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Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink manufactured by PepsiCo. Originally created and developed in 1893 by Caleb Bradham and introduced as Brad's Drink, it was renamed as Pepsi-Cola in 1898, and then shortened to Pepsi in 1961.

According to MEDIUM, back in March of 2017, Pepsi was accused of trivializing Black Lives MatterPepsi, Pepsi had to apologize as well as remove an advertisement that took an image from the Black Lives Matter movement. According to Pepsis statement, the company was “trying to project a global message of unity, peace, and understanding. The ad had shown younger people holding signs, smiling, laughing, saying things like “join the conversation”. Kylie Jenner then hands a can of Pepsi to a police officer which sets off approval from the protestors and grin from the officer. The image of Ms. Jenner approaching a line of police officers as compared to a widely spread photo of Ieshia Evans, a black woman who stood firm while being charged by riot police during a protest against police brutality back in July. The original thought towards this advertisement was a message for global unity, peace, and understanding but Pepsi was soon criticized by many viewers.

Also back in July 2013 THE VERGE reported that a study from the Oakland-based Center for Environmental Health (CEH), found that PepsiCo's sodas still contain the chemical methyl imidazole, or 4-MEI — a compound found in caramel coloring agents used in sodas, soy sauce, beer, and bread. Studies from the National Toxicology Program found that mice exposed to 4-MEI for long periods had higher rates of lung cancer. In its report, published Wednesday, CEH acknowledged that Pepsi sodas sold within California contain lower amounts of 4-MEI, in compliance with state law, though beverages sold elsewhere in the US still have high levels of the chemical.


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Pepsi warehouse (Former Employee) says

"Stressful work environment, Service Manager only cares about his Bonus and Unit manager only cares about his cows. Almost lost everything working here over the amount of stress this job creates, turn over rate speaks for it self, maybe not all locations are this bad but montrose is absolutely horrible to work for, I don’t recommend this job to my worst enemy.Service manager would be sitting on his butt well team is barely holding there head above water! Lazy Management"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Place is trash honestly id rather work for Coke. They have a better environment and less work....meaning more people to assist you. If you don't have a good lead your life is going to be frustrating. Thought this was a career but highly wrongMore money if you need itChanging management every other month and having to do someone else's job"

LARGE FORMAT SALES PERSON (Current Employee) says

"Just awful this once great company has more manager roles then needed and they overwork the frontline 55 hours a week . No hope for real advancement . They enjoy hiring college kids for managers . You get to see how cheap a company can beFor employee appreciation we got a pen"

District Sales Leader (Former Employee) says

"Unless you did their college program, you will not advance and just watch as everyone in the program passes you by. Work life balance is great if you enjoy being on call more than an ER doctor. You will put at least 2000 miles a month on your personal vehicle and will be responsible for any repairs. sweet Pepsi swagprobably will die in that swag"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"They will feed you all about how it’s a great place to work tons of room for advancement. In reality it’s a clock worse then high school. They hire kids straight from college with no manufacturing experience to manage. The plant manager is a yes boy to corporate and at the end of the day they don’t care about anything. They care only about their diversity programs and management is non existentNothingEverything"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work long hours and not make much, then the job is great. They like to have you work full time, cut you back to part time, then cut those hours. After you do your training, they have your job back on indeed. Wouldn't recommend working there.Nothing I can think ofEverything"

Satış temsilcisi (Former Employee) says

"Yöneticilerin çalışana lanlı lunlu laubali konuştuğu,fazla mesai yaptırılmaya çalışılıp mesai ücreti vermeyişleri,sürekli ama sürekli işinizle tehdit edilmeniz,usulsüzlük yapanların el üstünde tutulup işini yapanların köpek gibi görülmesi vs tamamen bir bakkal dükkanından hallice yönetilen firmamsı.sizlere tavsiyem upuzak durun önünden bile geçmeyinÖzel sağlık sigortasıLaubali yöneticileri, usulsüzlükler, tehditler, kötü söz küfürlü iletişim, mobbing"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Management is worthless. long days with no help,old equipment, pay is low for all the stuff drivers have to put up with. Salesmen are lazy and worthlessGet off early w no lunch or breaksManagement, long hours, no help, pay is not worth it"

Truck Driver Class A (Current Employee) says

"Just all around poor location. They do not care about there employees only sodas the work is not worth the pay stay away from this location. If you can find something else do itNoneEverything"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"i guarantee you will hate it. they pretend like if you work hard they will hire you but all they're doing is working you like a slave until they don't need you anymore. they're only hiring seasonal positions right now and I've spoken to employees there who claim to be temps for over a year with still no guarantee of a position. Also this takes back breaking to a different level, all day you bend over an pick up cases and try to fit them on a pallet in a puzzle like style and over the course of doing that repetitively the products begins to weigh more and more. Stay in school save your back. oh yea you only get two 20 minute breaks."

