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Mitek Systems, Inc is a software company that specializes in digital identity verification and mobile capture built on artificial intelligence algorithms. The company's technology allows people to deposit checks via their mobile phones and open bank accounts from mobile devices. Additionally, the technology verifies people’s identity with patented algorithms that capture, classify, and authenticate photos of identity documents including passports, ID cards, and driver's licenses. The identity of the person holding the document is confirmed through a biometric facial comparison of the photo on the document to a selfie.

According to an article published fo AMERICAN BANKER back on April 11 and written by Penny Crosman USAA and Mitek Systems settled a two-and-a-half-year-old dispute over who invented the technology for mobile check deposit, with both companies' patents remaining intact and neither side paying the other. Each party agreed to dismiss its remaining claims against the other under the settlement disclosed Wednesday. Despite the laying down of swords, in this case, Mitek vowed to vigorously defend its eight patents. It has a pending lawsuit against Top Image Systems for patent infringement, for which both parties went on trial back in June 2015. Mitek's patents include algorithms and processes for capturing a check image, correcting it for accuracy, and extracting data. Can any vendor offer mobile check deposit without infringing on Mitek's patents? "I don't know the answer to that," DeBello said. "We'll have to wait and gauge that."


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Former Employee - Product Manager says

"Poorly managed from top to bottom - company keeps promoting from within, based mostly on tenure rather than skill. Salary is well below industry average (like 30% low). HR department's only goal is to protect the company, not the employees (although that's not what they tell you). Culture used to be great, but acquisitions and bringing everyone into the office destroyed that. 'Open Door Policy' is lip service - doors are often closed. If you say something, it will be used against you later if the opportunity arises."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"One of the most downside I have seen is Raisasion. Also trust me MiTek is not a EEO. It’s not a diverse company."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Ever since the new CEO took over a couple years ago, everything seems centered around religion. The bible is now quoted during meetings or talks from the CEO and President. I have even heard that prayer takes place at certain meetings with management. The CEO also got rid of a lot of upper management and replaced them with new people, and the new upper management, including the CEO do not treat the lower level people with respect. Also the new "One MiTek" philosophy doesn't make sense to the employees and is very confusing and is causing a lot of friction between employees."

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"In the software group, the management is simply terrible. The people making the decisions are higher-ups that the developers never meet, and that literally know nothing about software development. There is intense micromanagement, totally disorganized development processes, and a truly terrible code base. The atmosphere and culture are toxic."

Former Employee - Software says

"Salary. Salary. Salary. Oh, and did I mention salary? MiTek is always trying to get cheap people. They eliminated bonuses. They pay 30-40% below for the same job. Demand for working over 40 hours is strong. The term "slave driver" comes to mind."

Former Employee - Machinist says

"Working here will be detrimental to your career, Poor Practices in Shop, Backwards and Inefficient manufacturing techniques, Opposed to Change, Bad Politics, 9 month total probation period for new Machinists, Clueless Shop Management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lots of infighting among the USP connector company folks. There is very little understanding of the west coast market. The senior management there seems arrogant and doesn’t know how to communicate effectively with his team or his customers."

Former Employee - Senior Programmer/Analyst says

"If you want anyone to ever get anything done, you're screwed"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Pay for non-management is average to below average but the benefits offset the pay. Required to be a yes man. Employees who have alternate opinions are seen as complainers and are retaliated against."

Former Employee - Electrical Assembler says

"No A/C no air movement Union mentality shop, workers with more time get more perks Against the new guy Play favorites for promotions Gossip to no end Won't listen to exit interview responses Black list future employment using falsely created reasons Expect work to be done by drawings that aren't complete Higher ups care nothing about the little guys Can't trust HR with personal issues"

Machinist (Former Employee) says

"I hired in here to be a machinist and worked here for just over a year. I was told that in a years time I would get to move permanently to day shift, which turned out to be false. Another big reason for moving to this company was under the false story that they wanted input and new ideas to improve this department. Unfortunately, I came here based on some lies. Additionally, the ‘machine shop’ department here is basically a cluster of CNC machines that they use as drill presses, with former welders, painters, and YouTube certified ‘machinists’ pumping out mediocre quality parts. Don’t waste your breath trying to explain how a normal machine shop operates to the master machinists at this shop. Management at the St Charles location for MiTek are as honest and straightforward as a politician. Somewhere within this company are good people who are smart and good at what they do, but at this location it’s the opposite. MiTek uses cheap materials, cheap/outdated equipment, and inefficient processes to make their products. Thanks to the ridiculous markup they have on all their products they still can make a profit. Total of 9 months probation period for a skilled trade here. For me, once I finally cleared the almost 1 year probation period, I was terminated because of false allegations by someone on Facebook who my lawyer described as a “dipshi,”, despite no previous verbal or written warnings for anything.Paycheck bi-weeklyDishonest Company, Ignorant Shop Management, Opposed to change and new ideas, 9 month probation period"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I would definitely not recommend this company to anyone to work at. You must have thick skin, tolerate workplace harrassment, don't bother working here if you expect to have a personal life outside of work.Easy WorkHarassment from Co-workers, Poor Management"

