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Remi says

"The people at the Romeo MI store are very nice; however according to Sprint support, they did not digitally chron my issues or visits so that they could see the complaints. I know that the store logged them on paper-so the sprint personnel were unable to verify that I did not have good-OR ANY service at times. They took close to 800 dollars from my account and have not returned the surplus charges for over 200 dollars in phone damage (which I agreed with),. They also insisted on charging me for breaking my contract, even though I literally dropped a call in the store- in front of employees. I've since had to go to with another company. 8/5/2020- Upon trying to retrieve the balance that sprint owes me, the customer service representative refused to transfer me to a supervisor and refused to give me his name/identification number. This was very frustrating and crazy! They owe me approximately over 400 dollars."

Jeramie Leavell says

"Since Sprint merged with T-mobile I drive an hour and 15 minutes to work everyday on the backroads and could talk an whole hour to and from. Now I can only talk maybe 20 minutes. AT&T HERE I COME! RIDICULOUS!"

Elizabeth Paige Bell says

"We have been with sprint for 5 years. We decided to upgrade our phones like we've done before, and got the galaxy s20. My phone was great however my husband had issues after only a few months. The phone we got had great specs, the important one to remember is it is supposed to be water resistant up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. My husband was unloading tile from his truck at work, so was back and forth in the rain one day with his phone in his pocket. Somehow a raindrop fell just right and landed in his charge port. The phone dinged moisture detected notification. No biggy, that happened with previous phones so it was put in rice and we weren't worried considering the phone is water resistant right? Wrong. The notification never went away. We called sprint and explained the phone was never submerged and was IN HIS POCKET so was barely wet. Like literally a raindrop had to fall perfectly into the phone. We were given the run around for over 27 hours of talk time on the phone with sprint and the phone manufacturer. Obviously something was wrong with the phone in the first place, if it was never submerged and is supposed to be good for 1.5 meters under water for 30 minutes, yet a raindrop ruined it? We explained this over and over again, and were even hung up on FOUR TIMES by very rude customer service reps. We were even transfered to the corporate number to file a complaint, and they said they wouldn't do anything about it. They sold us a phone that didn't meet the specs it was supposed to, and did NOTHING to make it right. A 1000 dollar phone thats supposed to be water proof was ruined by freaking rain INSIDE OF A POCKET and they refused to right the wrong and replace the defective merch. Customer service was absolute trash, and we were even called liars. Sprint is trash and sells faulty merch. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! we are now with spectrum. Bundled our internet and phone, have the same phones (the s20) and our bill is 15 dollars cheaper. Also spectrum is on Verizon towers and has way better signal. Im now going to leave this review every where that is possible. They screwed over loyal customers that never once had a missed bill in 5 years. Sold us faulty merch and did NOTHING, offered NOTHING to make up for the fact the phone didn't meet its specs in the slightest. Don't make the same mistake we did, the second something happens, EVEN THOUGH WE HAD INSURANCE ON BOTH PHONES, they will screw you over in a heart beat."

J Montoya says

"I have a buddy who works with me who has Cricket. He is also working off of a LG phone that is 4 1/2 years old as I have a S10 galaxy. Side by side doing the exact same searches His phone outperforms mine by a mile. Only one explanation.. I have a far superior phone so you do the math. SPRINT=GARBAGE!!!!! I cant wait to switch in a couple months when my phone lease is up."

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