Hotels by Marriott is a South African hotel and leisure company headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. As of December 31, 2018, it was the largest hotel company on the African continent, with 80 properties in ten countries with 8,497 rooms in addition to 14 hotels with 2,498 rooms in the pipeline. The company was named for the flowering plant Protea, which is unique to South Africa, and its logo features a representation of the flower.

A weary traveler mentioned, "If safety is important to you and your family, think twice! We had the worst experience of our lives at the Protea Hotel Clarens. I booked 10 rooms at the hotel in May for a trip that we had planned for July. I asked the employee handling our booking whether we needed to pay a deposit in order to confirm the booking. She assured me that it wasn’t necessary and that we could pay the full amount on arrival. Luckily I called the hotel two weeks prior to the planned weekend in order to confirm the booking. On talking to the employee responsible for the bookings, she said that our 10 rooms were not available anymore. Obviously I was a "bit" upset about this. I asked to speak to the manager and she assured me that she would sort out the mess and get back to me. Needless to say, she didn’t phone me back and again I had to phone them as was the case with almost all of the phone calls. After a week of back and forth communication and only three days prior to the scheduled trip she notified me that she can help us with only six rooms, but she can assist us with a villa on the golf estate. A nice gesture, but the rates were higher per person than the rate for the hotel room that was originally quoted. Why should we pay more as a result of a mistake made by the hotel? The same lady from this hotel also assured us that our rooms would be ready upon arrival, which was not the case. Leaving that there, the following happened which made this a traumatic and terrible experience. We had a group booking at a restaurant for the Saturday evening. One of the couples had a four month old baby and because of the cold, they decided to rather stay at the hotel and have dinner there. Their parents decided to keep them company at the hotel’s restaurant. While the group was enjoying their dinner, three drunken men in their early 30’s stole the baby monitor that was on the table next to our friends. Someone in the hotel saw the theft and brought it to their attention. Our friends ran outside after the three men and got the monitor back. Thereafter, the three young men left the hotel premises. I would like to make it clear that during and after this incident, none of the hotel staff/security did anything. An hour and a half later, the three men returned bringing with them another two of their friends. They confronted our friends; thereafter the five men attacked our friend and his 65 year old father in the hotel’s restaurant. During the fight, the hotel staff didn’t do anything from their side to stop the fight or to try and help. The four month old baby’s mother had to try and help. Both my friend and his father sustained serious injuries including a broken jaw and had an emergency operation. Why was there no security? Why did the hotel staff allow these men to re-enter with another two of their friends after they stole from hotel guests? I would have thought that a big company like this would have at least ONE person enforcing the very big “right of admission” sign at their entrance!!"


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Current Employee - House Keeping Assistant says

"I have been working at Protea Hotels full-time Cons: 1. Exposure of house keeping staffs 2. Costly 3. Strangers will be coming to clean your home: 4. Trust matters: 5. Privacy matters:"

Former Employee - Management says

"I worked at Protea Hotels full-time for less than a year Cons: Salaries could be better Not much senior management support"

Current Employee - Chef De Partie says

"I have been working at Protea Hotels full-time for less than a year Cons: Small, not fine dining"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Protea Hotels full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Does not meet the minmum salary wage for its competitors hence high staff turnover"

Former Employee - Reservations Agent says

"I worked at Protea Hotels full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Hope to get feedback as i have no cons to fill"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Protea Hotels full-time for more than 5 years Cons: No trainig in the department I work in."

Former Employee - Client Relationship Officer/Business Development Executive says

"I worked at Protea Hotels full-time for less than a year Cons: Micromanagement and rigidity are areas that could be improved.Also,working with and acting promptly on feedback from existing/new/potential clients to give better services."

Meg Flowers says

"Dear Goways, Please respond to this review! You said you would refund me the money for the many problems w the various excursions that got messed up. You refunded me the $38 and that’s it. You still owe me $144.00! What’s going on with this? I’ve sent emails to you about it w no response. When are you going to issue my refund?? I will be filing complaints w the BBB and the Attorney Generals office. This is outrageous. Terrible service!"

Meg Flowers says

"My travel agent used this company for my NZ trip. I'm a rugged girl and can take care of myself w no issues. My itinerary was nicely printed out for me w instructions and photos. Unfortunately, much information was either wrong or not given at all. I understand there can be little screwups from time to time and I don't sweat the small stuff. There were just too many not to post this review. I wouldn't want any other travelers to endure the incompetence of these people. I contacted them when I returned to explain the troubles that I had. Two of the excursions never showed up to pick me up! I spoke to 3 different people who all told me different things. I got a message from one person saying I was getting a refund for a particular tour. The next person said it was for something different and the third person told my travel agent a whole different story! I can't get them to respond to any of my questions and they just blow you off completely if they can't answer. I could go on and on but why bother. This company does not stand behind their work and refuses to take any responsibility for anything. They just try to blame you and say you didn't follow the itinerary. Outrageous. At least I know never to use Goway again! UPDATE:Goways had my review removed as I included the crackerjack employees name. They emailed me and said they would be issuing a refund for several of the failed excursions. I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath on that one!! He even made the absurd claim that the information regarding pick up and drop off at the hotels is “implied” in the itinerary. WHAT??! So travelers are supposed to guess, or know?? How can it be IMPLIED?! I’d really like one of these Goways employees to explain that to me! How is it “implied”!!?? Because that’s what travelers want when they're thousands of miles away from home traveling in a foreign country right? I think I’d rather have clear and concise information! Considering Crackerjack #1 said “it’s clearly stated in the travel document”. These people couldn’t contradict each other much more!! Do they even speak to each other before sending out absolute contradictory information to people? Perhaps Goways should look up the definition of adjacent! When your hotel is at least a 15 minute walk up an incredibly steep hill to get to the pickup location w all your luggage is not exactly “adjacent”! Just more false info!! With each email they dig themselves in deeper w more erroneous and false information. All I can do is shake my head in bewilderment at these incompetent ninnies. Just give me the blasted refund you said you would so I can be done with this nonsense! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!"

