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YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group is an Italian online fashion retailer created on 5 October 2015 after the merger between Yoox Group and Net-a-porter Group. Yoox was originally founded by Federico Marchetti in Milan in 2000, and Net-a-Porter was founded by Natalie Massenet in London in 2000. Beginning in 2003, Richemont invested in NAP. In 2015, Yoox purchased NAP shares from Richemont and established the Yoox-Net-a-Porter Group. In May 2018, Richemont acquired YNAP by purchasing 95% of the company's available shares. The combined company has become a global e-commerce player that serves more than 180 countries worldwide.

Mrporter is a terrible place to work, stressful environment and unfair policies claims a former Fulfillment Associate on

"I don't recommend anyone to work there. The environment is really stressful. Managers bad and unfair with certain employees. if they don't like you, you have to work even harder every day. They keep their eyes on you, you have to work double than other people. There is a lot of favoritism even with the raise. Good managers and employers are gone. Before that warehouse is used to be a nice place to work but now it is a nightmare. This company needs to do a lot of changes in order to be a great place for work. They have to replace all the managers, change the way to treat people, and make policies fairer to everyone."


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Mitch Jones says

"This company is the worst!!!!!!!!!! I purchased the very last shirt in my size and got an email confirmation. I didn't hear a thing for several days so I checked in- apparently Mr. Porter, for no reason at all, unilaterally canceled my order and didn't even bother to tell me-nothing wrong with my credit card, the agent just said "it was my first purchase so they were suspicious". Now the item is sold out and Mr. Porter refuses to do anything to help me. Not like it was a rare piece of clothing or anything...oh wait it was??? This company is the worst in men's fashion."

James says

"Terrible experience with Mr Porter recently. Placed an order weeks ago - received nothing and customer services is a joke. They wont offer any assistance, No refund, No store credit and every-time I call I get a different story..... Someone will call you tomorrow - someone will call you within 7 days. Someone will call you in 21 Days.

From what I have read recently it seems that the only way I am going to get my money back is to ask my bank to refund the card payment.

You may like the stuff they sell but be warned they are not going to help you at all if you have an issue.


Fabian Vrsc says

"Dear Customer Service,

I have ordered a Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece Jacket in Beige, size L. On my bank account the amount has well been paid (140euros), I have received an email for the order confirmation (Order number: 1101ZIN192112J), but now I have no news in one week !!!! What's happened ? Where is my order ? What is the statut of my order ?

Thank you for your feedback, I am very angry against your customer service.."

Alison Case says

"Ordered a Burberry hoodie as a Christmas gift, however a completely different Burberry hoodie was sent. The item was returned over 2 weeks ago and still heard nothing regarding the £520 refund. Not the level of service I would expect from such a high end online retailer."

Jan Wouter Jansen says

"Ordered a pair of gloves, the let off color and ruined two of my dressshirts. Agreed on a refund in store credit, that was one month ago. They do not return my e-mails anymore."

Ross Gallier says

"Woefully poor returns service. Ordered a pair of Bang and Olufsen headphones, which I've since decided to return (unopened). TWICE I've tried to send them via DHL (Mr Porters elected carrier), and TWICE DHL have refused to accept the item. Tried contacting their customer services team (who were the ones sent who provided me with the packing labels to stick onto my packages) but no success. Now I'm left with product that I don't want...what the hell, Mr Porter? Why employ a carrier service that refuses products to be returned through themselves in the first place? Never have I have I had such a poor returns service from anyone I've ordered from...Cruise, Brand Alley, Yoox...all MUCH better than Mr Porter. I'd advise anyone looking to buy from them to seriously think twice before doing so! You may well regret it....PS-anyone want to buy a pair of unopened earbuds?? 🤷🏻‍♂️😩"

Jason Marsh says

"Terrible customer service - Received a shoebox full of tissue instead of the product I paid for. I was offered absolutely no help by customer service despite calling 3 times over a week.

I now have to ask my bank to refund the payment to get this resolved

This company has no regard for its customers and offers no customer service to help if you have a problem"

Ty says

"I saw all these reviews but thought I will still give them a chance. Ordered a pair of shoes on sale, didn’t ship after a few days so called up and found out my order had been cancelled. No email or nothing. They said it was my bank? How when they had taken the money? And now the shoes are sold out. Gutted as I had ordered them as a present and the recipient knew they were getting them."

SDHAL says

"I placed an order for 2 sale items totalling £850. Without notice the order was cancelled. I called customer services and had the items put on hold, I decided to wait for the pending money to be released back into my account before making the purchase again. It didn’t release in time so I spent another £850 only for the same thing to happen.

I was NOT notified upon either cancellation and I now have nearly £2000 on hold pending from my account. I have not received my goods, I have made FIVE phone calls to customer services. I spoke to Gloria today, and various customer other customer service staff before, who notified me one of the items had sold out between the order being cancelled and me realising.

I told her not to worry about trying to locate the second item as I’m so exhausted at this point and do not want to carry on with this process. She was only able to apologise which simply isn’t enough to compensate for this awful experience.

