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Joseph James Rogan (born August 11, 1967) is an American comedian, podcast host, and mixed martial arts color commentator. He has also worked as a television host and an actor.Rogan began his career in comedy in August 1988 in the Boston area. After relocating to Los Angeles in 1994, he signed an exclusive developmental deal with Disney, and appeared as an actor on several television shows including Hardball and NewsRadio. In 1997, he started working for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) as an interviewer and color commentator. Rogan released his first comedy special in 2000. In 2001, he put his comedy career on hold after becoming the host of Fear Factor, and resumed his stand-up career shortly after the show's end in 2006. In 2009, Rogan launched his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, which led him to "fame, wealth and podcast superstardom".

A reddit user said this in a review "Am I missing something or did Joe Rogan straight up admit to Weinsteining ‘like 20’ girls?”


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Richard Thai says

"Sorry excuse for inventory management. Purchased over $1009 on semi annual sale for kettlebells and other fitness equipment. After two weeks of accepting my order and taking my money I still haven’t received any updates. I contacted them and was told if they accepted your order it will ship. Then I waited for a while until they sent me separate emails claiming they oversold and cancelling my order. Made lame excuse of the demand due to Covid-19. We’re in freaking June, Covid 19 has been around a while. This is not news! Worst part is they tied my money up. If I would have been told immediately I would have moved on and bought it somewhere that had it in stock. They cost me the opportunity to buy it somewhere else like at Rogue and Repfitness. Now it’s just waiting for it to be in stock again. I’m not buying from this company again. Just a waste of time and you’ll just end up disappointed because they can’t fullfill your order."

andrew swartz says

"I recently purchased roughly $800 dollars worth of kettlebell and fitness equipments from onnit. After purchase, it said to allow 5-7 business days for processing around the third week of not receiving any information about my purchase I attempted to call onnit 3 times with no answer and no call back I then emailed them and waited a 4 day period with no response. After this, I received 5 separate emails stating that onnit during their fitness sale, unfortunately, oversold their equipment and were canceling my order due to lack of inventory. this was extremely frustrating being that I waited a significant period to first place this order and then had to wait an additional 3 weeks to hear that I was not going to receive any of the equipment I purchased."

Martin Goddard says

"I'm in the process of trying out different nootropics and was really excited to try out Alpha Brain after reading many great reviews. I ordered 60 capsules for a months course through UK supplier XBrain. I was totally underwhelmed and didn't notice any difference. I'm really disappointed because the cost of this is significantly more than its competitors. On a side note, I experienced very poor customer service from XBrain. I sent 3 emails and had no response. For anyone looking to try them out, I would recommend sourcing them from a different supplier."

Justin says

"My wife (26 years old) used Alpha Brain for a brief time. It was not only ineffective but it actually created an acute allergic reaction and had to be stopped and returned, for which we've received no communication or refund."

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