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Endeca was a software company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that sold eCommerce search, customer experience management, enterprise search and business intelligence applications. Endeca was founded in 1999 as Optigrab and was a privately held company, backed by venture capital investment from Bessemer, DN Capital, Ampersand, GGV, In-Q-Tel, Intel, SAP and Venrock. On October 18, 2011, Oracle Corporation announced its acquisition of Endeca for $1.075B.

Endeca is disappoitnig and complicated, parcial update is awful, according to Allan Xu at trustradius.com

"Page builder. Adobe CQ5 is taking a better lead in this area with a simpler, much more intuitive offering. Endeca's page builder is disappointing, hard to use. We used it to build the site, but the the client rarely uses it. It is just too complicated. Partial update is a pain. The earlier version actually kills the application. We have to stop the partial update, which is very inconvenient. Steep learning curve."


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