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Wendie Leo says

"I have never written a review before but I have never encountered such dreadful customer service. They have a 30 day returns policy but having returned my Hero 8 almost a month ago I have not had a refund of my £329.99 and get no response via live chat or call back. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY."

Nathanial Allen says

"hey guys this is now a quick update from my last review ... nothing has changed no camera and no refund they stolen my money... from last time nearly 4 months UPS lost my parcel by leaving it on my doorstep as Im a key worker throughout COVID. an investigation was done by UPS and because UPS driver signing it (illegally) saying I signed it and was handed to me GoPro will not issue a refund... please guys this company do not care about you one bit!!!! and will not help you no way, feeding you lies about someone will be in contact ive logged 3 time to receive a call and to this day I'm still waiting ( 2 weeks now). I will stop at nothing to get my money back as this company. seriously guys take your hard earned money elsewhere so many amazing other cameras are out there I know I should off went with my gut feeling and got the DJI OSMO! GoPro will steal your money and once the camera is out of their hands they take no reasonably for their trusted delivery company actions and UPS will neither aid you, ive been round in circles ever since companies like these should be exposed! they offer not replacement, compensation or refunds. if you have money to burn feel free to provide money to a company that are stealing others money."

Michele Smith says

"Logged a call back with Go Pro 5 days ago ..... still waiting!!!!! As my Go Pro Hero 5 Session will not charge/power on. Not impressed about this or with their UK customer support service ."

Bartek Pienkus says

"GoPro hero 8, To download 58 second videos on my iPhone X takes about 20 min. Useless ??"

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