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Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C. (abbreviated most commonly as Harness Dickey) is a law firm headquartered in Troy, Michigan. Harness Dickey focuses exclusively on intellectual property. The firm provides legal services in all areas of patents, trademarks, and copyrights — including preparation and prosecution, licensing, litigation, and portfolio management services — as well as handling anti-counterfeiting, international rights, due diligence, and trade secret matters.

A former employee of Harness, Dickey & Pierce wrote this on indeed: At Harness, Dickey & Pierce the pay is not competitive with other local firms and is very low here. Raises are weak (0-3% annually) even with an excellent performance review. HR causes a toxic and hostile work environment, and is an unnecessary source of stress for the staff. You can't report HR to themselves and reporting HR to anyone else resolves nothing. Their ALAS "If you see something, say something" policy is a meaningless platitude. Management is indifferent and unresponsive. HR runs the staff like a totalitarian nightmare. Nobody will address or correct the toxic behavior. I stuck it out for several years, believing I could just stay off HR's radar, since there is little need to interact with them beyond annual reviews. It's impossible. To their credit, my attorneys intervened for me on numerous occasions to intercept and block HR, but it is completely unreasonable to expect people to work in a place where your supervisor has to "shield" you from HR's abuse. As much as I enjoyed my work and colleagues, I couldn't tolerate it anymore. Staff turnover is a never-ending revolving door, both because of noncompetitive pay/benefits and HR's disturbing treatment of people. Constantly seeing skilled, experienced, and pleasant coworkers/friends resign and leave for better pay and conditions elsewhere further crushes morale for those who stay. I had really great attorneys and coworkers. It's unfortunate that I had to leave. I just couldn't tolerate HR's abuse any longer. Assignments and job stability are tenuous at best. HR can move you anywhere they like, to any attorney, to docketing, or even out the door, whenever they choose. HR tried to assign me to 5 attorneys at the same time and my primary attorney had to intervene. Workloads are constantly shifting and being shuffled because of the turn-over. Even people who have been there for 10+ years are leaving. Remote work from home is generally not allowed. The office still works with physical files. I interviewed at multiple other firms prior to resigning. All of the firms I interviewed with offered at least one day a week of remote work, and a paperless office. I also received multiple offers from over firms that were between 17,000 and 21,000 higher than my pay at HDP


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