Miantenance engineering resource supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn’t wish this place on my worst enemy to do not respect you in anyway shape or form I was told that I could not bring my Bible in the building and I could not read it on my break because I had no break there is no pros to this place the way they treat people is horrible the people stay because they don’t have any place else to go they’re all looking for another place to work they just haven’t found it yet"

Large Format Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Pepsico is the WORST job I’ve ever had. Their large format sales position is extremely underpaid and overworked, you make more money being a merchandiser and the manager is 1000000x better in that position than in sales. The sales managers don’t care about you, only about the money you make them. The union is extremely useless and sucks at protecting and defending their people . Oh, and if you’re a female? Forget about it this place is a boys club 100%.NoneUnderpaid, overworked, terrible management, no work/ life balance."

Supply Chain Fleet Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Hands down worst company I’ve worked for. Accepted a job with a M-T schedule (10 hour days), which was ideal to my schedule at the time. I showed up for my first day to be told that was a mistake and I would be working M-F 10 AM - 6:30 PM. That is not minor mistake. Excuse me, but what if I had children or some other obligation that wouldn’t allow for that schedule? You cannot hire someone, consume two months of their life putting them through your hiring process, and then substantially alter their hours and refuse to correct your “mistake” in the appropriate manner. To top all this off they are the lowest paying job since I graduated college, aside from my internship with Peterbilt (and only by about $3,000 a year more). Needless to say it was a miserable experience and I hardly could stay there for 6 months without leaving to pursue a more considerate employer. Also want to point out that PepsiCo advertised on its company site that employees could work a “Flex Schedule” in order to promote work-life balance. Three options of doing this included flexible hours, compressed work week, or a work from home option a few days a week. When I inquired about this to my supervisor, I was simply told, “That doesn’t apply to our department.”"

Delivery supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This company sucks, at least the Livingston facility. Unit manager is a dictator not a leader. To much administrative work is giving to the delivery supervisors and not enough time to complete it all unless you work until midnight. Upper management has no idea how to run a beverage company. Upper management looks at unrealistic numbers on a computer and expect the perfect resultsPay is descent but not worth the stressEverything. This company is a joke in Livingston"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"You wont get paid, even in a pandemic! You bust your butt, and work really hard all for no pay! They make all kinds of excuses, and lead you on, but they do not care! I have never worked for a company so unprofessional and inconsistent as this one! They put me through more stress than Ive ever had to deal with in my life. At the end of the day, they care nothing about you!I really cant think of anyToo many to list"

promotor de ventas (Current Employee) says

"Es muy estresante esta empresa trabajar y un ostigamiento laboralNingunaNinguna"

Warehouse Laborer (Former Employee) says

"The job is great for 20's year to get into the workforce. I was with Pepsi for 2 years so I can give a legitimate assessment. The gap between salary and hourly job satisfaction is huge. I worked for one week 80 hours and that still wasn't enough. I have a military background so I don't shy away from hard work. The work was a never-ending cycle..."

escort (Former Employee) says

"aynı yarram gibi böyle iş yerinin anasını avradını sikeyim"

Utility Driver (Former Employee) says

"This company 100% stands behind management. There for the culture is whatever management wants it to be. And management at the Jamestown facility is horrible. Very pro company and not employee friendly. The driver management right on up to the facility management all treat as if you’re expendable. Proof is in the turn over numbers."


"Worst company ever. Dont ever expect home time or sleep. Management and corporate dont care about anything but money in their own pockets. Money is ok, but at the cost of your body and you family life. Please stay away for you own good."

