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Crowley Maritime Corporation is based in Jacksonville, Florida. Founded in 1892, Crowley is primarily a family- and employee-owned vessel management, owner, and supply chain logistics services company, providing services globally. As of July 2016, Crowley was ranked as the 13th largest private company in Florida, employing approximately 5,300 people worldwide with revenues of $2.2 billion. It provides its services using a fleet of more than 300 vessels, consisting of RO-RO vessels, LO-LO vessels, tankers, Articulated Tug-Barges (ATBs), tugs, and barges. Crowley's land-based facilities and equipment include terminals, warehouses, tank farms, and specialized vehicles.

On WIKIPEDIA, some user wrote about the notable incident that Crowley Maritime (Embarque) has had:

"On September 21, 2011 a Crowley Maritime barge carrying 140,000 gallons of aviation fuel and 5,800 gallons of gasoline broke away from a tugboat during rough seas near the western coast of Alaska.[14] Control of the barge was regained later that afternoon."


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