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MWV, MeadWestvaco Corporation was an American packaging company based in Richmond, Virginia. It had approximately 23,000 employees. In February 2006, it moved its corporate headquarters to Richmond. In March 2008, the company announced a change to start using "MWV" as its brand, but the legal name of the company remained MeadWestvaco.

On may 2018, an angry former employee from Richmond-VA said the work environment sucks at MWV he wrote a review posted by Indeed: This is company has very bad culture, a lot of company policies, lay back culture, bad management who never care about the employees, I will never recommend any friend to work there.


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Assembly Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management is unfriendly. Work environment is air conditioned and heated so it does make for a comfortable work place. Cons: Management"

Senior Assembly Associate (Former Employee) says

"You go in and go out, as long as you show up, you have a job. Management is horrible and they like to single people out on things and not others. Co-workers are lazy and dont do their jobs and yet they get to keep them, while the hard workers get terminated over the smallest issues that everyone else gets away with. The job itself is very easy, and the most enjoyable was when it was time to go home. Cons: high turnover rate, lazy employees"

Inspector (Former Employee) says

"I t was with a temporary service and the companies management didn't allow you to get proper training before putting you out to work and turnover was very high. I did not want to work for this company permanently at all. Cons: Very poor management no good employee or customer service"