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Former Employee - Manager says

"Absolutely shocking culture. Bullying is rife. Poor products, the whole setup is data mining to force advertise. Area manager was a bully, totally out of her depth and made up for that by being aggressive and deceitful."

Former Employee - Part-time Sales Advisor says

"When I used to work there, the salary was very low but they expected you to know all the information about the products in order to convince the customers and to reach ridiculous targets; my ex manager used to increase my target once I reached it just because she didn't reach hers so she could have her manager benefits. I worked there for few months and the company never made any contributions payments to the workplace pension scheme."

Current Employee - Deputy Manager says

"No work life balance. Little incentive. Staff are not appreciated by anyone above store level. Store staff are last to know anything. Suggestions to improve your store are ignored including requests for products that would sell well. Explaining sets and offers are very confusing for both staff and customers (mostly due to the lack of training) No store specific promotional activity. A lot of paper wastage (mostly due to offers changing multiple times while running, miss prints and wrong prices) No support"

Current Employee - Manager says

"Work life balance, head office don’t listen, wrong products, not enough money spent in re branding and marketing"

Former Employee - Part-time Sales Advisor says

"All members of staff at the store I worked in raised concerns about a rude and incompetent manager over the course of about 6 months. The store was badly run and we were shouted at like school children. Higher management didn’t listen to these concerns and since then every memeber of staff has left as a result"

Current Employee - Sales Assistant says

"I have never worked somewhere where it is apparently acceptable to be spoken to by higher management in such a rude and abrupt manner. I have also had emails about this ignored so feel there is nowhere else I can discuss this."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Poor direction from above. All of the high street stores are doing badly but head office dont seem to know how to improve things- they just seem to be guessing. They are dismissive towards feedback from store level and unresponsive to concerns. The company culture is ‘put up or shut up’. I have spoken to several staff members at different high street locations who believe the company will just close the high street stores eventually. They closed most of the steamer trading stores after buying them out but they dont seem to know how to turn it around. Changes to working conditions are implemented with no consultation with staff. Recently opening hours were extended by 30 minutes and this was communicated with a single email the week before. On top of this there is no respect for work/life balance or personal time."

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"Old tech stack, lack of opportunities to change that"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Higher management are highly demanding, at times unreasonable and occasionally rude. Regional Manager often makes commitments that are forgotten and disregarded. There is expectation to work out of hours and to travel long distances with little notice or thanks. Profile changes and Seasonal changes are poorly organised at the highest level, often with mistakes and errors that increase the workload. Promos are put on products that we have no stock of. We are often put in situations where we have to explain to customers why there are various prices for same product because of I. T. Or printing errors."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Not a great work life balance due to strict manager schedules for weekend working."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Do even bother applying! Average turnover of staff is within a month. Stressful awful place to work. I did a 15 hour shift once with only a 2 hour break! Never will i step foot in there again.NothingLots"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Rude unprofessional area mananager.Staff and everyone dread seeing her.poor pay very face has to fit.not at all helpful under paid managers. Over priced products.leaving soon as got a new job.Nonenone"

Unhappy soul (Former Employee) says

"A bullying culture exists right from the top down.. the area manager was spiteful and made up for her lack of knowledge with an aggressive, dishonest approach to her subordinates. Products are very poor quality and the company expects you to force sell these "single use" plastic crud items and the focus is on data mining all customers so they can constantly spam advertise to them."

Management (Current Employee) says

"Genuinely the worst experience I’ve had in my career. Total lack of organisation and no support available. Company have ridiculous expectations of employees yet deliver nothing in return. Poor quality products manufactured at lowest possible cost with zero quality control. You will spend most of your time dealing with customer complaints or processing returns on faulty products. Company employ sales assistants on 0hrs contracts and are treated like dirt. Staff constantly threatened with the sack if they don’t obey bullying area managers. Unsafe and dangerous working conditions and a completely out of touch CEO and owner who have no clue what life is like as a retail worker. No training, no work-life balance, no heating in the shop in winter, no space to sit and eat lunch, no regard for employee safety, no support, no respect. AWFUL COMPANY, AWFUL CULTURE, AWFUL QUALITY.. AVOID!"

Deputy Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terribly organised company with no care for the staff’s well being. No work life balance, this company expects everything and gives nothing. Managers are expected to work 3 out of 4 weekends a month (although legally you can opt out of working every single Sunday and the company cannot reject this) The products are almost exact replicas of branded designs but without the quality and admittedly the price tag but you get what you pay for.Store level team will be friends for lifeWork life balance"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I have had a few jobs before this but this company is byfarthe worst I have worked for. The higher management are bullies and you have to live on your nerves. Staff constantly crying as targets are not being met.Cant think of anyLow salary"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Procook is a company that drains the life out of you, 9 hour days, just 1 break, running around like idiots because it’s always short staffed. The work days are long, hard and tiring, the management don’t want to know how your coping. Do not work for Procook if you don’t like the hard sell and diving on customers the minute they walk through the door, a few short months was enough to make me realise that life is far too short to work in a job you hate!"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Worked cover in Stockport, Manager bullied staff and demanded things, she went on her break for over two hours and she was horrible, when I got back to my store, I told the staff and they explained to the Area Manager who basically Called me a lair AVOId"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Workplace culture is unfriendly, judgemental and pressured. The manager does not lead the team and can at times make the younger members of staff (myself) feel uncomfortable and targetted. Glad to have left! The best part of the job is the money which is £8.75 per hour."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"shifts go really slow. only perk is probably the pay. company don't care about their workers. expect too much from you, boring long shifts. too much pressure is put on the managers too."