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Le Méridien is an upper-upscale, design-focused international hotel brand with a European perspective. Originally headquartered in France and the United Kingdom, Marriott now owns the chain. As of June 30, 2020, it has a portfolio of 112 open hotels with 29,549 rooms, and a pipeline of 29 hotels with 7,156 upcoming rooms.

A tourist under the name of "Travelpr02010" shared in a review for TRIP ADVISOR about his/her experience staying at Le Méridien: "As a loyal Marriott customer, I have to say we had the worst stay of any hotel visit we’ve made in years. This started with the most frustrating check-in experience we’ve ever had, followed by an assignment to an “upgraded” room with a mold-infested bathroom, and progressing to a back and forth Email exchange with a duty manager beset in defending the hotel rather than submitting to “the customer is always right”. Go to any other Marriott property but DEFINITELY DO NOT STAY HERE!"


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Former Employee - N/A says

"Most of the legacy Meridian leadership is not experienced leaders, when Meridian was privately owned most current directors or managers were able to quickly gain a leadership position without any real mentorship or experience. This has lead to poor management and a toxic work environment."

Current Employee - Member Benefit Coordinator says

"Inexperienced and incompetent mgmt Low pay They try to keep you trapped in whatever position you start in High cost for benefits Ridiculous standards for call center Was if you need more than one bathroom break per day, get a doctors note."

Current Employee - Care Coordinator (Utilization Management) says

"a lot. pay is sooo low for this industry/sector. the people at wellcare made a lot more than us even tho we had the same role. now it is hard to move up and get promoted to a better role thanks to the centene merger. centene is cruel and super strict. and now they have added a business casual dress code which can be inconvenient and annoying at times. family leave, bereavement and maternity leave is sooo crappy under centene. dont work here if you have children or other people who you have to care for. They are micromanage you and boss you around all of the time. like please just let us be independent for a second. too many touch bases, and huddles and constant IMs and emails telling us to do our job... like we know! so just chill. most importantly, good luck getting promoted to a better position unless you suck up and be a brown noser"

Former Employee - Provider Benefit Expert says

"Workers are over worked, management targets you and makes things up to get you fired"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Meridian: When Meridian was privately held, it was a boys club. I can count on one hand how many executives weren't actually sleeping around with the staff. Promotions and salary increases were distributed based on who you were or who you knew. People were often promoted into positions who had no experience and/or educational background that supported their role. Director level staff were in their mid to late 20s. How can you be in a director position if you don't have equivalent experience? Oh wait, it is because you are either a resident of Grosse Point, you or your significant other are best friends with the family, or you were dating one of the executives. Team Leaders and managers talked down to staff all the time, and if you weren't on your leader's good side, they would either fire you claiming you don't fit in with their culture or put you on a PIP without talking to you first. WellCare: Had no clue what the left hand was doing from the right hand. We were all very excited when WellCare came in, thinking that a Fortune 500 company would have their stuff together. Nope, wrong! I heard this across multiple departments and from multiple leaders. WellCare told us how they grew to such a large company was through multiple acquisitions, but you would never know it. Integrating with them was like driving down Mound Road going 100 mph on cruise control. Utterly disorganized. Then when they announced the Centene acquisition, they completely forgot about Meridian people and started fending for themselves. Centene: They don't care at all about the employee. They also don't practice what they preach, and it is all about the numbers to them. In multiple townhalls, they (Centene's Talent Acquisition team) kept reiterating how much they need top talent. How they struggle to retain top performing employees, but people who truly are "top talent" are continuously being laid off ,and it doesn't have to do with COVID. There was no true analysis done to retain WellCare and Meridian employees."

Former Employee - Registered Nurse Case Manager says

"Bosses were a joke and cruel."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything about the job from leadership to pay was a downfall."

Former Employee - Quality Improvement Analyst says

"No training, salary is below market value, managers don't know anything"

Former Employee - Patient Care Coordinator says

"Everything else. Favoritism, cliques, and poor management."

Former Employee - Member Benefit Coordinator says

"Don’t work here. Management sucks, the pay isn’t worth the tasks assigned, and unless you brown nose them, you’ll never move up."

Appeals Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I have never worked for a company with such a high turn over rate. Management is horrible. They clearly have no idea what's going on. The medical director doesn't either. You would think that if management saw how people were leaving like flies they would reevaluate there team. I feel sorry for those still there."

