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Extra Space Storage is a real estate investment trust headquartered in Cottonwood Heights, Utah that invests in self storage units. As of December 31, 2019, the company-owned and/or operated 1,817 locations in 40 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, comprising approximately 140 million square feet of net rentable space in 1.3 million storage units. It is the 2nd largest owner of self-storage units in the United States and the largest self-storage property manager.

Extra Space is abusive with hidden rates that could increase, Gene claims at consumeraffairs.com

"My rate has almost doubled in the years I've been there. They go up every 6 months. It's abusive. I'm a good customer and pay via automatic payment, but I'm also on a fixed income, and my income certainly has not increased comparably. Their value has become a liability."


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Former Employee - Store Manager says

"Never say good job to you"

Former Employee - PPC Analyst I says

"In my department I was hired to do one thing, PPC. After a couple months in started only taking me 1 or 2 days to do my job because the vast majority of the role is run through AI. When I asked to take on more work, I was ignored. I was also completely overlooked for the manager position that I was 100% qualified for because I was told I "didn't have enough manager experience". How do you expect me to move up and if you never give me the chance? That is when I quit after feeling completely disrespected at the company. I didn't fit in at this company and I think there are more employees out there that fill the same, especially the non-mormon ones. I always felt like I was the black sheep in the marketing department and there was drama if I didn't nod my head and think that everything we were doing was "just so great!" ESS was a cool company but unfortunately my specific department was so toxic and messed up that everyone in it left shortly after me. I'm guessing it was too much pressure to control things we could not control. I look back and think to myself if I had a different manager and boss, if I would still be around. It's a shame how things worked out but I am glad I quit and didn't waste anymore time there."

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Just about everything...very numbers driven."

Current Employee - N/A says

"They are a top on Glassdoor becsuse they incentivise with a candy bar or some contest. Same with Indeed - that was with the former VP of HR so it may not be a thing anymore. It makes me wonder when I was looking at how "happy" employees were, if it was the controlled reviews. People aren't as happy as these reviews make it seem. There aren't a lot of opportunities to grow at the corporate office unless you move departments. Covid has opened many eyes to employees to see how much the company values are valued. The CEO has allowed his controlling side to show. What he is promoting is that the office is "safe" and they have taken the measures to help. It's not so simple with an invisible contagion. The most susceptible to catch covid is in an enclosed space for more than 15 minutes and when you are by others. And its required for everyone to return to the office. Until now,the most important thing to ESS were the employees. Now it's the bottom line ."

Former Employee - Property Manager says

"They pay only 10 hourly to clean in the heat over 200+ storages"

Former Employee - Property Manager says

"Titled as Management: when did cleaning restrooms, mopping, cleaning anything, customer going down hill fast-- Covid has limited staffing, But rate increases, & screaming customers makes every day stressful."

Current Employee - District Team Lead says

"The culture is heading in a bad direction and it's clear they no longer care about their employees like they used to. The company is making too many changes too quickly and very quickly flushing their amazing customer service down the toilet. After 6 years, its time to go."

Current Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"watching. good hard. working people loose everything becaus eof covid. PPD auction and are now back to auctioning off peoples belongings because. I love saying let me speak to D manager and ill get back to you with a terrible offer and No you cant speak to management in fact i must email them . Lord im not middle manning a deal with some person so importsant they dont even have a phone ( i explain they have no phone , no even tough you have given us 20k and had death in your family , your wife lost her job and im just crushing peoples life in the jingle jangle morning . I ffel dirty"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management from Top Level to the In-Store Management are TERRIBLE. Think of your In-Store Managers like the worst retail Assistant Managers. And the Regional Managers clearly do not care about the in-store employees or the customers at that. Poor Reopening Stratagems even though Extra Space never actually closed like other storage companies. Its just a mess."

Former Employee - District Team Lead says

"Staffing, customers, work load. You will work by yourself and not get paid over time."

Facility Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"I have worked here 10 years and have always been a top producing manager. Recently had a complete break down of this companies values that I would have never thought. I have been betrayed and taken advantage of. Seems the bigger they get the less they care about their employees!"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"this company does nothing for their property managers they treat them terrible and the show them zero respect. they treat their managers like full time maintenance workers not like property managers. the pay scale is awful and the end of year pay increasesare what you would get for a summer job in high schoolnonelowest pay for property managers in the country"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"ExtraSpace Storage is a greedy and deeply racist company to work for. Unsafe and harsh working conditions abound. Dishonest employees and dishonest and racist corporate personnel. Do NOT work for this place!"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"They hire “assistant managers” which is just a janitor! They want u to clean non stop. Too much stress for too little pay. I left after 3 days of training."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Extra Space is not a good place to work. They treat their employees really bad. You get a new rotation of bosses every year. The dms always have some kind of complex. Like they were nobody their whole life and now get to be in charge of a bunch of janitors and make 60k so the big power in the great job is going to their head. HR supports the bullying mentality and is also just as incompetent."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you can make it into the Offices/Big House, you're set. If you're on the front lines with the call center or onsite, you are expendable. I had never worked for a company that treated its managers so poorly, or implemented such filthy money grabbing priorities."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"District managers are constantly pushing for sales so they can make the bonuses. They pay the employees very little and expect them to bend over backwards for them. Money hungry company that takes advantage of the real workers"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"They don’t care about you. Unless you fit within their “circle” no room for advancement unless you kiss the bosses A...You are continuous mistreated if you aren’t kissing A....never appreciated for all the hard work you do..."

