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Naked Apartments is a website-based business that connects apartment renters in New York City, United States, with real estate brokers and landlords. The website provides 'on demand showings' and 'reverse search'. Using the Naked Apartments website, landlords and brokers search for interested renters and send them listings and offers.In February 2016, Zillow acquired the company for US$13 million.

If you are in the industry, it's easy to hear the negative chatter about Naked Apartments. A blogger shared Naked Apartments rental website makes their money by charging brokers, so there will be many duplicate listings and many apartments won’t have the exact address. (Also, it costs renters $185 to list an apartment here). Like RentHop, they earn money from charging brokers. So listings will often not have the exact address publicly displayed, and there will be many duplicate listings. Therefore, brokers will most likely try to rent you a different apartment than the one being advertised. Zillow, the same real estate company that acquired StreetEasy, bought off Naked Apartments a few years back. Judging by what happened to StreetEasy, this may not bode well for the future.


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