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Intermix is a women's fashion brand owned by Gap Inc. It was founded by Khajak and Haro Keledjian in 1993, who sold the brand to Gap for $130 million in 2012. Its president is Jyothi Rao.

Amy shares her disappointing experience on, "DO NOT ORDER FROM INTERMIX. I ordered OVERNIGHT shipping on a WEDNESDAY. Yes, the website references a 48 "processing" time. However, WHY would any service list something as "overnight," charge $35, when really it is THREE-day shipping? That is FALSE advertisement. When I called to be refunded for my fee of $35, after waiting FIVE days for my item, I was given a big "$#*! you" from the online sales associate as well as the manager I requested to speak to. The manager then told me to not shop with them again. They shouldn't even be allowed to use the title "customer service." Never in my life have I had such a horrible experience with an online retailer. Truly disgusting. The manager literally told me NOT to shop with them! Can you even believe that?! I told them I was returning the item (a $200 swimsuit) because of this treatment and they could not have cared less."


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Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Negative energy, gossiping girls, unprofessional team,"


"Bullies, ego, incompetent upper management and company values are just wall art. Allocation team is clueless and just an overall toxic environment. Don’t waist your time & energy, they don’t care about you."

Former Employee - Key Holder/Floor Manager says

"Poor upper management, corporate doesn’t care about you no matter how much they stay in contact with you. Payroll was continually incorrect, a hassle to fix and prove, commission was minimal and often inputted incorrectly. Staffing is minimal, they’re cheap, your monthly goals are a long shot, we’ve been planned up by almost 100K for one month. If you ’t make plan you don’t make bonus and there’s never any recognition for how hard you work"

Former Employee - Stylist says

"very toxic culture of being pressured into buying their extraordinarily expensive clothing, no support from management, favoritism, and very little organization"

Former Employee - Stylist says

"Management, negative sorority feel, commission structure"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Emphasis on “hard sell” philosophy - all the care about is making money"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Negative and hostile work environment"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Terrible management HR collusion with management Retaliation Unprofessional Worst place to work - would rather flip burgers"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Moronic upper management with corrupt ideals. They set you up to fail and berate you when you inevitably don't meet plan. Cruel district managers, a vp who brags about her family having mafia ties and an invisible president. Inexperienced buyers, a bloated and equally clueless marketing team, BROKEN POINT OF SALE SYSTEMS that consistently upsets customers, skeletal operations team and an emphasis to support the web department while screwing over dwindling loyal customers. GAP and their new corporate executives have destroyed INTERMIX. Please don't work here, you can do better."

Current Employee - Assistant says

"- No room for personal growth; internal positions only get communicated to "favorites" - People talk behind your back - Managers have never heard about "there are no stupid questions" because every question you ask is stupid and gets answered with "I already did told you this 2 times" or "this is the easiest thing" - 90% of the girls that work at Intermix are bitchy "sorority" high school bullies even too insecure to go to the ladies room alone: yes people, some employees take toilet breaks together so they can gossip about others - HR are part of the high school sorority as well so employees won't feel comfortable talking to them about concerns - Managers publicly throwing employees under the bus to customers - Answering face to face questions with an email - No team feeling at all - Part of the team works their ass of to get things done while others are scrolling through Facebook, food blogs or soulcycle classes"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Unhealthy work environment. Managers and higher ups really don't care about you. You're treated like you're expendable. Plus, there isn't that much growth in the company and if there is, it's difficult to grow up the ladder.Toxic environment"

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"You are among a bunch of JR sales pro pretending to be the savviest and coolest in the fashion industry—yet nothing more than glorified sales staff and wanna be social media something, yet really no bodies. Zero clientelling skills, pure luck and volume when it comes to make sales. Management is the worst. People placed there out of pure luck by narcissistic general manager that is mother ratchet to say the least. Clothes are alright and everything is hectic and a facade. Store is Blessed with a so called high traffic which is made up people with money just looking for their everyday wear. Nothing of luxury. Yes, expensive pieces but think of it like it’s nothing more than everyday GAP for women with money, looking for everyday pieces. Tees and jeans and the everyday floral or print piece. Then buy a bunch. Same with shoes. The current assistant managers act like the most tenured yet to have a better idea their “extensive” experience is not farther than from urban outfitters and bandier. No previous luxury background so loud and crass don’t even start to cover demeanors. In short, terrible store and environment. No growth or rhyme. Just sell!"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I had worked at Intermix before and loved it, I started working at a different store and realized that the company had changed a lot and the environment was toxic. I worked there about a month and had to quit because my paychecks did not cover my rent and I was miserable while there.Management"

