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Evertek is a Tunisian mobile manufacturer. Evertek is a trademark of Cellcom, which in turn is part of the Tunisian company YKH Group. Started in 2008, Evertek produced several mobile phones (Dual and triple SIM) and is gaining progressive access to the Tunisian market.


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Current Employee - IT Support says

"Management does not listen to workers"

Production Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management have no idea what they are doing. Often changing procedures or not having procedures at all. Company had no direction and no cultural diversity amongst management. They have a revolving door of talented employees, but when they work for a while, they realize how bad it is and quit."

Temporary Worker (Former Employee) says

"Management is stifled from the very top. They simply pass the buck onto minority workers and never give credit where it's due. Simply put, the place is a motionless train wreck.We are sorry you feel this way. Many others have a significantly different experience. Maybe this wasn't the right place for you. HR is always available to discuss your concerns. Feel free to reach out and offer your ideas and suggestions on what we can do better. - Wishing you all the best. Evertek"

Computer Technician (Former Employee) says

"First day of the job was okay but the warehouse manager is very unprofessional and rude. The job title wasn't promised or the pay. Lack of training and unsafe environment."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"Evertek is a company that doesn’t promote growth if you want to get under paid in an unsafe and scattered work environment this is the place for you. The management/HR team discriminate and treat their employees poorly.This is the most unprofessional work place I have ever been in. A company that preaches hiring within but never actually considers you for advancement.Fixed hoursManagement"

Fulltime Employee (Current Employee) says

"Management lacks in training and human resources is disorganized. Lack of respect and timely manner. Manager is disgusting hits on female workers on duty.Pretty cool gymDisorganized business"

Production Employee (Former Employee) says

"The Production Management is horrible. Too much favoritism, (the manager is roommates with some employees), yelling at women, and they have no clue how to run the floor. They rely on the people under them who actually know what they're doing then give no credit. Too many employees get promised a review and a raise then get the run around when that time comes. Also the entire company as a whole is constantly changing policies and directions including scheduled work times. The HR department is constantly protecting the floor management from all their wrong doings. Overall this place is toxic. The one good thing about the place is decent benefits.BenefitsFloor Management"