TL says

"UPDATED 4/20/2020: On April 16, 2020, GoWay Travel told us that they talked to the Philippines Airlines and the Airlines agreed to refund directly to our credit card the amount paid for the flights they had to cancel because of the ban travel by the Philippines government. We take GoWay Travel's words on its face value. We have not heard/received any document from the Philippines Airlines about their agreement of direct refund. We are now waiting for the refund. Until then, we continue to GoWay Travel responsible, as the Travel Agent, to represent us to get the refund from the cancelled flights because we paid the air tickets to GoWay Travel, not to the Airlines. Will update this post when we receive the refund ================================= Original post in March: Questionable Action by GoWay in flights cancelled by the Airline We contacted GoWay in October 2019 for a trip to Malaysia and Singapore on March 09, 2020. Received the quote 538109 of US$18,232.84. First payment made in November 2019 for the land deposit and air tickets. We received The Booking Status Summary with errors of passenger names, birth dates and addresses despite our correct information was sent both in email and fax. It took two more versions before the information in the Booking Status Summary are correctly corrected (meaning there were still errors in the subsequent versions !!!) Final payment on January 06, 2020. After we received the Fully-PAID BOOKING STATUS SUMMARY in January 2020 from GoWay, we could not log in the airline website using the Airline Locator given in the BOOKING STATUS SUMMARY for selecting seats, upgrades, and check in. Contacted GoWay on January 19, 2020 of the problem and was told that it should be working and it is the airline problem, not GoWay's problem.We NEVER HAVE that problems with ALL the airlines that we have used, either booked on our own or booked by the travel agencies. The airline told us to contact GoWay with we want to upgrade our seats. GoWay never responded to our request (phone and email) on seat upgrades. (Very strange to me at that time because GoWay would make more with our seat upgrade of more than US$4,000.00) On February 07, 2020, (beyond the 30 days window of the Travel date of March 09, 2020, we contacted Goway about the option of rescheduling (NOT CANCELLING) the trip because we saw the coming problem with COVID-19. GoWay did not respond until we were in the 30 days window with the statement: (quoted)"With that being said, full cancellation fees unfortunately do apply, even if you want to move to another date. The fee right now is 100% for all arrangements. "(quoted) We DID NOT ask for CANCELLATION. We want to reschedule the trip to a future date once the COVID-19 is over. GoWay did not respond until we were in the under-30-day period !!! On March 09, we did not take the trip and we DID NOT CANCEL THE TRIP. We want to keep the air tickets OPEN. On March 22, 2020 the airlines CANCELLED our return flights to comply to the new travel ban order from the government. The Airline offers the voucher for future use for passengers of those specific cancelled flight. The airline told us to contact GoWay because GoWay booked the flights. We contacted GoWay asking GoWay to contact the airline, ON OUR BEHALF, about the offer made for passengers of those cancelled flights. GoWay responded that, requoted below: "When you chose to not go on your trip, the airline was flying as normal and there were NO travel advisories for Singapore and Malaysia. Normal airline fare rules applied. When choosing to not fly, that is your choice and again, all fare rules apply accordingly. I am not able to get you a credit or monies for the flights not taken as this was your choice not to travel – there is nothing to refund or credit." That response is a very twisted response: We never ask for any refunds from GoWay. We asked GoWay to do their contractual responsibility of an Agent representing their client to contact the airline. On March 22, 2020, the airline CANCELLED the flights and they offer options for passengers of those specific flights. Our not taking the departure flights on March 09, 2020 is irrelevant to the tickets for the flights on March 22, 2020. I started searching on the web and saw this review website. Will search for all customers who have the same problems with GoWay. No one is perfect, errors are made sometimes, BUT I want to customer of GoWay to be aware of these pitfalls:: 1. NOT RESPONDING until the NON-CANCELLATION time window goes to effect. 2. RESPONDING with confusing message, non relevant to the issue raised. Using their purchased mileages to pay for our air tickets??? NO UPGRADES, NO ONLINE UPGRADE, SEAT SELECTION ?????"

498142 - James Walter Cutler - Africa says

"The tour was great except the trip to the Sahara. We were promised English speaking local guides. We got a French speaking guide on the trip to the Sahara camp. We missed attractions on the schedule and could not get our questions answered. the camp itself was great and English was spoken. A big issue for us."

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