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Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Run!!!! This organization does not value its employees. They use you to train staff, then promote the staff you train!!! The best part of this job is communicating with patients and assisting them when needed. Cons: Leadership"

Nurse Practitioner (Former Employee) says

"Toxic workplace, complete with bullying and straight dysfunction, hostile work environment, retaliation for having a voice and being a patient advocate. Applying for a job here is not worth losing your licenses over. High turnover, zero concerns for staff retention. Everything is about the bottom line, or should I say the bottom dollar. A land field is treated better than they do their providers. Completely an unsafe place to work. Never any raises, the salary your hired in with is forever. Everything is a LIE. Nothing is transparent. And oh the life you had before being hired, ceases as you once knew it. Worse than a sweat shop. Cons: Everything"

Physician (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Landmark Health as a physician and I had a terrible experience. I do not recommend others to work for this company. Landmark is only looking for ways to suck money from others. They do not truly care for the patients and helping them. Many homes providers visited were unsafe. One of the houses I visited the patient put a knife to my throat. Afterwards. I ended up in the hospital. Therefore, I left Landmark because of unsafe environment. Cons: Only after money, management is rude, unsafe"

Executive Director (Former Employee) says

"Really bad ownership and VP. The place should be closed. They wanted champagne on a beer budget. There were leaks in most room and were told no money to fix."

Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I just believe that there needs to be more training for Care Coordinators in all regions before they actually start their job and they do not need to start a job with work that was already built up, they need to let new employees start fresh in my opinion."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The clinical team is superior, well managed and had a strong sense of purpose."


"Home visits begin @ 0800, 50 minutes to 1 hr (your the MA, RN, NP, BH...). Cons: Bathroom breaks, parking, scabies, lice, hygiene. Absolute lack of resources."

Advance Practice Provider (Former Employee) says

"This company is horrible. They are so focused on making money that patients are often endangered. A lot of the staff's bonuses are based on how many people they keep out of the hospital. The nurses and leadership highly frown upon patients being sent to the hospital (even when the patient is very sick). THEY ENDANGER PATIENTS DAILY. The leadership shows favoritism to anyone who doesn't have a different opinion then they have. Advanced practice providers are the foundation of the company and are never included in any decisions and their work load is awful. I am really surprised the Labor Department has not been called on this company. Do not work for this company and do not let your loved ones be a part of this company. They are not safe. Bonuses are deceptive. They do all they can to prevent the staff from getting their bonuses. Cons: Leadership, culture, patients endagerment, favortism"

Care Manager Assistant (Former Employee) says

"With as much experience as I had I was treated poorly by my manager and asked to do things that were unethical for me set by my years in the medical field."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Disappointing at best. Absolutely no integrity when it comes to what is promised and it is delivered. Cons: Stated above"

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"This group of micromanagers are not work your time and effort. There is no amount of money that can make this job or their current management - tolerable. Cons: work life balance is a joke, they wasted time and resources to try and address it. Cut throat and vindictive work environment"

Provider/Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"The back story is good: helping the sickest of the sick. However, it is more frequently about getting the most money from the insurance company in which they are partnered. Made up titles, such as "urgentavist", poor coordination of visit routes made by people in California, lacking promotion from within, poor computer connectivity, and unrealistic expectations to fulfill. But, sincerely, you had better attend their work-sponsored parties. They already made the Kool-Aid and expect you to always want to drink it."

Telephonic Nurse Care Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company only cares about money and hard working employees are not appreciated. Bad behaviors are rewarded. Good staff extremely overworked and underpaid. Management lack communication and conflict resolution skills. Unprofessional behavior condoned. Management shows favoritism. Promotion is not given due to experience, but how long you've been with the company and if you're friends with management. Just an awful place to work. Work environment is very unhealthy."

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"-salary pay. NPs $120K. RNs 95K. No yearly raise or cost of living adjustment increase. You’ll never get those bonuses unless you work 14 hours daily."

Nursing (Current Employee) says

"Leadership team is very biased, discriminating and im very tempted to say racist as well. Most experienced workers were used to launch the market, got everything up and running. Once all is well and folks are all settled in their roles, they toss you aside like garbage and promote individuals that are less experienced (take a wild guess of the ethnicity of the individuals that were promoted!). Once you are a favorite of the mean girls club you get promoted. Leadership team are all hypocrites. They do not appreciate their staff, work there providers and office staff like dogs. They will lose a lot of their staff if this continues. HR please do not bother to respond to this, you work hand in hand with them and do nothing at all to protect the staff that are being bullied. I'm so disappointed in this company, but I'm afraid its going to get worst! Cons: Leadership team is horrible and very disconnected"

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Long story but I’ll make it short. Cons: Long hours, top heavy, poor communication"

Nurse Practitioner, Internal Medicine (Current Employee) says

"I was so excited when I started working at landmark! What a great team, mission and vision! Gosh, every month that goes by I realize that while all the providers and nurse case managers are always giving 120% but. management is taking us all for granted. Burn out is high, promises made and broke. We're losing our team so fast, because they just can't keep going...and I can't blame them. I'm so disappointed in the leadership, they are failing the mission and vision...or maybe they have their own and its very different. I'm looking for another job. Cons: Theres a lot of micromanaging, favrotism, and gaslighting. They really cant decide what landmark does."

