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Packer (Former Employee) says

"Everyone I worked with was kind, helpful and generally great to be around, however, as a temp, management did not care about my personal well being, or if I did well at my job or not, then arbitrarily fired me. Cons: long hours, management doesn't care about employees at all."

Dishwasher, Heartfields (Former Employee) says

"Could use better food for the elderly and have different options from the menu. Hire people who want to work and not just who shows because they have to. Cons: Communication"

Manufacture Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Fun place to work at, friendly and competitive crew members, poor management. temp agency within the company with no job security. I'm speaking as a temp that worked for this company, there are people who have worked for this company for years and are still there. They are like family, if you ever get hired permanently you love working there. Cons: Temp agency within the company"

Account Services Representative l Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"The Management in the Office has a lot of issues with keeping personal life out of the office and it effects their work place attitude. I would not recommend any office positions with this company and working with the two women who work in there. They treated everyone, including me, very poorly and were completely rude with every interaction. I will however say, Production was a great place to work. I enjoyed my job in production and got along with all the Supervisors, Leaders and Team Members."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"a typical day at easton would change roughly every day or sometimes every hour.Most days I would work at a station and glued pieces to the ends of the arrow. I also ran the machine to cut the arrow to size,print the labels on the shaft.Help in the packing room. Cons: the manager was never there."

operador (Former Employee) says

"pues no eran tan exigentes dejaban trabajar agusto si reproches de tu trabajo buen ambiente en cuanto alo personal. Cons: no hay comedor, algun radio con que desestresarze."

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"It's alright, lack of training from group leads though, doesn't tell you what to do or how to do any of the work, lets you pretty much be on your own and figure it out yourself."

School Bus Driver (Current Employee) says

"i love my job working with kids for 27 years. i always go to work looking forward to my day. i get along with my co-workers and supervisors. Everyday you have to be able to act on any situation that might arise."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"A day at work was simple, you go in you work your position and then you go home. there wasn't any socializing going on. Everyone would just works in their station. Most of my co-workers were temporary employees so i didnt see them for very long."


"I have been working at Easton Technical Products Cons: It's a good old boys mentality, where owners and management can bonus 6 figures a year, but lower level, below average paid, tenured employees might see a few hundred bucks at best. Raises, if given, are below inflation rates. It's been mismanaged for several years by the previous president, but there is hope on the horizon with the new, no nonsense president. We welcome the change."

Production says

"I worked at Easton Technical Products Cons: production management unorganized , inconsiderate of employees big turn over temp service rotating door"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Easton Technical Products full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Upper management is not connected to the entry level employees. The whole company is worried about keeping there job and try to blame others departments for problems instead of working together to find solution's. This type of work place becomes very stressful to work for."

Former Employee - Engineering Technician says

"I worked at Easton Technical Products full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Compensation is pretty poor compared to other local manufacturers. Raises don't cover the rate of inflation."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Easton Technical Products full-time Cons: Very hard to grow within the company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Easton Technical Products full-time Cons: Biased, not efficient, below average pay with very little increase. Backwards. Gets rid of inefficient people and then shifts their responsibilities onto others without proper, if even any compensation. Would rather spend money on wasting time and materials than compensating the employees that are keeping it going strong. Lower paying in the industry but pretends its competitive."


"I have been working at Easton Technical Products Cons: In the process of a deeply rooted culture change and strategic directional shifts that make consistent progress difficult"

Troy Kissell says

"Easton is a sinking ship if they don’t make some corrections quickly. I have been an Easton customer for over 30 years and things do not look good.

To start My daughter is in her 10th week of waiting for her replacement bat. Multiple emails requesting information go unanswered. 5 weeks ago I was told it would ship the week of January 11.

So inventory and customer service is obviously an issue.

I coach both baseball and softball at the travel ball level and in the last 8 months players have had close to 30 bats that needed warranty replacement. With my softball team, Those that have received their replacements have all broke again.

So now Easton has a major quality issue as well.

To sum up
No inventory
Terrible customer service
Inventory you do get is poor quality

Certainly not the signs of a thriving company."

Andrew says

"I got a pair of Catcher Leg guards from their website. It came in and was too big. 1. The size was marked 16.5” on the website but it was 17.5”. 2. I have emailed them 5 times about getting an exchange because they aren’t answering phones right now and haven’t gotten a response in a week. Ridiculous and have no idea what to do about getting gear for my season that has started."