Management (Former Employee) says

"The interview was a joke. I'm pretty sure they're so desperate they will hire anyone. They sell you on the work/life balance since you have sunday's off & the hour's are consistent. Don't be surprised when you're being pestered on your day's off because they expect you to take care of issues when you're off the clock. Almost every saturday night and/or sunday I was having to deal with some type of "issue". I had received numerous calls even around midnight! They fly through employees like crazy. I've worked retail for over 10 years and never have I seen so many people come and go. If you enjoy working alone while it's extremely busy, and never receiving no support, this is the place for you. The one positive, employees at other sites were all really nice. That's about it.n/aAll listed"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company decided after I started training and put off multiple other jobs to work for this company, to fire me. They made it clear during training that they have a "strict" attendance policy, however they made it clear that they work off of a "point system" and that they point system is in affect during training. I missed one day, and they fired me on the spot. They even forced me to call to be fired over the phone after I repeatedly told them that I was uncomfortable doing it. They fired me because I'm pregnant. It became very obvious after my husband told me that he missed a day during training and simply received a point. They are sexist, and biased."

Assistant Manager/Manager (Former Employee) says

"I found my time at extra space Storage as a waste of two years of my life. Virtually no training involved. District manager was unreasonable with demands and expectations. Always have to work Saturdays. Having Sunday off was nice, but not having two days off in a row was very difficult"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"They are so structured and if your not doing it the way they want you to you will be reprimanded and “retrained”. Not every rental will be the same we need some flexibility here. The shops are ridiculous as they hired a company to do shops on us and these people have no clue! They contradict themselves often when doing the shops! Management only cares about the numbers."

Manager, Store (Live On-site) says

"We are fortunate enough to have an outstanding upper management staff who understands your needs, concerns and also respects your point of view. Being able to have a corporate staff visit a site for the day and experience the store level difficulties and struggles we do everyday, bring s both side closer to resolving and finding solutions to many aspects of the work day... We have an great tech support that makes our issues with new technology go smoothly with transitions... Overall, coming to work for a company like this would be anyone's benefit..."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you want to be harrassed and after you let your DMs know they all turn it around and report you as creating the hostile working environment, then by all means go work at Extra Space storage, especially in Campbell. And say goodbye to any hope of moving up in that area.NoneEverything, harrassment, short lunch, liars"

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company. Terrible management. Do you like getting screamed at by customers and having no back up from upper management? Terrible place all around."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Don't bother wasting your time completing an application or interviewing with them. They follow the interview specifically stating that they are expecting to fill the position and will email everyone whether there is a job offer or not. They did NOT send anything, but turned around and posted the position again. The least they could do is follow through with what they say. If they can't do this from the very beginning of the process, how are they with follow through on anything else they do?"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"I been with the company for three years. They says that they care about you and the customer..... the customers are always right and the loosely follow their company code. It is the same job day in and day out.Meeting nice peopleEverything else"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"It could be better if upper management got trialing on how to be in management. Some DMs are very rude like mine. There is also favoritism and the job is boring because they are so specific about how they want you to do it. Otherwise they target you and fire you. You have to be robot like almost. It feels like you are in a cult almost. They make you clean a lot and they also make you use your own car and sometimes your personal cell phone. Also feels like they want to get rid of all the long term employees.Set schedule 40 hoursNot overtime and too strict on time off"

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"you are given sub par training thrown out into the stores sometimes having never been to a particular location and expected to know every little detail. you make one minor mistake you are given no chances for correction you are immediately written up or fired. lots of things to do on a daily basis and then thrown more stuff to complete on top of an already busy schedule. you are expected to do the work of a property manager at assistant manager pay for years on end. Bonus structure is better. Given unrealistic numbers for company goals. care more about hitting goals than taking care of the customer. 2 to 10 cent raise once yearly. promised growth and advancement but takes years to complete all the extra work that must be completed before promotability. its like being in high school all over again everyone talking trash behind each others backs gossiping and telling lies to better themselves.none nothing work the headacheatmosphere, pay, training, duties"

PROPERTY MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"This company is growing but not in a good way. Make sure you ask if you will be in a corporate store or a managed store. The difference is crucial to your success. The size of the property does not amount to more or less pay but its important to know because you will be the one cleaning it...By your self. You are essentially a glorified janitor. You will be expected to sell insurance and products without any commission. The customers are desperate and will do desperate things. You will hardly know your co workers and there is constant change in leadership. The culture under the new CEO is that of corporate greed who prey on the misfortune of low income people. Most properties are old and falling appart they get a paint job every couple of years but not much else. You will be accountable for working miracles in these old places. If you still desire to work here at least apply for the manager position it's one and the same but you get a slightly bigger bonus from time to time.Work schedule 9:30 to 6:00 pm Sundays OffYou will work alone most of the time"

merrioc says

"Stay far far away from the staff at the Winchester Rd, Murrieta, CA location."

Animal lover says

"They will raise your rent to the point where you feel like a hostage with your belongings! Items get so dusty & dirty in storage that it’s not worth storing. They definitely take advantage of knowing that it’s expensive & time consuming to move your stuff out! You end up paying more than advertised prices because they’ll raise your rates. Incoming new person will be paying less than someone that’s already renting for same size!"

stan gillard says

"Extra space storage increased my rate by 30.00 a month after I had been there a year ,They found out I had stage 4 cancer an immediately increased my rate ! They don't want your business, they want your money .They care less about each renter only the money ! I repeat dont rent from extra space storage"

Nika Johnson says

"Worst company you can choose to do business with . I have been with extra space storage. Advertised 44$ per month . Just a year later and increased it to 77$ per month. No increase in the storage space or anything just because they want to . If you Looking to pay almost 1200 per year for a 5x10 next to the smallest unit available go to Extra Space."

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