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Pentacon is the company name of a camera manufacturer in Dresden, Germany. The name Pentacon is derived from the brand Contax of Zeiss Ikon Kamerawerke in Dresden and Pentagon, as a Pentaprism for Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras was for the first time developed in Dresden. The cross-section of this prism has a pentagonal shape.

LUDWIG HAGELSTEIN makes a warning about THE PENTACON SIX TL in a review he wrote for EMULSIVE WEBSITE: "If your Pentacon Six shows any signs of incorrect shutter speeds, which many cameras of this type have developed over time due to hardened lubricants, those shutter speed inaccuracies will almost certainly be amplified in cold weather. The first sign is usually the 1/125 shutter speed not working properly. If the lubricants are too old and tenacious, however, they should be exchanged with new and far more stable greases. But this again will involve getting the camera serviced, which in return costs money, which in return is contradictory to “cheap medium format” and so on and so forth"


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