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Hyland Software is the developer of the enterprise content management (ECM) and process management software suite called OnBase. Applications of the suite are used in healthcare, financial institutions, insurance, government, higher education and manufacturing. The firm has its headquarters in Westlake, Ohio, and other offices in Lincoln, Nebraska; Irvine, California; Charlotte, North Carolina; São Paulo, Brazil; London, England; Tokyo, Japan; Andover, Massachusetts; Melbourne, Australia; Kolkata, India; Sydney, Australia; Berlin, Germany; Olathe, Kansas; Bloomington, Minnesota; Salt Lake City, Utah; Phoenix, Arizona; and Tampa, Florida. On March 31, 2014, the company rebranded itself as OnBase by Hyland.

A client shares his thoughts on trustradius.com, "The Administrator interface in Onbase, while powerful, is antiquated and has so many options to chose from it can be overwhelming at times trying to find what you need in order to accomplish a task. The Unity application is a work in progress and is missing out on some features that are much better in the thick client, such as scanning documents in a high volume. This has improved over time, though. Hyland Onbase is a content management platform and, while it does handle ingestion and scanning processes, does require a 3rd party application to really complete the whole package."


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Document Imaging Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Just got laid off..managment said everything's fine. They lie..cheat..and do whats beat for them. They don't care if your life depended on the job to survive. No more holiday parties..clam jam was horrible this year. I see this company folding. Be warned..total lay off in 3 days has risen to at least 25 people.Nothing but free soda..pretzles amd mnmsBeing lied to"

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I used to enjoy working at Hyland but things have changed drastically. Everything has been "Verticalized" but all of my management came from a different vertical so no one knew how to provide any assistance. Hyland would frequently buy out an acquire competitors, presumably to eliminate the competition not by having a better product but by having less competition. This would be fine if they didn't have workforce reductions and fire a ton of people afterwards because they didn't have the work to afford them. Bonus' are based on utilization goals that no one in the department hits unless you are assigned a 40 hour a week staff augmentation. The healthcare is not very expensive but also nothing to brag about. You are required to get annual screenings and physicals to receive the discounts. Years ago, they would have sporadic events such as dodgeball tournaments that they often still brag about on social media referring to "TBT to our 2010 dodgeball tournament". Reason for the TBT is because these haven't happened in years. The culture that was once brag worthy has become practically non-existent so now you are just settling for a normal job at below industry standard pay. To be fair, this was services. My time in R&D was actually great, however that was before the reorganization that no one seems to be fond of.Free m&ms, Lots of good people, Nice facilityManagement, Work/Life balance, Compensation"

Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"I am an employee only due to acquisition. They massively cut vacation - basically non-existent if you need to use time for illness or children. Cut back on any perks like work from home, etc.Many"

Imaging Specialist/Data Handling Agent (Current Employee) says

"Management undermines and undervalues their workers. There is zero transparency and next to no advance notice on incoming jobs. Nepotism is common as it is with every other department at Hyland. The pay is pathetically low and raises are laughable."

Document Imaging Specialist (Former Employee) says

"It's a 40+ hour a week job the requires you sit at your desk, don't talk, and stare at your computer for 8 hours with total accuracy. It's not a hard job but it will mentally and physically drain you, especially when you have a deadline and have to come in on the weekends. You do get 14 days paid vacation but those are also the ONLY days you get off, no matter what you use them for. Sick, emergency, or vacation, if you go past the 14 days you get in trouble. Then there is also the times when there isn't enough work in the office and you have to take mandatory days off, but if you don't have any paid days off left then you are forced into unpaid leave. But easily the worst part is the pay, which is just above minimum wage. NO ONE can live off of the pennies they pay you.Good people, snacks and drinks in the break room, company outtingsPay, personal/vacation time, working weekends, forced unpaid leave"

Technical Consultant- Healthcare (Current Employee) says

"They pick and choose who they want to succeed, who gets training and opportunities to advance. The culture has changed to a typical office environment. More and more perks are disappearing. Raises are non-existent. They push that "things could be worse" and should be happy you have a job.casual work environmentpay, loss of work/life balance"

Project Managemnt (Current Employee) says

"I have been working for Hyland Software for 9 years and every week I feel more violated then the previous week. Management is only out to protect themselves and profits and whatever is left over for the employees it is pre-chewed and tasteless. After 9 years I get a 2% raise after the company posted record profits. My raise did not even cover cost of living increase or the increase to the company sponsored health plan that most employees cannot afford. Profit sharing for 9 years is only about $150.00 per quarter. The perks they offer are considered part of your pay. Hyland offers no clear career path and if any it is changed often keeping you held up for development for years. No promotional opportunities unless you are tied to the family. Hyland's "Career Growth means doing more, Staying later than normal, and taking on more responsibility without any increase in compensation and high expectations. Hyland pays well below average salary but expects employees to work and act like they are being paid $100k. Hyland will tell you on a daily basis how lucky you are to work here and how amazing and great everyone is.Free Diet soda and CoffeeHealthcare too expensive, Low salary, Poor management chain and way too many of them."

Sales Support (Current Employee) says

"I was thrilled to be offered a position with Hyland just based off of its reputation in the community, but as other reviews have stated, it’s not at all what it used to be. Favoritism is rampant, the few perks offered to employees aren’t all that great, and come at the expense of salaries, and it’s a very negative place to be. A common thing among employees in a variety of roles and departments is mistrust and drama"

Software a (Current Employee) says

"I’ve been with Hyland for 4 years and this place is nothing but empty promises. They have no paper trail for how well you perform and instead rely on popularity, word of mouth, and how much you hang out with your manager as a way to determine where you go in the company. You have no control over your career here. I have been blocked by management multiple times when trying to develop skills and branch out, and do more for the company. If you aren’t a favorite, or a brown noser, you will not get far here. Avoid working here if you don’t want to work your butt off and still starve."