Abigail says

"I purchased a Pepsi(0. 12000. 00129. 1)20oz Fl , mind U, my daughter went into the store. How about as I went to open the drink, I noticed the soda was not filled completely per usual. I hesitated to drink however, I did, after taking photos, inspecting the seal etc. My stomach still hurts just thinking about it.
*WARNING* Pepsi "Puerto Rico" CHEATED ME
Choose COKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Myrtle says

"Pepsi drivers and merchandisers not wearing masks when visiting many stores all day long every day"

deegan says

"tasets so bad i now love coca cola"

Krishna Dyehouse says

"I've been seeing pepsi vendors at my small town stores. Refusing to mask up, and they're not social distancing either. Very shameful company not enforcing this at a very critical time. Rite now heading for a second lock down. Smh"

rishav das says

"First of all romove your brand ambassador we don't want so called bollywood star otherwise... We boycott pepsi"

Jamie Creller says

"No diet mt dew anywhere In Walmart or Sam's club .I slowly cut back on this and now there's none in store so bye bye Pepsi product. I drank a lot of dew up until now .Bradenton FL stores Walmart n Sam's club not even a 2 liter"

Dawn Gasaway says

"Delivery driver did not wear mask the entire time he delivered cases of Pepsi fir the fountain drink machine at Kings in Temple, Tx today."

jon Doe says

"To political"

Paul Dirk says

"I've been delivering trailer loads from their Wichita bottler to their OKC receiver for about a month now (about a dozen trips). Never have they been mature or professional. They act like spoiled children who if don't get their way or things go poorly for them, they throw temper tandrum fits and take out their frustrations on the drivers. First off i understand the need for a seal on a trailer, but things have to be done differently. They do not allow the driver to check the load before it's sealed. DOT laws say that drivers must check loads before getting on the road and have the right to refuse it if it's been improperly loaded. Pepsi doesn't only not allow drivers to secure partial loads, but also is repeatedly sloppy at loading pallets AND overloading up to 2000 lbs over legal limits.
Which is not only dangerous to the driver, but to all others on the road!
Pepsi is a billion dollar business who doesn't care about others lives/welfare.
Word of advice to all drivers delivering to Pepsi branches: After they give you permission to break the seal and open the doors, before backing in to their dock, climb up in your trailer and take a picture of the load to ensure it is even and that there are no spills! Because if you don't have proof and they spill a pallet because of their negligence/poor handling of the product, they will put the blame on the driver! A cowardly act that children do to refrain from punishment!"

Dipen Patel says

I will never ever suggest anyone to work with this company. Getting service from Pompano Beach, FL location
Struggle from last two or I would say more. Pepsico know this better. TODAY I spend more then 1 hour ( Called 1800-963-2424, 1800-656-2121, 954-422-3415. I have people name I spoke with. Spoke with 6 associates) to get an answer because you know NO ONE AUTHORIZE TO DO ANYTHING in pepsico. I knew that it will take more time and I was not calling them for time crunch.
First I called to repair they come multiple times after my multiple requests and could not repair. Surprisingly I only come to know the machine not working while I visit my location. Never got call or anything from Pepsico that what is going on. I told them to remove the machine they never come to pickup yet as I said NO ONE AUTHORIZE TO DO ANYTHING. I requested long time back to them to pickup the product which never used again NO ONE AUTHORIZE TO DO ANYTHING . I do not understand why this people are on call if they could not make any decision. This is motel and my guest are struggling to get soft drinks,I am getting impact on my service/business. I have to listen bad comment from my guest because of PEPSICO. As they say they take all issue very seriously. Hope on this they will learn something. I will make sure no one in my friends and family use Pepsi service.
Good thing about this company is they will call you regularly for orders but if you need anyother service, you will struggle and struggle and struggle."

Jace Anderson says

"I would never, ever give my cash to any Pepsi product or pepsi owned brand ever again after my experience with this company in the area I worked at. Maybe the whole company does not operate this way, but my region did and it soured my whole outlook on pepsi.

The sales manager sits in his office all day, starts at 8am, and leaves at 1 or 2 pm while everyone is slammed, starting at 3 am and working well over 12 hrs. He is never out in the accounts just sits in his office with his doors closed. He also has a CDL but hardly ever runs a route while drivers are slammed or shorthanded, same for sales. I saw the Coke manager in the accounts and knew the coke guy better than my own boss! The coke manager of the region was always up early working with his employees, doing sales and talking with accounts. Because of this, Pepsi in my area was always losing accounts and space, displays, wether it be bib restraunt accounts to coke because sales and drivers had no support! It was everyone for themselves. Several accounts have verbally said it to me that they can tell drivers and sales have little to no help or guidance to support, and they can tell most employees try to care but just get sour.