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Gang Mentality atmosphere .It's who you know not what you know. Nothing got done. Everybody is busy covering for themselves. They sue old technologies"

Behavioral Therapist (Former Employee) says

"Poor leadership, poor advancement, too many changes, no one knows which end is up.. did I mention poor leadership? No paid time off for CEU training (that is required for my job) too much work, leadership does not listen. Been bought and sold 2 times in the last year, no recognition for the work being done, money hungry CEO lining his pockets on the backs of the poor. Raises are less than the cost of living increase and no bonuses.Great colleaguesDirty business, poor leadership, great place to work if you love micromanagement"

Member Benefit Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The company is a mess. The managers never have clear answers, will not help you move up with them, and the company can and will reprimand you for things that are personal preferences, not rules or policies. Complete waste.Met many good people working therePoor management, no integrity or sense of responsibility"

Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"Meridian is not what they are selling it to be. You have to be upper management's pet in order to move up. Pay is unfair. They've been sued by current and previous employees for many reasons."

Insurance Plan Community Care Coordinator (CCC) says

"Big company, well-recognized Health Plan organization to many people in IL & MI cities, however, Meridian Health Plan Administration mostly Team Managers & the Program Dept Director continue with their UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS from Sub-Contracted Case Managers/ Care Coordinators. The company puts SO MUCH Pressure & Unending Work Demands with Not Enough New Hire Orientation, Trainings, Or Shadowing “the Regular Full-time Employees.” It’s sad... because the End result is “It becomes a Very Stressful Work Job position” and many NOT wanting to be re-hired again. Spare your Heart and reduce your Blood Pressure - It’s an FYI."

Behavioral Health Reviewer (Former Employee) says

"They misrepresented themselves and their production line corporate mentality. You are not told until after you're hired that you have to park at JLA and then take the people mover which will add another hour to your day. You are not told that you will be a glorified data entry person and everything is scripted. You are regarded as nothing more than a robot. The culture is 21 year olds with no life experience and no socks. The management are elitists and disconnected. This place sucks!Free bagelsMicromanaged by Millennials"

Member Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Very poor management. This company is very unorganized, they claim to be family owned and operated, they also say how much they care about their employees and members when they actually only want to make money and don't care who they rip off. They stopped doing things for their employees /members just so they could take their private planes on personal vacations. Only get promoted depending on who you know, not what you know."

Community Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I worked at this horrible place for 8 months. The mangement is terrible, feels like high school. The moral is low, i would not recommend this place. This company will continue too lose good people. The so called managers/ team leaders are really a joke and hide behind the keyboard...really. They see u in person and smile....but a touch bases is right around the corner. I can't wait until Wellcare take over...lets see how far they go with new leadership in place...Michigan can't save them anymore..Such a joke this place. Please stay away. I wish i would have read the reviews before taking the job.NoneNone"

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"worst possible company to work for. They pick favorites. Employees receive PIPs for no reason. They're too hard on their employees. They dont assign newbies the right sort of work."

Community Care Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"The management team does not listen to staff and does not address complaints. Lowest pay on the market. High caseloads with little support from management. Few options for advancements. No work life balance.Work from home"

Manager, Project Management Office (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, hypocrisy Nepotism, cronyism, bias, promotions in exchange for non-professional favors Throw hard working people under the bus to make themselves look useful"

Rather not say (Current Employee) says

"They claim to be all about family, but if you happen to be the black sheep of the group you will be placed on a proformance improvement plan for made up reasons. They have all these "family values" that are lies. This past month was integrity and the girl on my team that won the award has no integrity but the management is in denial. They give promotions to those that don't deserve it and hold back those that do. They care very little about their employees especially those that have been there for years. It's like they are waiting for you to fail or mess up just a little.Gives you experienceHorrible culture"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"When you spend more time at work than your home you'd want to really love the place where you work. Meridian is awful. Management doesn't communicate well. If you do not fit the stereo type you will not move forward. They do not care about their employees and will fire you at the drop of a hat for no reason. My advice: don't stop drinking their spiked kool aid or you will be out of a job.None.Low pay for how much usless knowledge you have to store."

