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The Georgia Institute of Technology, commonly referred to as Georgia Tech or, in the state of Georgia, as Tech, is a public research university and institute of technology in Atlanta, Georgia. It is part of the University System of Georgia and has satellite campuses in Savannah, Georgia; Metz, France; Athlone, Ireland; Shenzhen, China; and Singapore.

9 Months ago a student wrote a review for Niche, about how Georgia Tech really sucks: Academics are good but they literally don't care about your health at all. Even when you have doctors' notes or physical or mental health problems they literally don't give a shit and won't help you. There's a reason so many people kill themselves here...


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Groundskeeper 2 (Current Employee) says

"Manager doesn't know how to fix issues that are going on.He don't know how to listen to employees. Good people have left because of him. Cons: Ok"

Digital Projects Manager (Current Employee) says

"not good. very chauvinistic. predominately men who hate women and undpay them for the same or more effort. common theme : "Women are bi$(hes" and they are treated lower than grub worms. worst place on the planet to work if you want to compete for the same salary as men doing the same job ( or worse, you trained your male counterparts and they make a ton more money than you)."

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Machine Learning for Trading (Former Employee) says

"Highly overrated mediocre college with mediocre incompetent administration"

Logistics Manager (Former Employee) says

"Police department administration is not trustworthy people. They will tell you that you are doing a good job then let you go with no explanation. I have nothing more to say"

Sr. Director, Housing Facilities Management (Former Employee) says

"Worst run institution ever. Backstabbing is the norm on this campus.Management was terminated while I was there. Apparently it was the second time in ten years!"

System Support Engineer II (Current Employee) says

"Typically the work is not bad, but certain departments have a management problem. They are not good advocates for their employees and do not work to help them advance their careers."

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"I will not work for a company that expected me to put my job before my health. I do not tolerate mental abuse and no matter how hard I tried it was never enough Cons: Brandon Hughes GM does not know how to treat employes"

Custodial Worker (Former Employee) says

"I never had a boring day working for Georgia Tech. I remember every year I would see new freshmen entering my building. At Georgia Tech each employee had their own building to clean. I had the freshman building. I would become over excited whenever fall came alone, because it was my opportunity to performed extra deep cleaning to make my building presentable for the freshman students and their parents. I had to shampoo my carpet, polish the stairways, clean the front entrance, and the kitchen & lobby and use this special machine to pressure wash the showers and bathrooms. Cons: Spiders on the stairways and near the window seal"

Custodian 1 (Former Employee) says

"The pay was low and the co workers were very disruptive. I could not take working there any longer because I did not feel valued as an employee. Cons: co-workers, payrate"

Contracting Officer (Former Employee) says

"Office of Sponsored Programs habitually hire based on personal relations not on job knowledge or experience. They rely on the knowledge of subordinates, but refuses to promote from within. It's a dead end position for a contracting officer. Most of the present contracting officers are more knowledgeable and experienced than the director levels, but receive minimal raises and no promotion opportunities. Cons: No promotion opportunities, minimal raises and no support from administration."

Student Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The good: helping and meeting students from all over the world, working at GT is a great resume booster, meet a few nice people/co-workers. I learned to use a new data management system while employed. Everyone is over-qualified for the positions they are in so promotion/advancement is very difficult and competitive. Cons: Cut throat, too competitive."

Business & Compliance Analyst II (Current Employee) says

"Great place for training and skills enhancement. Good Benefits- medical etc... Tuition paid for some education. Large campus and lots to learn. Lots of good people and variety of challenges"

Graduate Student (Former Employee) says

"Not the only one at all who felt this way. Right before I left the GA University Board and the Grad Student Assoc. both issued scathing reviews of the way grad students were treated there. Of course some people had great advisors and experiences but my experience there was 8 years of misery, and about a third to half the grad students I knew there had the same experience. My department - Physics - was just blasted in those reports, even though they acknowledged it was far from the worst. Cons: Virtually no institutional protections for grad students, other students and activities receive priority."

CERTIFIED BARISTA, ARAMARK (Current Employee) says

"This is a big company that tries to pay as little as possible to get people to work for them. They want you to work until you get fed up and quit. The person who pays you is hard to work with. Cons: Long hours and make you work weekends"

Carpenter/Painter (Current Employee) says

"In all fairness I believe that management has changed since I was employed there. It was so bad I would think that it would have to. Employees and managers going to jail and unfair treatment of people. This was a bad experience for me. Much happier since I’ve been away from tech housing department."

Facilities Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Do not work for the housing department. Terrible place to work!!! Hostile discriminative, environment. Poor management. This place has history of violence between co-workers. Lacks ethics and morals. Pay is poor. Hours are long. Georgia tech as a whole is great, just dont work for this department."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Just pure racist...enough said! Got there and it was a mess from the start. No one trust each other and you can smell hatred as soon as you arrive inside the office. You’re wondering, “What did I get myself into?” The supervisor already had an investigation on him and the office was sooooo devided, it wasn’t even funny. I would join in Friday morning meetings, shaking my head because of what the coworkers and supervisor were saying about each other. Let’s just say it was very unprofessional. Team work wasn’t in their vocabulary at all. Whatever happen to love your neighbor as thyself? I just focused on doing my work, but supervisors and lead men wanted me to snitch or tell who is doing what in there buildings (we all know why). I wasn’t that guy to show and tell so they let me go. So if you like selling you soul, or love being under stress for 6 months, you better come prepared for a show! Other than that, the students, teachers, and other faculties were wonderful people."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Ever since we got our new manager since we got a new governor she wants to re read all the policies and send you 25 emails in one day in a spect you to memorize everything 1 thing goes wrong you are being punished and in the office for 30 or more days like a child I feel like I am a child working for my mommy it's very stressful to think that you have to watch every word that you say when you're on the phone not a good life work balance she needs to be gone"

NA (Current Employee) says

"Great brand and market reputation. Leadership are academics not business leaders or people leaders. Every department has a different mission and value statement. Confusing for everyone."

Marketing Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"After a recent scandal, an ethics investigation was launched. Every week more department heads were being fired, and more protocols were put into place. This not only created a lot of confusion, but a lot of push back from the older generations. They are having a hard time adjusting and hiring the people that are actually NEEDED for the roles because of all the bureaucratic red tape. Good luck trying to ever get promoted or even so much as get your job done without hitting a road block. There are plenty of other Universities in the Atlanta area you can work for instead. Cons: That merit won't be valid for much longer if they continue as they have."

Holac Hospital says

"Very bad company, Please don,t join as a employee"