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Orchard Labs Inc. is a Canadian e-commerce company that buys and sells used smartphones across North America. The company develops and operates the Orchard mobile app, which allows consumers with iPhones to test, price, and register their iPhone for sale. Orchard then provides these iPhones for sale on its website. In 2015, Orchard launched a partnership with Public Mobile to supply the Canadian wireless carrier's customers with refurbished smartphones.

An unhappy customer shard this on her facebook, "Orchard is a big NO-NO if you are a PROFESSIONAL of any sort, and require a reliable device. Two devices I purchased had been Frankensteined together from spare parts, rather hopefully, but more to the point rather inexpertly, as it happened twice. I work hard for my clients and I expect to receive at least a bare minimum of service when I'm in a market. Orchard's customer service is what you'd expect from an unmanaged team. I found the staff simultaneously introverted and irritated having to deal with a live person. Doubly so when I started asking questions about the phone I was interested in. DON'T bring your elderly mother, they won't offer her a seat, and they may sulk and sigh at you (as they did at me), apparently for bringing an alien being into such a hip establishment. This company put me off both alternate cell phone markets and collaborative work spaces. They had every opportunity to deal professionally, plenty of motive to do so, but the joint just comes off as another "I'm hanging out in my friend's basement" sort of operation."