Developer (Current Employee) says

"R&D management is struggling with organizational change, making poor choices and eroding the employee friendly culture that once made this a great place to work. Shifting to top-down, do it and don't question it mentality."

Project Manager II (Former Employee) says

"There are many double standards when it comes to working remotely. The middle managers to not give much guidance as to what they want to help gauage results."

Child Enrichment Center Teaching Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The most enjoyable part of my job had to be interacting with the children and their families. I love working with the public ! So having good co-workers is very important to me so that we have a strong team of employee's. I have learned alot of computer skills. At Hyland they always promoted the one team therory. Some departments were not treated like we were all on the same team. But bench player's . One example is that only one department out of the whole company had to take a manditory hour lunch break with out gettitng paid. Witch would have been fine except all of the rest of the company got repaid back 30 mins of their lunch breaks, per the employee's manual. One team? Middle management at Hyland need some beefing up, management classes. For the most part I loved my job at Hyland. I loved going to work very day. Hyland just got to big too quickly and the middle managenent is very weak. Making life at Hyland very different now a days !good health care but in 2014 the heath care will change and not be as good.poor middle management !"

Quality Assurance Associate (Former Employee) says

"I felt that I could not go to management with any questions and get an answer that helped me. I felt that I had good teammates and co-workers around me but the management side of my job never allowed me to be comfortable at my position."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Favoritism is rampant. Exclusion prevails. Team Leads and Managers have no problem lying. They put people with no leadership experience in as team leads and managers. If you are over 40, you Will be excluded and you will be fired in due time"

Quality Assurance Analyst I (Former Employee) says

"Having worked in several positions at Hyland over the course of six years, I feel I have experienced all that the company has to offer. So when I read reviews talking about it being a big "Boys' Club" and about the different cliques and how you're viewed as an outsider if you're not a part of it, I was nodding my head in agreement. Hyland enjoys a public persona similar to places like Google and Apple. Just like those companies, the truth is buried somewhere amidst the stories of big Christmas parties, free beer, slides, and Nerf gun battles. The truth is, most of that stuff has been toned down over the years because Hyland is trying their best to reinvent themselves as a "serious" company, rather than the happy-go-lucky playplace for college kids they've become known for. That means reorganization. Most of the original chairpersons and management have retired, and the only thing these new managers have carried over from their time spent under the Originals is shameless and in-your-face nepotism. It varies from department and team, but it's always there. If you work for a particular individual, you'd better learn everything that they're into and either get into it yourself (video games, sports, food, etc) or be able to fake it, because if you're just that guy who keeps their head down and works hard, even putting in extra hours or coming in on the weekends, you won't get noticed. Worse, you'll be so invisible that when it comes to the aforementioned reorganizations, you'll get left behind or given the worst position available. Quite possibly the worst of all is thatRelaxed atmosphere, "campus"-style layout, bonuses are decentHeath plan is atrocious, nepotism, below-average pay, can be "clique"-ish"

Quality Assurance Analyst I (Current Employee) says

"Over the past 18 months R&D has been undergoing a substantial re-organtization. Although we have been told everything would be presented to everyone, not much has. Many closed door meetings happen with leadership coming out ahead of the individual contributors. Employees have been told that everyone would be evaluated individual, but when it comes to actual evaluate a team, sweeping changes are made to everyone outside of leadership."

Consultant (Current Employee) says

"OnBase is a great product and has the ability to capture majority market share if delivered appropriately. Lack of vision and initiative from management. Myopic vision about business operations. Culture focused around cleveland region, others don't get a say. No career advancement. Horrible compensation - about 40% below the market."

Sr. Solutions Architect (Current Employee) says

"They pretend to offer a life balance. It looks nice to new graduates, because the culture pampers the employee. Experienced personnel find it very annoying and would rather earn their place and not be catered to like a baby.Health benefits and the community for new college grads.Caste system. Only like employees that have been there for ever for advancement."

Imaging Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Imaging services needs an upgrade on people skills. I don't know what went wrong. They expect you to know dam near everything. Poor communication, poor team spirit. Poor pay! Nobody cares and they let u know by saying one thing and doing another! Do not enjoy going to work like I use to.Free friut on WednesdayHealthcare"

Senior Solutions Consultant (Current Employee) says

"1. It's a company with booze and parties that you rarely take part if you're working. 2. The company culture changed a lot (for worse) in the past 4 years. 3. Management does not listen and they only worry about the numbers and ratings. They don't care if you are overworked, swamped with projects, or product delivery quality (usually mediocre). 4. The company pays below the market and internally advertises that all the benefits they provide, plus the culture makes up for it (which is not true). 5. No career plan, they recently implemented a system to try to take care of that, but with no management engagement. 6. They sell a Google/Facebook-like image, but they are far from it, they still behave like a small countryside company where only if you are a "friend of the King" or related to someone you can grow. If you're looking for Google... apply to Google. 7. If you just got out of college, great, you will learn a lot, but once you got to a certain level... better look for a better place. 8. The good of the Company is its people, great people are working in the low ranks of Hyland. Smart, talented, capable, trustworthy, hard-working people, but most of them are not Managers.Product, Technology, You Learn a lot.Management, Salaries, Culture, No Career Plan."

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