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This Movie Sucks! (sometimes abbreviated as TMS!) is a Canadian comedy television series hosted by Ed the Sock, premiering on May 28, 2010, two years after Ed's Night Party went off the air. The show is similar to another former Ed the Sock series, Ed's Nite In. This Movie Sucks! features his wife and Night Party co-host Liana Kerzner, and comedian Ron Sparks, another MuchMusic personality. The series was produced and broadcast by CHCH-TV Hamilton, and also broadcast regionally on CJNT-TV Montreal and CHEK-TV Victoria, as well as on cable stations Movieola and Silver Screen Classics.

A viewer said this in a review: "You have to be kidding me. This is the old history where you air an old movie then have inserts that make fun of the show. It started with horror shows in the 1950's with Zacharley and the like. Back in the 80's Lorraine Newman did the Canned Film Festival. Then the MST3K garbage. This is suppose to be funny I think. But Ed the Sock is not funny. I remember first seeing him on late night TV. His audience is young drunk males. But he isn't funny, he's rude. One of the worst movies I had ever seen".


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