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New Surface Go 2 is perfectly portable, with a bigger 10.5” touchscreen, better resolution, and long battery life designed to keep up with you and your family. Use it like a laptop or tablet for everyday tasks. Surface Go Type Cover and Surface Pen sold separately.

Dieter Bohn for The Verge mentioned Microsoft Surface Go 2 Don't push it,"Other than increasing the screen size, Microsoft hasn’t changed a single thing about the body on the Surface Go 2. Slow is not the right word to describe the Surface Go 2’s performance, at least not for the Core M3 model I’ve been using. When you’re doing a single task — staying within its limits — it feels snappy enough. A better way to put it is to say the Surface Go has a very low performance ceiling. If you try to run too many apps or even a single app that’s too intense, it will let you know by lagging to a halt."


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Warehouse Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Probably one of the worst job companies i have ever worked for...no growth, management is horrible, pay is alright but not worth the work your doing, breaks horrible, promote lazy and useless workers, overall this company is horrible don’t waste your time Cons: Everything"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Go no where with this company. They will tell you that you will advance but you never do. All they want you to do is deliver as fast as you can and keep your mouth shut"

Learning Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Amazon had definitely changed my view on large companies! No matter how long you’ve worked there and how much blood sweat and tears you give to them, you are disposable! Especially when you had been with the company for almost 4 years and never were in trouble once. They don’t care about you, senior leadership only cares about themselves and only themselves. Cons: Right now everything"

Learning Ambassador (Current Employee) says

"Let me put this in to a short paragraph for you. This place is awful it’s absolutely the worst place I’ve ever worked management is awful and consistently in other peoples private matters and not to mention the horrible system they have if you need to leave for a family emergency Cons: Everything"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Do not work here. They will get rid of you when convenient to them (when demand is low) without thought to the person's wellbeing. Avoid where possible. Cons: Constantly changing shift pattern"

Delivery Driver & Logistics (Former Employee) says

"Constant pushing by management to meet unreal targets. Your bonus can be taken away for failing metrics that aren’t related to your performance, but to the area you deliver in. You are monitored at all times and get texted asking why you’re behind. You’re expected to complete a certain amount of stops per hour, regardless of the amount of packages or difficulty of delivery. One stop can be 20 packages each to different floors of an apartment complex, and you’re expected to finish 19 more stops in the same hour. Some days are breezy, and some days are horrible. Got yelled at on Christmas Eve for bringing back a package that was 2 hours away and wasn’t assigned to me. It was a miss-sort that wasn’t for my route, and they demanded that I go out and drive 3 hours round trip at 7pm. I did not, and quit shortly after."

Operaio addetto al controllo qualità (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente di lavoro basato sulla manipolazione e mentalizzazione dei più giovani che non hanno la struttura caratteriale per potersi difendere.La Amazon vuole dei servili soldatini depressi e dissociati, le regole all'interno dello stabilimento di Castelguglielmo erano a dir poco paranoiche, e per poter essere attuate e mantenute un plotone di caporali ventenni gira continuamente per lo stabilimento con l'unico obiettivo di segnalare subdolamente gli operai non in linea, riuscendo a farli licenziare per futili motivi che nulla hanno a che fare con l'impegno e la serietà sul lavoro. Cons: Ambiente paranoico/distopico"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"The company does not pay for on call. They schedule and require people to show up to work and send them home without pay if there is no route available for them that day. Is that legal to do? A lot of drivers have to wake up early drive 30min to work and once they get there, they are sent home with no pay. It also messes up the day. For example, finding a babysitter for the day because they thought they had work. Lost on time and gas driving to work. Cons: Your replaceable. Over turn high. They don't care for their workers."

Amazon Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"Stowing is definitely easier than picking in my opinion but it seems that all jobs at the Amazon Warehouse is taxing. You are only given two 30 minute breaks and one 15 minute break. The break rooms are far so it takes about 7 minutes of those breaks just to get there. Managers will scold you if you walk away to use the bathroom. They don’t care about people just the numbers such as time in between scanning items and the amount of items scanned in one shift. Amazon wants robots not people."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Really bad place to work. Long house and no benefits. Lots of us got covid and they still wanted us to come in every day business as usual..,no sick time Cons: Everything sucks"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"No Christmas bonuses, less money, no bonus about virus. Took me off from worklist and gave me different route for less money without asking me. Asking my availability but don't give work."