Press Operator (Former Employee) says

"New management at phoenix location made it very difficult for workers to stay at that location , they created a very stressful and chaotic environment , can't do this can't do that and no opportunity to grow within the company40 hrs a weekyoull be stuck in the same position for YEARS"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"The worst place I have ever worked for. Management is a complete joke. They say one thing one day and the next day its completely different. The lies they tell, even to customers when they can't ship on time due to lack of raw materials. The person responsible for raw materials doesn't order like he should so your constantly running out of materials. Safety is a big issue and is non existent. Management doesn't care about its employees at all. Employees are pitted against one another all the time and managing laughs about it. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS PLACENoneManagement, no raises, total chaos."

Truck Driver (Current Employee) says

"Management treats you poorly with no respect put ridiculous hours talk to you like you and child with no respect I came to work for this company in good standings hoping that I can grow and so stressful in this place that I just want to get out and run but have bills to pay and it's very uncomfortable to work hereShort breaks"

CNC press Operator/Packaging / Quality Inspection (Former Employee) says

"The company Management is the worst and they have no growth within company plus they say they will hire you on full time but not provide benefits when you reach that point!"

Assembler (Current Employee) says

"This place is a joke. Work 50 to 60 hours a week and stand around and sweep or do tasks that dont partake to production. In one week could work 3 different shifts due to lack of scheduling and planning. Dont plan on ever learning new equipment due to the fact that they will not train you on other machinery. Once you learn one thing plan on never leaving that particular machine. Wont get raises cause you dont know all the products but management wont let you learn anything new. So dont plan on getting raises. Love co workers that i work with but management is a joke. Job is super easy. Anyone can do it.Co workers are awesome. Easy workLong hours. Never know what you work tomorrow."

Die Setter (Former Employee) says

"They use people, will work you for a week and let you go. Didn't happen to me, but I watched it week in and week out. They don't care about their employees. They hire you for a speciality position, but pay you for a lower one. They also had me train a new hire. They were paying me $2 less than that employee. There is little to no communication from management. You will also be asked to stay late 10 mins before your shift ends, and if you can't, it's held against you. Supervisors have no management skills, mine didn't even know how to do what he was supervising. All in all just a bad place to work, if you are looking for a career. If you just need a job, go for it. Good luck to you.Benefits(if you can get hired on)Far too many to list"

Tool and Die Machinist (Former Employee) says

"Management uses the iron fist method and scare tactic to try to keep employees at their work station. Worked in Phoenix Arizona and was told multiple times not to go for water during working hours."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"The work was ok a bit stressful but not as stressful as the employees. I can handle the work couldn't handle the games of employees and management also the favor played.Good experinceAll the needless games"


"Mitek is a great company to work for. They have locations all over the globe and right here in Chesterfield, MO and St. Charles, MO. The workplace is a corporate atmosphere with amazing people inside the office and great opportunity for the right field."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a machinist making Industrial Saws. was a great place to work for."

Mechanical Re-Design/CAD Drafter (Former Employee) says

"My time at MiTek was on a contract before moving to MN. I would have been happy with life working at MiTek. The pay was good and the people generally care about each other"

Welder (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working for mitek. Good clean workplace,great benefits and learned alot working there. When the houseing market took a crash in 2006 they had to cut back and unfortunately I got let go.good pay, paid vacationmandatory overtime"

Machinery Manager Europe & Africa (Former Employee) says

"MiTek Europe & Africa seeks changes/improvements by making no changes (as less changes as possible)."

Mo audi says

"bankerq scam is part of spectrocoin. People watch out spectrocoin as bankera are 1 company. Look at the review of bankera. Bankera and spectrocon both scam ********thnx for youre copie paste answer********" says

"Bad experience."

Vitinho Corleoni says

"since May 15th,all bitcoins disappeared from my account.just is very cruel and is doubtful question is where is my money???"

J. says

"This company still holds my fiat since 2018 and refuses to give it back. Legal proceedings ongoing. Do not trust this company in any way if you care about your money."

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