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Paige.AI is an AI-native digital pathology ecosystem that augments the Pathologist, accelerates new biomarker discovery, and is built for new insight generation.

In 2017, Paige's slide viewer was deployed institution-wide at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for pathologists and cancer researchers. Paige AI is a biotechnical company that uses artificial intelligence to diagnose and treat cancer. The Company was launched in 2018 using existing MSK artifici. One of the more notable startups using artificial intelligence to understand and fight cancer has generated more than $45 million in 2018. Recent company milestones for Paige include the appointment of R. Martin Chavez, a former Goldman Sachs executive to the board, and a partnership with Invicro LLC, a Konica Minolta company, to provide integrated pathology solutions to support pharmaceutical and biotechnology sponsors with their drug discovery and development initiatives.

With all the machines around the company think the workers are also machines. Paige sucks to provided job security to its employees. Get ready for all work and no play. Pay isn’t very good for what your body will be put through the day in and out. Assembly line work is all there is to do and advancement is little to none.