Picker (Current Employee) says

"Trying to get out of this company I don’t like it they don’t treat you fairly it’s hard to move up they try to do anything to fire you after about a year"

stocker (Former Employee) says

"possibly, probably, definitely dangerous conditions while stowing food from individuals who have no knowledge of food safety, with minimal if any direction or training, I was only trained for one day and I haven't seen that manager since. making people rely on ridiculous handwritten signage, with literally millions of dollars of food and people's lives in the balance. I have never seen such a lack of concern for customer's safety like I have seen in this warehouse. I understand that people are supposed to use common sense but management takes that for granted, we have to go back and redo the horrible job that was done on a previous shft. in some places you feel like a number, here you are much less than that. I honestly cant tell you if i even have a direct manager. so many things wrong Cons: too many to explain"

Seasonal Tier 1 Associate (Former Employee) says

"Do not be fooled. Working for Amazon in their fulfillment centres is like working for a sweatshop. This is a company that relies heavily on your input but you are 1.) given constant feedback and criticism, despite doing everything they require of you, 2.) heavily scrutinized and disciplined for things beyond your control. You are also watched by constant surviellance vigorously, they track your movements, and people, including senior managment, are incredibly rude and unprofessional. It’s also impossible to socially distance between you and other associates despite the fact you are to comply with health guidelines, making working unsafe. All this without being given Hazard pay and no tanngible way to receive praise or a promotion. Therefore, it was the worst company I ever worked for Cons: Too many to list"

Amazon Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"The management and hr are horrible. You have no life or sleep schedule with the hours. They work you non stop for a 15 minute break and if you’re 30 seconds late coming back that’s a write up. There’s no promotions available AT ALL no chance for more money. Only way to be a manager is having a bachelors degree and that’s the only person above you. I have nothing positive to say about this company other than the pay is alright if you’re younger. Nothing you can thrive off of. Cons: Everything"

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work at. They don’t care about their employees whatsoever!!! Don’t even waste your time!! They terminated me for having COVID?!?!?! HORRIBLE!!"

Yard Marshall (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work. I have been fighting repeatedly for my wages that I am still owed months later. Refused to pay me just before Christmas. ignoring calls and emails. Cons: Unorganised, they don’t pay you"

Lagerarbeiter (Current Employee) says

"Schlecht man muss arbeiten gleichzeitig machen man muss immer springen wenn was gesagt wird es wird Personal eingestellt was sich nicht richtig verständigen kann es wird weg geschaut wenn Mitarbeiter belästigt werden es heißt bloss gib mir den login aber weiter hin passiert nix die Pausen sind beschämt es werden 10 min abgezogen wegen den laufweg es werden Mitarbeiter bevorzugt die genau so lange da sind wie man selbst man muss Überstunden machen bzw man hat keine andere Wahl und es gibt unfreundlichen Personal weil manche Leute denken sie seien was besseres.ich würde es niemanden empfehlen du rennst für ein packet vom anfang der Halle bis ende der Halle und muss dich beeilen weil es sonnst ärger gibt und z.b die früh und nachtschicht hat Sonderrechte ich selbst war in de spätschicht und habe selbst gesehen das die Frühschicht alles in dem ..... gesteckt bekommen hat und die nschtschicht nicht mal gearbeitet hat Cons: Man ist die lauf........für alles"

Stower (Former Employee) says

"The management is horrible. It’s slow paced. They over hire due to the turning rate. Make you up to 60 hours a week. The breaks are cut too short. Everyday someone new has COVID and they don’t do anything."

Fulfillment Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worked for 3 months for them at Doncaster site through pandemic in vulnerable category as have heart condition only to be told on 2 nd January that as the work has quietened down that my contract ends on 09/01/21 feel used for the Xmas rush when my contract was initially 9 months. Just be aware of this to any potential future employees they just drop u like that if they feel like it Cons: Long hard work unappreciated"