I dont feel like i ever had one (Former Employee) says

"No joy at this company for the majority of staff. EXTREMELY LOW STAFF MORAL. Almost everyday there are threats of being put on PIP (Process Improvement Plan) which involves getting fired if you can't get off it. I seriously received 3 days out of 5 days of threats/warnings via email. PIP PIP PIP is all your hear about from management. Get ready to work Monday-Sunday working at this company. They attempt to pay low so watch out for that. Horrible horrible management in Chicago and Detroit. They make promises to the State yet don't have enough staff to follow through with promises and then blame staff for not meeting unrealistic expectations when it is THEM who failed to live up to their own expectations and give staff what they need to succeed. All of the comments on Indeed are right on point but also check out Glass Door if you want to compare and you will see that most people are giving similar reviews so that should tell you that something is wrong here.. Whether you are working in Detroit or Chicago you better beware of this company. But I will say that they do a great job threatening your employment. If you want stable employment, a job that doesn't consume your life, and want the ability to grow and advance, this isn't the place for you. There is no Quality, Integrity or Values here. But for some reason they think so......Still trying to figure that out.......Micromanagement, low ball pay, Daily threatening of your job, wanting you to work weekends for free, no job stability."

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"I worked in the UR department, we worked from "home," we worked 12-14 hours a day and we only got paid for 8 hours due to being salary. The upper management would fire anyone that "complained" so we were forced to work long hours without pay. I resigned and that was the best move ever. Do not work for this company, they do not value their employees.None.Long hours without pay."

Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work is very stressful, you have unobtainable goals that need to be reached. Call center job handling multiple calls at a time. Management is unavailable for most of your day and you are told to email them with any questions. The team lead and team captains are a joke at best. They are given these titles without actually knowing the job and are also unable to help their coworkers. Most coworkers are easy to get along with but their is ALOT of favoritism. If you go out your way to get a fellow employee in trouble or worse fired, you will be the new favorite. To move up has nothing to do with skill or hard work, just say the right things to the right people. They fire people without warning and sometimes without cause and keep others who have repeatedly been problems. Would not recommend this job to any friend, family or coworker!bagel friday, downtownStressful, fear of losing your job"

Case Management RN (Former Employee) says

"In the time I was at Meridian, I worked for 4 different direct managers. The upper level management of this team remained the same, however, they were vicious and fired people who sneezed wrong. No one could stay in charge of the Community Care Coordination program. The nurses and social workers were expected to work 8 hour days, which, because we were salaried, was more like 10 hour days. As of this writing, Meridian is down to 2 nurses in the whole program - down from the much-needed 8-10. If you're interviewing for this role, be warned that this is much more than a job - it's your life. One big problem many of us faced was that those of us going into this role were given an incredibly low start rate. We took it because the actual work with members is - and remains - great. When they hired in new staff, these individuals were given a 10K higher base salary and when we'd take this to management as a grievance - we'd get fired. Leaving this job was the very best move I've ever made.Flexible schedulingPoor management, poor treatment of existing employees, poor benefits"

Community Care Coordinator (Field) says

"Field staff hump Mon-Fri and are the least appreciated! No thanks or show of appreciation for hard work that is done which was very frustrating! Very low moral for field staff because how management treated people...Thank the Lord for my exit!!noneTerrible management and too many others to name"

Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Just look at the 'was this review helpful' at the bottom of each review...HA!! How can it be that THIS MANY PEOPLE feel so strongly about voicing their opinion about this company in order to save potential future employees from making a huge mistake?! Take the negative reviews to heart people!! It is absolutely true that Meridian puts together groups that they tell them to go on sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, etc and write positive reviews to get their ratings up. HOW SAD IS THAT?! Did it not even occur to them that maybe if they took the criticism to heart and start treating their employees with respect instead, that people might actually be happy with the company they work for and write positive reviews without being asked to?! Now that's a crazy idea. People get 'stuck' at Meridian because they get brainwashed into thinking that MHP is as good as it gets and they will never find another job that pays as well, is as flexible, throws as good of parties, as they do...they are wrong!! The grass is SO MUCH greener on the other side I can't believe I didn't leave sooner. If you're considering taking a job at MHP...beware!! And don't say you weren't warned.Bagel Friday's (big whoop, I'll buy my own bagels, thanks.)Everything else"