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Lexar is an American brand of flash memory products manufactured by the Chinese company Longsys.

NYC Reviewer says, "This Lexar Flash drive got corrupted somehow and I lost all my data. I had moved files from various smaller USB sticks to merge on to this one. I’ve had those way longer than this with the same exact data and they still work. This has maybe a 5-6 year shelf life while others 10+. 1 brand I can recommend that holds up to the test of time is San Disk. This is not a reliable device. Never again."


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Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"There was a complete lack of training. Senior project manager micro manages and over ride decisions made by project manager and management. Overall it has been a rough experience."

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"My time at lexar homes was short lived but I enjoyed it thanks to my coworkers, very proactive environment. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like waking up early and going to sleep earlyFree lunch and waterLong hours"

Ian pentland says


Nicolas PIOT says

"STAY AWAY FROM LEXAR!!! I had a Lexar High-Performance MicroSDXC 633x 200GB UHS-I, and in 3 years, it went defective 3 times. Mainly when shooting pictures during my holidays, so I’m gutted. Their customer service is a joke. I had to pay $20 shipping every time I had to have it replaced. Now they just offer me refund of about 1/3 of what I initially bought it. Still I have to spend $20 to send it back. Over all what they want to offer me is less than what I had to pay in shipping to get it fixed. Products and customer service are s.h.i.t, DON’T BUY LEXAR."

chris says

"they do not support XQD cards"

chris says

"Lexar Professional XQD, This card is not professional rated had a problem with it two weeks ago zero support from their customer service team. Sick to Sony XQD!"

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