Shawn Harris says

"used to be a huge easton fan but after all the trouble i had with the easton ghost x for both of my sons i have not trusted easton with my money highly disappointed with the quality and the customer service 1 bat was recalled and the other bat cracked and returned just for the replacement to crack and for easton to say sorry we cant do any thing for you"

Jennifer Twombly says

I returned the product because it wasn’t what my son wanted.
You received the return 2/10/20.
I still haven’t received my refund and it is 2/28/20.
Your customer service is the worst!"

Jose Soto says

"I bought a bat 4 months ago and it cracked at the barrel. I have read several reviews and this is a known issue with this model. Asked for a credit to get newer model and told can only get same deffective model. Sad cause I currently need 2 bats for my other daughters and will look at other vendors due to this lack of customer service."

Whitney Rowell says

"We purchased a bat for our son. We have now had to return it 3 times bc it cracks. I shouldn’t have to spend all this money on something and then have to go through the trouble of returning it. Now after the 3rd time you still want to send me a new bat instead of giving me my money back. I clearly don’t want your product anymore!!"

James says

"Failed to call customer back also did not responded to email."

CW says

"Worst bat ever."

MC says

"Highly disappointing experience with Easton's online ordering/exchange process. I ordered 12 helmets for my 10U baseball team through the Easton website. The helmets were received relatively quickly but when the players tried them on, four players decided they needed a larger size. Through the website, Easton adverstises free exchanges for 30-days. I am well within this window. Customer Service for Easton has been highly disappointing. Called and waited 30+ minutes for an operator to be available and was never able to talk to anyone. Have sent three E-mails to the customer service account and have still not received any progress towards exchanging the helmets for a larger size. Easton needs to do better. There are too many other suppliers providing a similar product."

Joshua Johnson says

"Took forever to get my replacement bat and nobody would give me a solid date when it would ship. Took over a month and my daughters season was half over when we received it. Customer service is not even close to other bat makers"

Pat Huntr says

"I have been waiting over three business days for my rma for warranty bat"

Paul Lampron says

"Never got my order. Never got shipped or sent."

Brent Joseph says

"on our 2nd Ghost fatspitch softball bat... the first one cracked, we returned it - now the 2nd one is cracked... paid too much for this poor level of quality."

Not happy says

"Order a certain item when it was listed, order did not get processed for several weeks, did not receive product until after I needed it"

Todd G says

"We have experienced two Easton baseball bats breaking within the last year. The first purchased new, the second was the replacement of the first. It is bad enough that two new bats could break so quickly. Both broke within six months of receipt and with limited use in a COVID shortened season. While Easton warranty is decent about replacing the defective bats, they do not account for the fact that kids are constantly growing and the replacement may need to be a different size after six months or a year in order to be relevant. Consequently we have given away the most recent replacement bat and switched to Louisville Slugger."

Patrick Allen says

"Well Easton let me down this time, we have been die hard Easton customers. We had a USA bat Crack and sent it back with a note stating our kid will be aging out of using USA bats and requested a USSSA version. Yes, bat companies will honor that, Demarini has plenty of times as well as LS. I emailed them 3 times stating the same request with no responses. We got out return in today and of course, its a USA bat. Now im probably stuck with it. This has been the worse Customer Service. I understand Covid has caused issues but im sure they are working from home or SOMEONE is working there SOMEWHERE that could answer emails."

Stefany N. says

"My USSSA Ghost bat cracked during the one year warranty. Easton would not pay for the shipping to send back the defective bat I purchased directly from their website. They shipped a new Ghost Double stamp replacement bat not notifying me and the $350 bat was sitting in front of my house all day. The new bat we have only been using for two months since it is winter is now cracked as well. I'm hearing they dont replace the replacement. MAKE A BETTER BAT AND HAVE BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE."

Ken says

"Ordering is easy via the website. The reason for the rating is the customer service at Easton is bad. I emailed about a bat that dented and sent pics as requested. Got no response then sent a follow up email and again got no response. I have read other negative reviews indicating the same. Until the customer service improves I will be taking my business elsewhere."

Christine says

"I can’t review since I haven’t received it yet. Two day shipping means 6-7 days!"

Jared Althaus says

"I bought my daughter an 2020 Ghost 33/33.
It cracked after 4 months of normal use. NO PITCHING MACHINE USE.
Warranty replacement took almost a month.
Hopefully this one will last past 4 months.
Or i have paid $50 a month for a bat
Need to be as many times as their bat fails in a one year warranty, not 1 replacement only."

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