Mr Porter is supposed to be a leader in luxury e-commerce. However my experience and the entire process of rectification has been so beyond horrendous that in no way can this be considered luxury. I am so disappointed to have lost out on those items that I had due diligently waited for and parted nearly £2000 for. They were supposed to be gifts. This is extraordinarily embarrassing on their behalf.

I ENCOURAGE customers to shop elsewhere or from designer directly as designers tend to take their relations with clients and customer seriously. their operations are truly a joke, and although their buying and marketing is standout unfortunately it is a hollow e-commerce site which doesn't live up to its hype."

小田亞門 says

"What’s going on?? I paid money. But mr porter said this item cancelled. What?????????? What????? But I watch my bank.I paid. And I say to mr porter I paid. And then mr porter. Order is canceled. What???? What. I paid. If you don’t action. You are the thieves. Because I paid 110euro"

Amon W says

"Hi mr porter. I pay. And return. It’s mean bank is not authorized. Bank problem happen. I know this happen But problem is next day. Next day I don’t pay. But same pay numbers. Pay again. So check out and research my account"

ドラゴンシティ あもん says

"Hi mr porter I paid money.and I received return money. It’s ok but next day. Problem happened. Next day suddenly. Paid money again. So check out. And research my order"

Андрей Иванов says

"3 days ago I paid for the order: 2612Z6VZX2083J
checked delivery status today - the order has not been sent. And no answer from customercare
Where is my order?"

Daniel Simmons says

"I am absolutely disgusted that Mr Porter won’t ship any perfume / Aftershave to Northern Ireland.

I order from Harrods, Selfridges , Liberty not to mention Allbeauty , Notino , FragranceX and they can ship without any issues.

I have revived aftershave from Royal Mail & DPD to name but a few couriers.

Mr Porter needs to seriously look at this matter ?

Very unhappy customer"

Stefan Huber Gumede says

"Ordered next day delivery on 26.12.2020 was supposed to arrive today as I got the dhl experss notification. Still nothing. No answer to my emails. CS hotline doesn't know what to do. Ordered for a birthday which is on the 29th and the person who's supposed to get the presents will fly out of the country on 30.12.2020 for an order worth over 3k and promised next say delivery it is just unacceptable. Hoping that someone at Mr. P is reading and can sort it out so I will have my order latest on 3.12.2020 before 14:00"

Dom says

"Paid extra for nominated delivery 5 days before Christmas and nothing came. Customer service ignored my emails. It’s now Christmas Day and still nothing has come and no response — which is obviously disappointing as the order was all Christmas presents.

They’ve now started their winter sale and keep taking orders with clearly no intention of delivering them when they promise — why not focus on delivering orders already paid for? For a multi billion dollar luxury goods company this kind of service is inexcusable."

Martin B says

"My first (and last) order from Mr Porter. Item arrived OK after a week or so but sadly didn’t fit so had to return it. Item received by them on 9 Dec and despite a number of emails no refund has been forthcoming. Will be making a PayPal claim on 28th if still not resolved. Never had an issue like this before and certainly won’t ever use Mr Porter again."

Omar Baakza says

"Poor customer service, poor internal coordination and even poorer return processing and refunds.

- Brand new customer. Attempted to purchase a Canada G jacket. Notified I needed to obtain authorization code from Credit card provider (AMEX) to proceed. Credit card provider stated this was not something they share till transaction has settled and requires merchant to take funds first. Notified Mr Porter, who after several back and forths over a few days, simply cancelled transaction...
- Attempted this again under order 1512XXX but for two different Canada Goose jackets; same issue. Contacted team to explain situation and was passed onto helpful premier advisor who explained she was seperate out items and cancel original order.
- Received one jacket, did not receive other jacket and charged once.
- A few days later, received another copy of the same jacket and charged again. Appears helpful advisor did not actually cancel original order and just created a new one.
- Promptly returned second copy on Dec 28th. No processing or response despite chasing till 14th January.
- Mr Porter did not mention jacket which never arrived, nor the fact I had been double charged but then notified me it would take a further 10 days on top of the time I'd been waiting for my refund. Still waiting for this now.

I purchase items regularly from Selfridges etc and have never experienced this poor level of service in my life. Happy to comply with security measures but when the staff themselves dont know what is happening and I receive an incorrect order and there is little desire to rectify issues despite being on a premier service, i'm afraid to say this is highly disappointing and I will not purchase from here again."

Lene Borch says

"It's a great shop, no doubt. Have bought many gifts here. However my Christmas shopping, 2 out of 3 are marked down on the sale. I had not expected this from mr. Porter. Costumer service says nothing can be done when more that 7 days has passed since buying. Well, it IS a Christmas present, and I need the time for delevery before Christmas.... No need to answer this, I already got the apologies. I will defenitely not by presents for Christmas here anymore - but then again, I assume Brexit will complicate shopping in England further, so perhaps it was the last time anyway."

小田亜門 says

"Hi mr porter I paid money and returned and suddenly next day something happened. I paid money again. What!? And I told mr porter twitter. What’s going on!? ???? So now statuses canselled. What!???? What?????? I paid 110euro. And then return. And next day something happen paid. So now I’m paid status. So I told mr porter I paid. And then mr porter say your order is canceled. Your banking is not authorized. .. maybe paid deal sent from my card. So check out my account. And solve problems"

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