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Film4 is a British free-to-air television channel owned by the Channel Four Television Corporation, that broadcasts films. It was launched on 1 November 1998. While its standard-definition channel is available as a FTA network, its high-definition variant is offered as a pay television service. Film4 productions is Channel 4 Television’s feature film division. Film4 develops and co-finances films and is known for working with the most distinctive and innovative talent in UK and international filmmaking, whether new or established. Film4 the digital TV channel is the UK's most watched film channel with a diverse and innovative schedule of films. To find out more and to see what films are playing on the Film4 channel, click here. Both the Film4 channel and Film4 productions are part of Channel 4 Television, one of the five main television broadcasters in the United Kingdom.

John Jennings mentioned, "So I watched channel 4 news tonight to monitor for signs of bias. I watched for 40 minutes as they covered Brazilian problems with COVID 19, Trump's twitter spats, Minneapolis police/ race crisis, alleged racism in British policing vs ethnic minorities, Bolsonaro's being Trump's "mini-me" in Brazil, failure of British chancellor to continue the furlough of the self-employed into perpetuity. They spoke to Madeline Albright, a Democrat who put the boot into Trump. They spoke to the Professor (David King ?) who is vehemently opposed to Boris' handling of COVID, they spoke to a labour mp who put the boot into the chancellor, they showed a biased piece accusing police in the UK of persecuting ethnic minorities using very selective dodgy stats ....... I counted 16 times where leftist opinions went totally unchallenged and listened to an especially damnable journalist who told us the right wing leader of Brazil was laughing at COVID deaths."


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Robert Morroll says

"Shockingly terrible customer service if I could leave no stars I would had attempted fraudulent use of my card the dummy on the chat line asked me for the order number how would I know that and then said no order had been placed and then ended chat why do they think I contacted them pure and stupid stay away from them cause if things go wrong kiss your money bye bye"

Jack says

"They sell codes for merchants and the codes don’t actually work. They then offer no help, saying to contact the merchant. When you request a refund, they then refund you in credit. You then have to request a cash refund, which takes 5 working days. All in all, it takes about a week just to get back to the position you were in before. Complete waste of time, a joke of a company. *Further to the above, the below response is further evidence of what a poor company they are. For info, it was not an automated response. I’ve been back and forth with a person at Wowcher, who was less than useless. Using the pandemic as an excuse for poor service is shameful."

Ade says

"Worst customer service ever I return two items which i got a reply from so called dodgy brand logic and wowcher was copied as below but to my surprise wowcher wants to refund me for one item. I have emailed their customer service dealhelp but no response yet.this are my order no-35362894 And 35303969 Hello, I hope you’re well. We have received the 2 x returns. Wowcher, please issue a refund for the 2 x voucher codes: KFHQH4-RPSGWT TCH4A7-CJPQS3 Many thanks. Kind Regards, Brand Logic Customer Care Team"

Iori Tcherniakov says

"Worst experience with their Customer service ever - incompetent bunch of suckers. Over the voucher bought in March - now is end of August and still not sorted out their internal IT problem so unable to book the meal. Sent email complaint to their MD - to no avail. Shocking Would never deal with Wowcher again Avoid as plague"

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