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Omnio is the second full-length album by Norwegian avant-garde metal band In the Woods... It was released on October 14, 1997, through Misanthropy Records.

A metal band fan had to say this about Omnio: ¨In the Woods' prime album, Omnio, is an hour long progressive doom snoozefest. The band plays complex, varied and densely written metal with a heavy, doom metal pace. It sounds well and good on paper, but from the stereo it doen't do the cut. Progressive means development, it means improvement. For a progressive piece to be good, it needs to have a purpose, a journey. The vast majority of this album does not. Most of these songs are directionless and incoherent metal played at a decent level. The exception to this is 'Omnio? - Bardo', which is a truly excellent piece. Here, the song starts with a simple, yet effective dark ambient track, before it gets intervowen with a noise-filled doom riff. Everything builds suspensefully, before finally releasing it's energy. This song is truly a great track and shows that the band has potential, just that good writing and leadership is sorely missing.

Another big issue is the vocal performance. The singing is just a massive struggle, with a voice and an inflection way too clean and gentle for the music around it. A female voice is thankfully brought to the rescue for several cuts. Besides the aforementioned track, there are glimpses of brilliance to be found throughout. One of two killer riffs scattered, a particularly nasty doom note here and there, not to mention the strings that are worked tastefully in. Other than that, the bassists deserves some credit. By proper mixing and generous freedom, the bass is allowed to shine, and is played very well throughout. Omnio isn't quite good. It can be an enjoyable spectacle, but ultimately ends up bland and frustrating.¨


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Adrien Logean says

"I have been waiting for more than 45 days for a response regarding my refund claim. After sending 5 mails still no reply even if they said they will come to me as fast as they can, it looks like a scam keeping people’s money. Customer service is awful they could at least try and answer calls."

Michael Carr says

"Had to cancel my 4 train tickets due to being diagnosed with coronavirus symptoms. Sent all the tickets back along with refund claim form and the official NHS isolation note. That was back in March. They have emailed once saying refunds are taking longer than expected. And since then I’ve heard absolutely nothing from them. Don’t trust them take your money elsewhere. Absolute disgrace"

Lloyd Sabatini says

"Had to cancel my train journey due to covid 19, it has been 6 weeks since my first attempt at getting a refund was sent with nobody from Omio contacting me with any details of when I will get my refund. Would not recommend. Also no customer service line for anyone to voice their issues."

Sharon b says

"Emailed omio filled in refund forms as travel was cancelled end of March was due to travel 3rd April but cancelled and have still not heard about refund does say 14 days for refund then it went to 28 days and am still waiting no response from yourself nothing booking number PTPF7092 how Mich longer to receive refund"

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