Stock Manager (Former Employee) says

"Intermix is a high end fashion boutique store based out of America that made a decision in the beginning of 2011 to expand internationally. With this decision, they selected Toronto as it's first International market outside of the United Stated. While working there, I had the pleasure and opportunity of meeting and conversing on many occasions with the CEO, President and Vice President of the Company. All who credited and reviewed my work ethic and determination in high regard to make there store a success in Canada. Overall, Intermix was and still is a great company to work for. Unfortunately the management staff chosen to lead the crusade of their store becoming a success was not so great.networking opportunitiesworking environment, disgruntled employees"

Encargada (Current Employee) says

"Mi trabajo me resulta agradable pues aprendo mas cosas cada dia, ademas de que soy la unica empleada,por lo tanto tengo la responsabilidad de llevar un buen manejo de este negocio tanto en la atencion que se le da a los clientes como en el manejo de dinero; el dia se me va rapidamente pues durante la jornada hay mucha actividad. Me gusta lo que hago es por eso que lo hago bien!aprendo a manejar archivos que no conociael salario es demasiado bajo y el horario pesado, 12 horas diarias"

Floor Manager (Former Employee) says

"My original manager was an incredible women who unfortunately was relocated only 3 months into my starting. They put the Assistant Manager in charge, who was highly incompetent and put all of her responsibilities on to me, with no additional compensation. I was offered $15.00 an hour plus a 6% commission when I signed on. Three weeks after starting the company changed their commission structure down to 1-2%. Making it impossible to make a decent living while working there.DiscountsNo breaks, poor management"

Senior Floor Coordinator / Stylist (Former Employee) says

"Overall my experience at intermix was negative. Management in store, as well as upper management, was detached and often not even available when needed. The assistant store manager and I were tasked with taking care of the store while our store manager took personal shopping trips or took regular personal vacations. It wasn't uncommon to work 12 days in a row with no days off because lower staff wouldn't even show up for shifts. When we were required to work 12 days in a row, management wouldn't even allow us to list, in honesty, the hours we worked because our store would be in trouble for employees going "overtime". The best part of the job was the health benefits. The job itself was often boring and occasionally demeaning in how management treated anyone below store manager status.great health benefitsbasically everything"

Sales Expert (Current Employee) says

"Indeed one of the leading luxury retailers in the nation! Provides clients with personal styling and exceptional customer service."

Stock Supervisor/Operations Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Good job to have if in school, in between careers or such. High end retail, good compensation, great responbilities.not much room for advancement"

Training Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"• Responsible for achieving all financial goals of the store sales, payroll, controllable expenses, shrink, etc.• Booking appointments to schedule weekly meeting with decision makers at all levels• Schedule monthly events and manage day to day calendar events• Hiring and training of all new hires• Recruiting hiring candidates• Monthly and yearly reviews• Prepare all necessary marketing materials for events• Manage client relationship throughout the store• Oversee daily operations of store and maintain store standards• Monitor daily, weekly and monthly sales goals of all associates• Create a team environment and provide appropriate coaching and counseling• Providing excellent and knowledgeable customer service in every area of the storealways busy with new projectsno prospects for future advancement"

Sales/Merchandising Assistant (Former Employee) says

"After Gap acquired Intermix the quality and product has gone down. It has become too corporate and it is a disappointment considering they carried very beautiful products"

Management (Current Employee) says

"Trendy fashion with a high pace work environment. Managing a small staff to meet sales goals and weekly/monthly goals. All the workers love the clothes and that passion shines through when styling a client. On a typical day I am merchandising product, selling and organizing. The most enjoyable part of the job for me is the amazing clothes and doing the visuals.long breaks, vacation timehours, open on weekends"

Stockroom Manager (Former Employee) says

"Boutique style stores operate on a term by term basis, unlike big box or specialty retailers."

Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"My co-workers were very social and friendly. We got along very well. We always made the best of everything no matter what was going on around us. The most enjoyable part of the job work environment and wonder hospitality around me. I learned from this job, I learn new skills and talents about myself"

Stock Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Get product knowledge Everyday is different opportunities to learn Culture is very fun Management is get with clients and employees Flexible scheduling"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Intermix is satisfactory. The ability to advance is particulary easy"