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Paddy is a brand of blended Irish whiskey produced by Irish Distillers, at the Midleton distillery in County Cork, on behalf of Sazerac, a privately held American company. Irish distillers owned the brand until its sale to Sazerac in 2016. As of 2016, Paddy is the fourth largest selling Irish whiskey in the World.

MountainRoot says in his review, "This [Paddy] Irish Whiskey was nice, pleasant, inoffensive, but boring. As a mixer or for one who is transitioning from clear to brown spirits, specifically whisk(e)y, I could recommend it. For anything else though, It’s cheap but I’d just save my money a little longer. Thanks Paddy! Sláinte!"


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Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"pulling orders.hard to pull orders when product isnt in the spot that is given in computer.hardest part of my job is just staying part of my job is working 2nd shift"

Shipping and Receiving (Former Employee) says

"plays favorites with family members that work together here, the management is horrible and will not teach you anything about what your supposed to do Cons: Management"

Front of House Manager (Former Employee) says

"This restaurant did not do very well. the owner did not like to pay his employees. All of my management team thought the restaurant was a front. This company was open for only 3 months. It took longer to renovate the building."

Cherry Picker/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"The management is a joke, everyone gossips about eachother, your job isn't secured they just use you. Bottom line I wouldn't recommend working here at all unless you want to worry about getting fired everyday and treated very poorly as an employee & person. Cons: Bad management, terrible work environment, discrimination"

Salesman (Former Employee) says

"Like being micro-managed? This is a good position for young sales people just starting off. You are forced to use their silly sales techniques that do not work. Not a true salesman position. Company struggles to stay in business. Massive turnover and constant change, including compensation arrangements. Upper management out of touch with reality. Cons: No growth, discrimination"

Outdoor Lifestyle Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Very high stress, monthly reviews with constant pressure to increase sales. Sales people that loved to cheat each other out of a comission. Loved the job when I 1st began, when the DM was hired it became awful, My manager was a nervous wreck over the high goals & pressure, now demoted to Assistant.My #s were strong growing every year, yet they fired me, 3 weeks shy of my 64th birthday. New hires all late 20's early 30's."

Recieving (Current Employee) says

"The company does not care if your a great worker or not they just have manager who don’t have any ideas or have any reason to help you , they make up as they go through the work day. They only promote people who have zero motivation. Cons: Probably smarter then most of your coworkers"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Had regular 730-4 work hours through a temp agency. I was told i would be hired into the warehouse department after completing my hours with the agency. They started me in warehouse with unpacking and building patio furniture. the guy leading us was completely out of the loop on what was going on and often disappeared for hours at a time. They brought in another guy who seemed more in the know of things. He rotated the new people to different areas daily. I appreciated that because I never built this kind of stuff before and it allowed me to get experience in different things other then unwrapping. He also trained me for the first time on using a forklift and a lift machine. I was told that I would be trained in all the areas of the warehouse because he didnt want just guys that can rip tape off this stuff. After my second month i was pulled into the office and told I would be switched into a different area of the warehouse dealing recieving. The managers were nice and helpful but i would have liked a little more training. I was put with a new guy again doing something different and really confusing. He showed me a RF scanner and the process for unloading and putting the new stuff into shelves with the lift but it was just stuff everywhere. <--the confusing part. I did this for about 2 weeks and then it seemed to be slowing down is when the agency stop scheduling me for this company. Cons: Not a bad company but could use more direction from the start and not change up so much so often."

Exterior Design Guide (Current Employee) says

"Working in a commission environment has it’s challenges but can be rewarding as well."

Store & Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Opened and closed store. Ran daily operations and sales. Maintained files and financing documents. Handled a cash drawer. Conducted weekly sales meeting. Cons: Discrimination"

Assistant Project Manager/ Accounts Payable (Current Employee) says

"Most of the people I worked with were fantastic other than upper management. They simply had no idea what was going on and constantly changing their mind plus they kept everything a secret which doesn't make sense for a furniture company. For being around for almost 30 years they sure don't act like it and you would definitely wouldn't know they have been around that long."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"the typical work day is easy and it goes fast when you busy. what i have learned is to use the stories can be hard some days. But other an that it pretty easy to learn. the hardest part job is that it's not really that hard. When you do it over and over again it's some. the best part is when it's time to go home ."