The boss would yell at sales to get higher numbers (while the boss was in his office all day of course) causing much aggravation between salesmen, accounts, and drivers. Whenever a problem occurred, the management would blame others instead of themselves for lack of leadership creating a very stressful tension filled environment. The blame game was bucked downhill all the time. Some employess had to do their job to the letter while others could break every rule in the book and walk on water.

Sales manager and assistant managers played favorites with certain employees pitting employees against each other always creating a dishonest and irritable environment and employess getting aggressive with others. Any employee who spoke out, whent against the sales manager, assistant manager, or the managers favorites (the managers favorites would also lie and throw other employees under the bus as a rat to increase their favoritism making nobody's job safe) would be written up and have HR called on them. The HR representative is also friends with the sales manager so any complaints or grievances filed against my plant and region would be tucked under the rug. The HR rep only cares about the managers and PepsiCo label, not the employees or its internal problems, even if the problems hurt sales. Manager protected The favoritism and lack of support would kill any and all moral and thats why coke does better and why so many pepsi employees in the region i worked in where always angry.

By pepsi policy, if you are kicked from an account you are fired. I witnessed a driver who was a favorite get kicked out of multiple accounts but not get fired while he was given the world, and also not made to merchandise accounts unlike other drivers for one of many examples. This particular driver only worked for 4 hour days while others worked a full day because he did not have to own up to his daily duties and salesman and drivers where constantly cleaning up after him or getting the bad equipment while the favorite got the best equipment and attention .

Several people are put into positions they dont meet the criteria for just as a body. For example (one of many) we have had 3 different assistant managers, part of the jobs title is to have a CDL. Only one of them ever had a CDL and the other two who have been put into the position have A. Not been with company as long as others or the experience as others


C. have not been in the various positions long enough or at all to have experience or even the know how to be in charge of those who have, or even train new employees properly!

D. All assistant managers have been pals with the sales manager. The favoritism wheel just keeps spinning.

These issues caused us to have a hard time hiring people, being short handed, bad attitudes, no support from management while they sat in their offices and went home early, and made it impossible for anyone to have time to tend to their duties or preform them adequately causing others to pick up after each other if at all causing our accounts and displays and shelves to look awful compared to cokes due to lack
of any professionalism, support, the list goes on.

Our turn out rate was high (while being one of the highest paid region) as you can imagine.

The company plays political pandering to balck lives matter, race, sexuality etc instead of focusing on sales an business. Maybe that's why in July they lost over 3% in sales plus globally.

I could go on with more issues and write a 300 page essay. My attitude has been soured to this company and I will never buy anything under this company labael or owned by it again and will encourage others to stay away!!!!!"

Debbie says

"I was entering the Dollar General in Cape Canaveral FL. I was exiting off a busy street and a Pepsi driver by the name of Kenny driving a big truck was absolutely the most rude person I have ever seen. He had his big truck on the wrong side of the exit and completely blocked me. What an ass! What a wonderful example for your company. I went in the Dollar Store and complained and some DS customers said oh yeah he delivers to our work and is always rude like that and doesn’t give a care about anyone. He needs to be called on the carpet for his behavior."

Henry Adkinson says

"We have noticed that the last 2 years the cans tast like dirty socks so tired of wasting my money I have all ways bought pepsi but now I give up tired of throwing out 12 pack after 12 pack I am a trucker I pull the am shift I dump more pepsi out then I drink so over it sad they should refund for bad product I hate coke but I donot drink coffee so coke it is sad to half to change becouse pepsi is happy selling a nasty product"

Rob Leadbetter says

"I would have left you is 0 but that is not your option just like did you not have an option till they have to sleazy girls to the half time show where children of the age of 9 to 14 are into the half time show you disgust me I hope your sales dropped To nothing you are discussing company you have lost sales of millions how can you put those sludgy people on"

Bigfoot Beth says

"Pepsi is a cheap knock off Coca-Cola. Stick to originals, they are much better."

ZanDaime says

"This is a crappy Coca-Cola rip off. Sure, it's cheaper, but it's flavour is also horrible."

RedVic says

"Came in with innovation, a different flavour. The best, for a wile. The time has passed and it couldn't maintain that innovative thinking that set it apart. Became just one more soda.

**It is good but it lost that sparkle of innovation.**"

Michael says

"One of my favorite drinks"

shahram-teryaky says

"i think they must improve their quality for the health."

Badjorelas says

"Would rate Pepsi higher but they removed the best one there was (Twist, Pepsi with Lemon flavour), with no plans to ever sell it again."

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