Nurse Practitioner (Former Employee) says

"Company does not stay true to what they promise their Providers when they are hired. Little to no communication from administration about changes. Providers are treated like they are nurses and are very undervalued for what they do. Administration acts like they really care and want to hear what you have to say but that is just blowing smoke because nothing ever changes. Cons: Unreal expectations for Providers, no work life balance, Nurses tell Providers what to do, Providers are VERY VERY undervalued and talked down to"

Field Nurse Practitioner (Former Employee) says

"Leadership lacks ethics related to patient care. Providers continue to endanger elderly patients by performing home visits in midst of the highest rate of COVID - we are not providing medical management simply documenting diagnosis in order for Landmark to bill insurance companies. The providers covering urgent visits lack basic clinical knowledge and inappropriately try to manage patients in home who should be referred to the ER as ER referrals are frowned upon. This is the most horrible company I’ve ever been employed by. You are expected to continue to drive and see patients during severe weather and in very high crime neighborhoods. You will cover call far more than the hours listed on the job description. This company lacks integrity and if you are a compassionate and competent provider, please avoid this company! Cons: Unsafe work environment, very poor executive management leadership, unrealistic work expectations and leadership is deceptive to sign up providers and new patients"

Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Current Employee - Senior Security Analyst says

"I have been working at Landmark Health full-time Cons: Very Poor Executive Leadership. They do not care about Security"

Former Employee - Nurse Care Manager says

"I worked at Landmark Health full-time for more than a year Cons: Everything related to leadership and executive management. Extreme bias and deliberate malicious treatment of employees. Friends supervise friends and there is no regard for ethical standards. You will not be valued."

Former Employee - Nurse Practitioner says

"I worked at Landmark Health full-time for more than a year Cons: Workplace bullying, poor leadership with lack of experience, toxic & hostile work environments. Run providers into the ground, actually thrive and sleep well at night making sure that happens; when they aren't attempting to start a war among the providers based on lies and deceit. Non existent work life balance, no bonuses - its a lie; bait and switch tactic; unless your apart of the childish clique. Unethical business practices. HR is worthless when it comes to all issues presented to them. Company only worried about " the numbers", and leadership making themselves look great off the sweat of the providers backs. Unlicensed personal dictating medical care and decisions to providers. Dysfunctional is too good of a word! RUN! Leadership are the ones who troll Glassdoor and Indeed all day, while micromanaging the providers, who do all the hard labor work and do the 5 star ratings to try and combat the true negative reviews."

Current Employee - Nurse Practitioner says

"I have been working at Landmark Health full-time for more than a year Cons: No support from leadership. Unattainable goals. Constantly changing goals."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at Landmark Health full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Over 30% turnover per year for past 3 years ... providers run away if you want a work life balance Ops focused on documentation vs patient health True what they say, HR is running the place Run like a high school with many cliques Where are the market leaders"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at Landmark Health full-time for more than a year Cons: So many I don't have time to list"

Former Employee - Nurse says

"I worked at Landmark Health full-time Cons: Terrible management that likes to lay blame on others."

Former Employee - Care Coordinator says

"I worked at Landmark Health full-time for more than a year Cons: Favoritism, clicks, terrible turn around with providers, lack of answers or clarity when it came to important topics such as the IPAs. More about the number of patients who signed up then taking care of the patients we had. Heavy patient loads, terrible management from office management to HR who would not give proper responses when it came to questions and not knowledgeable to CA laws. Culture of secrecy. Bureaucracies tend to function to preserve themselves and those with power. So if those of us who are at a lower level, try to indicate that there are problems then we become the problems and they do what they can to maintain the status quo. Preserve the institution at all costs, at the expense of the service that should be delivering to individuals."

Current Employee - Nurse Care Manager says

"I have been working at Landmark Health full-time for more than a year Cons: Bullying, micromanaging, poor supervision, lack of communication, company growing too fast and changing every day, unrealistic expectations"

Former Employee - Executive Director says

"I worked at Landmark Health full-time for less than a year Cons: Poor leadership. Schizophrenic operations and organization make work impossible. Medical information systems are severely lacking. Staff turnover is rapid and never ending. Compensation is behind industry standards."