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Piccadilly Circus is a road junction and public space of London's West End in the City of Westminster. It was built in 1819 to connect Regent Street with Piccadilly. In this context, a circus, from the Latin word meaning "circle", is a round open space at a street junction.

A visitor of Piccadilly said this in a review "Absolutely disgustingly filthy. The Eros statue is treated as an open bin. Full of litter of all kinds. The ground is sticky with trodded in gum and discarded fast food. Best off seen fleetingly when passing on a bus or in a taxi.


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Tammy123 says

"Purchased 4 tickets for little mix this coming saturday not recieved tickets please if you are a lagite company can you respond but if not 2 little girls will be so dissapointed. Reference no PTS101412 please can yousend tickets asap please respond to assure"

Donna Hope says

"My mum bought 4 tickets last November for Little Mix in Swansea however after realising the below reviews we are going to have 2 devastated little girls. There is a phone number and email. Whoevee is on the end please do the right thing and provide these tickets. This is disgusting if we have to let them down for a scam."

Abi Gibson says

"I've called and called - emailed and emailed...always get the answerphone or a 'email address invalid' response - plus your website has disappeared to. I will have 13 devastated children not able to go to the Little Mix Concert a on 8th July if you don't give us the tickets we paid over the odds for. Please can someone call me to reassure me that these tickets will be arriving NOW! Other ticket companies have already delivered their tickets, where are yours???!"

Lily says

"Scam. I bought tickets for Lady Gaga, never received the tickets or refund when she cancelled the tour."

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